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A Live Ivory Bill in Rehab

Updated on June 26, 2011

We had thought for while that the local Ivory Bill population had dwindled because of the time of year, but it seems that they left their nests at Malone’s Cove and migrated out to Fahy’s Island for the winter. The island seems to offer a little more protection for the birds since it has many rock formations with small “pockets” and caves in the stone faces to afford better shelter for any animals that chose to roost there. There have been more sightings this year than any other of Ivory Bills and Pileated Woodpeckers on the main land where they have been gleaning the corn fields for food, and the birdwatcher’s society is thrilled beyond all get out. Many members of the birdwatcher’s society have been taking large sacks of grain and seed out to the island to help the birds in their quest for food. Karl Schnitzel generously donated his remaining supply of meal worms for the same purpose, and the birds of all species loved him for it.

The Lulawissie Animal Rehab shelter has gotten in the game as well. Apparently an injured Ivory Bill was found alongside Dermot Road where it appeared to have been struck by a car. A concerned driver recognized the poor bird as it was struggling to fly and carried it down to the shelter in an attempt to save its life. As it turned out, it had a broken wing and a fractured carina. The doctors are confident that a full recovery is in order. In the meantime, this critter is in a large cage in the back of the Rehab Center out on Flanders Trail Road. It is under constant video surveillance for its own safety.

Interestingly though, other Ivory Bills and even a few of the Ivory Bill/Pileated hybrids have been hanging around the cage while the injured bird is held captive. The society is documenting everything that goes on and will publish the findings in its annual journal next spring.  I’ll keep all of you posted on future happenings.

As far as the Harvest Fair went, it was a great time for all, even though it rained for most of the time. But rain or not, Fahy’s Pub went through a record amount of beer, and a lot of money was raised for the Abbey (thanks to Reverend Mother Veronica’s wet T-shirt contest).

But I must go for now, as I am nursing a swollen knee which is the result of an accident brought on by the T-shirt contest (I was a judge). The Reverend Mother put on a good show, and she deserved every vote to receive the First Place prize (especially when she stood on the bar and threw her shirt at Father Mike, showing off her tattoos), but since she has a position of respect and authority out at the Abbey, she had to settle for second place. Oh well, she’ll always be First in my book. I’m sure Father Mike won’t disagree.

Have a great evening. See you next time.


The entire contents of this writing, and all writings previous to this one, including the name “Lulawissie”, are the original work of Delbert Banks and are protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America. © 2010 By Delbert Banks.


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    • badegg profile imageAUTHOR

      Del Banks 

      8 years ago from Southern Blue Ridge Mountains

      More than likely it was, my friend! Now that there is one contained here at the wildlife rehab center, it is available for study. We already have had some visitors from a well known university come down here and they have been completely awed by our critter. This might actually put Lulawissie on the map!

    • The Associate profile image

      The Associate 

      8 years ago from Southeastern USA

      When I was down there, I saw a beautiful black and white bird with a red cap. I had never seen anything like it! It was truly remarkable! It had to be a Ivory Bill!


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