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6 Tips For Adding A Pug Puppy To Your Family

Updated on February 3, 2010

6 Tips For Adding A Pug Puppy To Your Family

As the proud and doting owner of two gorgeous Pug dogs - Bogey and Riley - I know how challenging it can be to add a Pug puppy to the family.

So with my experience as a trainer, as well as with all of the reading and education that I have done on dogs, dog training, health, nutrition etc., I thought it would be helpful to put together 6 simple little tips that to make you and your new puppy super-successful!

Our Pug Puppy Bogey & My Wife Michelle
Our Pug Puppy Bogey & My Wife Michelle

Tip #1: Shower your new Pug puppy with lots of love and attention, especially if he is doing something "right" - learn how to train your Pug the RIGHT way!

Many new Pug puppy owners wait until the dog has done something wrong before initiating some type of communication. Before you know it, the poor puppy only knows that you are nice sometimes but then yell at him for no reason at other times. By communicating with him properly, he will be able to decipher your actions and become more amiable at being trained.

Tip #2: Provide your Pug puppy with plenty of chew toys.

You can make something from home or better yet, just take a stroll through your local pet store for some neat looking items that your puppy can chew on instead of your shoes!

Ultimate Pugs

Tip #3: Arrange a comfortable, warm bed your new Pug puppy.

Be sure that there is plenty of room inside and that the climate stays cozy for the pup. If your pup will be sleeping indoors then you can choose from several arrangements that will be adequate...we recommend a crate. For example, you can make a rectangular wooden box that has a front entrance clear to floor level. There are also plenty of high quality crates and kennels that you can purchase. Many of these are widely available at most pet stores.

Tip #4: Watch over your Pug puppy whenever he is around small children in the house.

It hurts to say it, but hundreds of Pug puppies are injured or even killed every year because of kids roughhousing when an adult is not around.

Children do not have the carefulness and understanding of how frail and vulnerable a new puppy is. So when something happens and the dog gets injured, the only one to blame is you, for not being there.

Pug Puppies Are So Cute!

Tip #5: Provide a regular feeding schedule from the very first day your Pug puppy arrives.

For puppies that are under six months of age, 3 - 4 solid meals of balanced nutritional food will be perfect. Simply give him all of the food he can eat in 30 minutes. When that time limit is up, scoop up the leftovers and only leave out water until his next meal.

Tip #6: Provide a regular bathroom schedule as well - learn how to properly potty train your Pug puppy.

Potty training your new Pug puppy is a hugely important task and you need to do it the right way! Just like his feeding times are rotated, you should be taking your puppy out to his bathroom spot during the same times each day. This is typically done right after each meal and then every two to three hours in between. And don't forget a late-night trip to the bathroom area. Your puppy will be sleeping for more than seven hours afterwards and if he wakes up with the urge to urinate in the house, he probably will.

Good luck with your new Pug puppy!


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    • profile image

      ashley 7 years ago

      I just tragically lost my little pug dog when a car hit him. He was almost 2 years old. I am planning to get a new puppy very soon and these tips are very accurate and helpful. Thanks!

    • Nixon545 profile image

      Nixon545 8 years ago from Carlsbad, CA

      if you like pictures of pugs check out my hub.

    • profile image

      britney 9 years ago

      i have a pug he's 1. great advise !

    • profile image

      Ashley 9 years ago

      These are great tips, I got a pug puppy at around christmas time...... those all what everyone needs to know........ the basics !!! But they are sooo cute, my pug has a stare with here big eyes that will get her anything she wants !! hahaha !!

    • profile image

      skings81087 9 years ago

      Puppies really do become part of your family. I've had my yorkie for about 4 years now, and it's as much a part a family as anyone. People come over and they right away visit with him and play with him too. I know he feels like this is his family. Great stuff on this hubpage!

    • profile image

      rabia06 9 years ago

      i really like the chew toy idea. the rest of the tips are great too

    • Sarah Eve Nichols profile image

      Sarah Eve Nichols 9 years ago

      Clear straightforward advice. I'll remember to reference this article for future use!

    • profile image

      s0m1c 9 years ago

      ^^, haha, i love pug dog when i see your video.

    • profile image

      solowpoet 9 years ago

      Yes i must get him something to chew on besides my shoes.

    • profile image

      Navs 9 years ago

      the tip on the puppy bedding was quite informative.

    • profile image

      Union 9 years ago

      Thanks for the tips and the videos. The puppies are so cute.

    • profile image

      feyi2007 9 years ago

      Great tips, think children should be carried along during the process of training and certain information passed to them so as to avoid this accidents.

    • profile image

      nixbox 9 years ago

      Nice bunch of tips. Chew toy idea is nice.

    • profile image

      indrapramit 9 years ago

      I have already started the training, but these tips sound great. Thanks!!

    • profile image

      progolfer79 9 years ago

      When we'd get a new dog, the older dog was always allowed to pass through doorways and up stair before the puppy (after ourselves of course). This always seemed to work with our labs.

    • profile image

      LindsayD 9 years ago

      You can never have too many chew toys. My *favorite* dog actually ate a couch and pulled up all of the linoleum in my folk's kitchen...yet they still cry whenever someone mentions his name (he past away this year).

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 10 years ago from Georgia

      Sounds good! Train early. Socialize. If there are other dogs in the house, don't play favorites with the new pup, as it will cause jealousy and possible aggression.