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9 Signs that Indicate that Instead of a Dog you Have Another Kid

Updated on March 10, 2017

Any dog lover knows what wonderful creatures they are. That uncontrollable tail wag they greet with you as soon as you open the door will always bring a smile to your face.
However, are you just a dog owner, or does your dog feel like a member of your family? Check out this list and see if your dog is simply an animal or another kid in your house.

1- You change your daily routine to adjust to your dog. You are able to get up very early to take him for a long walk; you cancel your weekend’s plans because you do not want to leave him alone, or you change the time you go to the gym because that's when you have to feed him. Your dog becomes your priority!

2- You suffer on vacation. Remember when you could enjoy your holidays and just take some time off to enjoy a Margarita on the beach? Now the holidays are not as fun because you're thinking about your dog all the time: will he be fine? Will he be eating well? Does he miss me?

3- In most activities, you bring your dog along. Leave the dog at home? Never! He’ll be there when you go see your friends, do some grocery shopping, visit your family, etc.

4- You can't stop buying treats and stuff. When you go to the supermarket you can't help yourself and end up buying a package of snacks for him, or you pass in front of the pet shop, and you need to get a new squeaky toy.

5- Your dog is the focus in most of your social networks. New Facebook post? There he is on your lap. Sending a photo to Instagram? I bet it is about how Fido is sleeping with his tongue out.

6- You share your bed with your dog. And not only that, you change your sleeping position to avoid waking him up or making him uncomfortable.

7- Not only do you worry about giving him the best food in the market, but you spend part of your time learning about new recipes you can cook for him. Nothing beats a fresh batch of home-made dog cookies!

8- You talk to your dog. And I don’t mean just straightforward and concrete orders. I mean full conversations. Ah! And he listens.

9- You consider your dog to be better than many people. You’d much rather spend some time with your dog than hanging out with certain individuals.

So, are you surprised? Don’t feel bad if you think your dog is more of a kid to you. Provided that you respect his canine nature, there are few things that can fill us up with more love than our dog, and only we who adore these wonderful animals can understand it .


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  • DrMark1961 profile image

    Dr Mark 9 months ago from The Beach of Brazil

    Vacation? You mean the type where you leave your dog back at home?