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A Horse is for Everyone When Handled Correctly

Updated on April 15, 2016

A Horse For Everyone

The majority of people love horses, not everyone, people I know or people I just frequent with are all fascinated with horses to some degree. I have been fascinated with Horses all my life, they have the ability to comfort you when you are feeling down, yet, keep your feet firmly on the ground. It doesn't matter what you do with your horse, if you're a hobby rider, have a horse as a pet in the field or stable. Or if you are a competitor in any one of the many various equine disciplines horses are still unique. For such a large powerful animal horses are extremely soft, sweet and kind natured. Given respect, they will then respect you back, be faithful and truly rewarding.

Never be complacent around a horse always give them the respect they need, and deserve, try your best not to show them that you are nervous, or anxious as they can sense your inner most feelings straight away. They can feel your anxiety especially when ridden, they sense the tension through the reins into the bridle, they can even feel your nerves by the way you position your lower legs. If you change your leg position by moving them slightly further back behind the girth, then that's a signal to the horse and they will react negatively. Handling horses is all about you being confident when around them, keeping it simple never complicate the issue, as far as the horse is concerned they take whatever signals you project onto them. So it's important that everything you do with the horse exudes confidence. From feeding on the field to mucking out the stable to grooming loading your horse onto a trailer or wagon, leading out and riding. However, riding is the singular most important discipline you should show your confidence as the horse will feel every minute movement or twitch of nervousness that you make and that will react negatively to the horse.

Never pressurise the situation if at all avoidable, never show your nerves, always hoodwink your horse to get your way, this is much better than ending up fighting with a half-ton animal. Believe me, if you fight with a horse you will surely lose and as a result, you will be moving backwards, and lose all your confidence. This is true whatever standard you are at, from a complete novice through to an experienced horseman/woman. Always remember a horse will do exactly what it is told by you if treated correctly, with a kind, but firm hand then you will see just how obedient and good friend a horse can be. It will be loyal obedient, do as it is told without you having to lift a finger in anger towards it, be it a gelding or a mare. If you are thinking of getting a horse for yourself even though you only have a little experience, or even no experience at all, never be scared of taking a horse on. It is easier than what most people expect, especially if planned out, and you research it thoroughly in books, or better still on the internet. A small parcel of land of approximately 1 to 2 acres with good tree shelter, fertile with water and a good growth of grass, then you are on your way and you'll never look back. As once you have owned a horse you will never want to be without one ever again. It will become part of your family, you'll hate watching horses get injured or abused, you will protect them with your life if need be, that is the bond and trust shared between man and horse.

Getting Your Very own Horse

So why not get yourself a horse it will be the best thing you have ever done, and if you should decide to start riding as well, then that will be one of the most rewarding things you will have achieved. Nothing comes close to galloping along the beach in sun, wind and rain. However, there are a host of different Equestrian Disciplines to which you can get involved, from showjumping to eventing, dressage to endurance riding, even horse racing if you are of the right build. The list goes on, but the main thing always enjoy your horse whatever discipline you decide to follow give yourself and your horse the best possible chance at success, all it takes is time and patience. Though you will need help and advice to start with, always listen to your own instincts and those of your horse. Both of you will have created a bond together and will have become friends, and remember the bond can sometimes be extremely strong, so listen to yourself it will help.

When you are feeling down the best pick me up is going out on your horse for a long hack, to feel your horse and the warmth from its body comforts you, and you will feel relaxed. It clears the mind and it will get you back into positive thinking and, it has worked for me on numerous occasions. Research, before taking the plunge, but once you have taken that plunge you will never look back and horses will be part of your life forever. Horses have been one of my biggest passions in life so I'll be writing more on horses here in future, and hopefully I can help others to get into the equine world. There is nothing quite like owning your own horse, the smell the touch of a horse is like no other, if it's out on the field, or being stabled. In the middle of summer or in the middle of winter a horse is simply magical, so here's hoping that more people around the world will get into horses and get as much enjoyment out of them as I have.


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