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A Mouse In The House

Updated on November 19, 2009

The mouse in my house

Invaded my space

Somehow it got in

At first ... not a trace.

A tear in the rug

Passed over my head.

Little did I know,

It was making a bed.

Fall was fading fast.

It was cold outside.

The little critter

Found a place to hide.

Shredded paper, too

Appeared in my desk.

And I knew right then

It was making a nest.

There are at least two.

I'd better act fast.

Soon there would be more

If I'm not on task.

It sniffed out my food

Then ate what it could

I could take no more

And did what I should.

I discovered where

It found its way in.

I sealed all the gaps

With layers of tin.

This determined Mom

Found another way

To get to her den

She was here to stay.

Not to be outdone

I'm a mother, too

Adopted a pet

The cat's name is Boo.

Soft and cuddlely ...

Captured our hearts ...

He's playful and quick.

He dashes and darts.

He sits and watches.

Boo pounces and preys.

No indications

Of a mouse in days.

Months have now passed.

Food can be left out.

Fall is approaching.

No mouse in my house!




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