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A Day in the Life of Our Cats

Updated on April 3, 2019

The Happy Couple

Ki-kat after she got fat and sassy
Ki-kat after she got fat and sassy
Ki-kers the boy
Ki-kers the boy

A day in the Life of Two Cats.

We have two cats, one is a male about eight years old, neutered. The other is a female about one and a half years old and was feral when we got her. She never got to taste milk, for I believe the mother cat died, and all the kittens in the litter were dead except for two, and we got one of them.

She was found and rescued from the death nest, under an abandoned trailer by a homeless girl, a drug addict who at first tried to sell her to me for twenty dollars. When I told her no, she sold her to another girl for ten, and eventually, about three weeks later that person gave her to me for she too was jobless and penniless, and was feeding her the only thing she could find for her and that was the small little yellow bones in some brand of dried dog food, so she sorted them out and fed them to her for the first few weeks of her life.

When I finally got her, she was very thin, and anemic , full of fleas, and didn't like me much at all. She would hide from me for days at a time, and I found that she would not sleep unless she crawled under all the blankets and sheets down to the bare mattress on my bed...or she would tunnel under my dirty clothes in the closet floor. I began giving her wet food and slowly she began to trust me, although for some reason she seemed to take to my husband more. We took her to the vet, and he spayed her at about four months, and gave us flea drops which did not work.

We did everything we could think of to rid her of the fleas, but it seemed that nothing worked. Finally after giving her so many bathes I was afraid she would get sick, I gave her a bath in cooking oil, and left it on her. This remedy worked better than any of the others, for I believe they cannot breath in the oil. When it dried she looked like she had a spiked haircut, and she smelled like a salad, but it worked.

It was then, when she was about ten months old, my son moved and could not keep his cat, and we took him in too. He had lived with us once before, and took right back to his places and habits that he had before. The only problem was that he was very anit-social in the past with all other animals, and we were afraid they would not do well. But we gave it a try, and after about two weeks of hissing and swatting and guarding their spots, they became friends.

The True Beginning

Now this is really where the story begins, for the above was all background. The female we call Ki-Kat, and the males name is Ki-kers. It was just a coincidence that they were named so close, for we never thought they would ever live in the same house. They know which is which, and now I truly believe that they run the house, and we are the pets. Ki-kers is part Siamese, and he talks, and when he wants something he really talks. She, on the other hand, will just keep walking from us to whatever it is that she wants ---for example if the water is yesterdays, they will not touch it and will talk and walk until one of us changes it.

They act like they do not like one another, yet yesterday I caught the two of them kissing. Yes, kissing, licking each others tongues very gently. If one is inside and the other is out, they watch out for the other to return. If they are fed, they very courteously take turns eating from the same dish. One eats while the other watches, and then the other way around. Both of them distrust any outside people, and the other day the guy came to fix our cable, and they both attacked him, and then jumped over him and you would have thought someone choreographed the move.

They have also learned to play together. When one goes into the other room, the other will sneak attack from behind anything available, and they both jump straight up into the air scaring the crap out of each other. All in all, they have become family, and who would have ever guessed that these unlikely two would have behaved in this way. Especially since the male cat was known to kick the ass of any pit bulls in the neighborhood, and would pick fights with possums.

They are two of God's little creatures, who have found love in each other, and have found two very obedient humans to serve them in every way they want, and what a life. It is as if they went from rags to riches because one of them won the lottery, or perhaps both of them did.


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  • Lucky Cats profile image


    8 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

    Dear ddsurfsca. I enjoyed reading your story and am very happy that the two kitties found companionship and love together. Good for you and good for them! Cats are fabulous and so are the people who love and care for them and understand just how cool they are. UP and Awesome and Beautiful

  • JY3502 profile image

    John Young 

    9 years ago from Florence, South Carolina



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