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7 Reasons I won't Swim In Australian Waters

Updated on December 15, 2016
Wanna Go Swimming Babe?
Wanna Go Swimming Babe?
Box Jellyfish
Box Jellyfish
Salt Water Crocodile
Salt Water Crocodile
Scorpion Fish.
Scorpion Fish.
Stone Fish
Stone Fish

I live on the east coast of the United States. I'm only minutes away from the beaches. However, I don't go there very often. It's due to the water quality. However, compared to Australian waters, My local beach is a country club.

7 Reasons not to go into the waters off of Australia.

1] Box Jellyfish. Believed to be the worlds most deadly jellyfish.Just one packs enough venom to kill 60 adults. The tentacles are 3 meters long and just brushing against one isn't advisable. You get a bad sting and your life expectancy is only 3 to 4 minutes. As a bonus, you won't die in peace. You'll be in horrific pain the whole time.

2] Irukandji Worse then the Box Jellyfish, but not as deadly. About the size of your fingertip, so good luck spotting one. The sting isn't bad, but after a few minutes the fun starts. Muscle cramps, back & kidney pain, burning skin, sweating, nausea and vomiting. You'll feel like you are dying, but you probably won't.

3] Platypus. Cute little guys aren't they? Excellent hunters too. They hunt by picking up the electrical fields off you body. The males also have venomous spurs on their hind legs. Get caught by one of these spurs and you won't die. You won't have fun either. The pain will be incapacitating and last for days. You'll be trying to work out a deal with your God to make it stop.

4} Salt Water Crocodile. We all know about fresh water crocs. Just move them into salt water. They won't swallow you whole. Just eat you piece by piece. Leave the scraps for the crabs to dine on.

5] Scorpion Fish. Such a pretty fish. However in nature pretty means trouble. Those long spikes on it's dorsal can kill. They are curious by nature and will approach you. Just one touch of those spines and you can begin to recite the Lord's Prayer.

6] Stone Fish. Scorpion Fish's cousin. Finally a fish that looks as ugly as it is painful. Fool with this fish and you'll earn a trip to the hospital. We'll find your room by following the screams of agony.

7] Sharks. We all know about sharks. Australia has a lot of them. Just watch any shark documentary. They always seem to be filming in Australia.

This list doesn't include what you have to deal with after you get out of the water. Dozens of poisonous snakes and spiders.Kangaroos crossing the road. It seems a lot of Kangaroos and cars hit each other in Australia. Usually it's not good for animal or human.

Fierce Snake
Fierce Snake
Wolf Spider
Wolf Spider


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    • jamterrell profile image


      7 years ago

      Fun and interesting hub!

    • mrpooper profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @Mayg I guess if I lived in Australia I might not be frightened.

    • MayG profile image

      May Galnou 

      7 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Hee Hee, I have to laugh! As an Australian, I can tell you I am quite a cautious swimmer, but you haven't exactly been specific about the location of these creatures! I live in Victoria, and I can assure you we do not have crocodiles down here. And I have never heard of the poor little platypus (which lives in fresh water) described as a reason for not swimming! How about the stingray? I have seen many of those close to the shore, both in QLD and in Victoria. THEY are scary. A very entertaining hub.


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