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5 Tips for Raising a Healthy Happy Dog

Updated on December 23, 2015

We Love Dogs

Tip# 1
Your Vet will give your new dog a thorough health examination and you can ask what problems to look out for and whether there are any existing health concerns. Make sure you take in any worming, flea or tick medication, as this is a chance to ensure you have everything covered. Write down your questions and don’t forget Vets can help with behavioural issues too

Dogs age much faster than humans but cannot communicate their health concerns, so make sure, that just as we take our car for a service and check up, you take your pet to the Vet every 6 months for a health check, even if you don’t notice any obvious problems.

Tip# 2

Remember that your dog cannot read the menu or the labels and decide which foods will keep them healthy, as we do at a restaurant or supermarket. The choice of their food is up to you.

Your dog's nutrition is important for a healthy & happy life.

No!!! No!!! No!!!

Avoid-Avoid-Avoid feeding your pet the following:

* Chocolate and Nuts – especially macadamia nuts, can be harmful to your dog

* Onions and Garlic – can be very harmful to dogs, even life threatening

* Stone Fruits, such as plums, cherries, and peaches – can be a choking hazard and in some cases the stone can be toxic

* Tomatoes, Avocado, Mushrooms and wild mushrooms are to be avoided

* Raisins and Grapes - are not suitable for dogs because of their toxicity

* Cooked Bones – have a tendency to splinter and can get lodged in your dog’s throat etc.

Tip# 3


Get in the habit of rewarding with food treats in return for obedience and good behavior.

Don't be afraid to give praise when it is earned but avoid scolding.

Dogs can quickly discern when you are happy with them and will then try even harder to please their master.

Always make sure you and your family eat before you feed your dog.

This will put you as "Top Dog" or "Leader Of The Pack" in your dogs mind and help him understand who is the "Boss".

Tip# 4

Always Follow your vets instructions

Follow your veterinarian’s instructions regarding grooming your dog.

Regardless of hair type, you can brush your dog daily - especially if he enjoys it. Regular brushing will keep the coat shiny and healthy. More frequent brushing during shedding season can help prevent hair build-up and excess shedding. It is easier to vacuum loose hair from the dogs coat than vacuum the house carpet.

Make the experience of “bath time” as positive as you can for you and your dog. Always use a soap-free shampoo that is intended for dogs.

Learn how to trim nails correctly and exercise caution.

Tip# 5

Ensure you Insure

When you take on a pet, you also have responsibility for their health and medical concerns. Once your pet reaches 7 years of age, they are considered geriatric, as they age much more quickly than we do. Pet insurance gives you the peace of mind that you can always afford the best treatment available for your pet. Even a basic dental clean will cost around $500, so claiming that would almost immediately make your pet insurance worth having.

If you decide not to use pet insurance, it is important to make provision by putting some money aside just in case your pet needs emergency care.


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