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5 Toys for Active Dogs

Updated on March 14, 2018
HeatherVargas profile image

Heather blogs about body positive outdoor adventure & loves taking her blue heeler on outdoor adventures.

An Active Dog Requires Interactive Toys

There are some breeds of dogs that seem to have limitless energy. I personally know all about this.

I have a hyperactive, non-stop blue heeler. She's a powerhouse of energy and she requires some interactive toys to keep her extremely busy and not get her bored quickly.

One of the first things I taught my blue heeler when she was just a puppy was how to play fetch. While, blue heelers are a working dog breed, she travels with us in our 5th wheel and is often in RV parks all over the country and she was in need of a "job".

Her "job" is having fun and being as active as possible and as her owner it is my job to find the toys and activities to keep her busy to help her think she has a job to do.

When we are at our home in southern Colorado she does have a job of herding cattle and keeping the place safe; she needs something to keep her feeling like she's contributing on the road!

I have tested out several toys for dogs and have found some amazing ones that I think both your hyper dog and you will enjoy.

Active Dog Breeds

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The ChuckIt! is by far my dogs absolute favorite toy and mine as well. The reason I love it so much is because my dog loves to play fetch.

After about 10 minutes of playing fetch my arms start to get pretty tired and I'm not quite able to throw the ball as far as my dog needs to get a good run in.

The ChuckIt! allows me to throw the ball a very long distance without tiring my arms and wrists quickly and is extremely light weight.

Another thing I love about Chuckit! is the many sizes of Chuckit! throwers and different balls. I have several different types of balls for this thrower from plain ole' tennis balls to glow in the dark balls to rugged, heavy ones.

I use the different balls for different reasons and we like them all!

X Tire Ball with Sounds

The X Tire Ball with Animal Sounds is great because this doesn't really require your activity to get your dog excited about it.

My dog loves things that make sounds and noises; it keeps her interested and curious and will entice her to play with it.

I love this ball for a few reasons. I like the sounds it makes, so does my dog. I love the ruggedness of it. I love that the sounds are only activated by touch; don't worry it will go off when it's not being played with. It will keep your dog entertained for a long time!

One negative thing that I personally have to say about it, is that it is very loud. However, I don't mind it as it allows my dog to play on her own so that I can get work done and keeps her entertained.

The main thing that I enjoy about this is that this toy will allow your dogs to have sound when you're not around as well as a toy that keeps them out of trouble! This has been my experience with it.

Coevals Club Dog Treat Slow Feed Dental Toy

Ok, this toy has a long name but it's a great toy and it also helps with your dogs dental hygiene! Both my blue heeler and english bulldog enjoy this toy and it helps with their dental health and boredom so double win!

This toy is made of non-toxic rubber so you don't have to worry about injury to mouth, gums, or tongue. The small teeth on the ball allows you to put in small treats or even bits of dog food.

While the dog is trying to retrieve the treats out of the teeth of the ball the teeth clean and help remove plaque, massage gums and tongue, also helps with tarter! The ball has a nice mint fragrance which will leave a nice freshness to your dogs breath.

It's nice that this toy comes in different sizes for different breeds of dogs. The toy is also super easy to clean and very durable in my experience.

Everlasting Treat Ball ... Everlasting Fun

The Everlasting Treat Ball is a great solution for aggressive chewers and it allows for prevention of destructive behavior; which is always a plus!

This toy is very durable and puncture resistant and is even dishwasher safe. The toy contains treat wafers and will allow your dog to play and chew on for a long time and they'll enjoy getting bits of treats as they play with it.

My bulldog especially will play with this for a very, very long time! Which is nice because he tends to get bored and will find ways to not be bored; which are usually never good!

Frozen Treats!

The last idea I have here for you isn't really a toy but, more so a fun treat on a hot, summer day!

Grab a fun dog bone shaped silicon mold and make a variety of frozen treats your dog will enjoy licking up on a hot day when the sun is fierce and hot! My dogs enjoy licking up their frozen treat and they are very easy to make and fun!

One idea my bulldog likes is filling up this dog bone mold with water and I add blueberries in the water and freeze! He loves getting down to the blueberries which are his absolute favorite fruit!

Which Did Your Dog Enjoy?

I hope you enjoyed this article and were able to find some great ways to keep your active dog busy and happy! Let me know which toy or activity you tried out and what worked for your dog the best!

© 2018 Heather Vargas


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