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5 Most Popular Pets in America

Updated on January 17, 2016

Household pets are an integral part of American culture. Studies show that over 60% of American household have at least one pet living in the house. With all of these pets you may wonder what are the most popular pets in America are. A few of the most popular pets are obvious, but did you know that rabbits make the list of the five most popular pets in America. Below is a list of the five most popular pets in America.


There are over 48 million house holds with pet dogs in America with each household that has a pet dog having 1.7 dogs the total number of pet dogs reaches over 78 million. With such a wide variety of breeds and breed traits dogs live in every type of household in America from farms to small apartments. Dogs are one of the most popular pets because of their loyalty, companionship and ability to protect a home. Dogs are not a low maintenance pet and need a lot of care and attention, because dogs can live over 10 years it is important to realize that adopting a dog is a huge commitment.


While many people don't think about fish when considering the most popular pets because they don't provide companionship like dogs over 12 million household have pet fish with a total of 150 million fish between them. Fish are one of the lowest maintenance pets a person can keep in the home. With the proper habit and food fish don't need any other attention or training and a well decorated tank can add beauty to any home.


Over 35 million household have cats and there are more pet cats in America than dogs. Cats can have a wide variety of personalities ranging from independent to co-dependent or anywhere in between. Cats can be either indoor or outdoor pets and require a considerably less amount of training and upkeep than dogs. Cats can be trained to do simple ticks with some work and become very fond of their human family members.


Millions of households in America keep rabbits as pets. Although baby rabbits are adorable careful thought should go into adopting a rabbit as a pet because a house rabbit lives on average for 10 years. If adopting a rabbit careful care should be kept from keeping males and females from mating as rabbits can have a new litter of babies every month. Rabbits are great pets to be kept in apartments, although they do need adequate exercise and playtime. Like cats rabbits personalities can range anywhere from fiercely loyal to cuddly and affectionate.


Birds make the list of the five most popular pets in America with over 5 million homes having pet birds. While not fully domesticated pet birds can come to be fond of their human owners. Like rabbits it is important to realize before adopting a pet bird that it is a years long commitment. It is also important to realize the level of care and attention pet birds require.


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