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Corn free Dog foods

Updated on August 6, 2011

Last month my dog,Timmy developed some sort of an itching. It took me some time to figure out the cause. We had moved to a house quite close to the coast and our water was saline. So I just ignored thinking Timmy'll take some time to get used to it. But the itching only seemed to persist. Only when I started seeing rashes around its neck did I realize, there was something seriously wrong. Our vet said at the very first sight said that it had developed allergy because of poor quality diet. I should accept that I was only keen on buying a cute dog, dressing it up and training it to amaze my friends. I never cared to plan a nutritious diet for him. My parents just used to make home-made food for our previous dog, and my very choice of deciding an exclusive dog food made me proud. I fed him with Pedigree as that was the brand which always had some discount offer.

Find Coupons for corn-free dog food

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Vet's choice of corn-free food

Our vet strictly advised to stick to a grain-less diet. Today most of the high quality foods brands adopt a grain-less formula. They may be expensive, but it's worth the pay. He gave a choice between Taste of the Wild, Nature's Variety Instinct Blue Wilderness and some more. I chose Blue Buffalo as my neighbor too was planing to shift to it, and I thought I could use Blue Buffalo discount coupons to get dog food in bulk for both of us.

Why I chose Blue Buffalo Dog food

Initially I chose Blue Buffalo for my dog, just because my neighbor too bought it for his Lab, and I thought we could save some money with the Blue Buffalo Coupons by buying in bulk for both of us. But my Timmy started reacting positive to the change of food and it seemed to love it too! Thanks to the antibiotics, the allergy was gone! The cost slightly exceeded my budget, but I was just spending the vet fees on giving Timmy a healthy diet.

Symptoms of corn, wheat or soy allergy

Now getting back to the allergy, it's really important for dog owners to know the adverse effects of grains in low quality dog foods so that, the brands are forced to remove grain from their ingredient list. A grained dog food causes:-
  1. Skin irritation
  2. Itching on face,feet,ears, front legs.
  3. Patches and hotspots
  4. Diahorrea (in some cases)

How serious is corn allergy

Corn, wheat and soy are added to animal food as cheap fillers. Many food products like Pedigree, Natural Choice, Nutro Max, Science Diet, Beneful, Purina all have corn/wheat/soy in them. People didn't take it seriously until it was proven that they were the cause of allergies in dogs. As such they don't have any nutritional effect on your pet. And in worst case, they make your dog look and behave ugly. 

Tips to note while changing pet food

Changing your dog food all of a sudden is not the wise thing to do, especially if you are moving to a higher quality food.

Mix small amounts of the new food with the old food. Increase the quantity of the new food everyday to help you dog get acquainted.

This should be done for minimum 4 days, after which you can completely feed your dog with the new food.

How is your dog reacting to Blue Buffalo

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