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A Prayer of Thanks to the Rabbit God

Updated on August 21, 2010
A Prayer of Thanks to the Rabbit God, rickzimmerman 2010
A Prayer of Thanks to the Rabbit God, rickzimmerman 2010

Shhhhh! Let us not disturb this devout hare in prayer, as he gives thanks for the bodacious green bounty spread about him.

Rabbits and hares believe in one god, a god poised high in the blue heavens beyond this world of vegetative abundance. They believe he created the great cosmic cabbage that forms our globe, and that he placed all those puffy white cloud-like cauliflower bits that float high overhead throughout the seasons: cruciferous cumuli that serve as atmospheric stepping stones to hare heaven.

To the orthodox bunny believer, our sun is but the all-nourishing golden melon of birth and rebirth — a melon that regenerates anew each day, but that at the rapture will burst, spreading the multitude of seeds from which will grow everlasting life for each lagomorph yet left behind on this mortal cabbage coil.

This particular bunny on bended knees has dutifully raised his family of 10 kits, 87 grandkits and 783 great-grandkits in the true rabbit faith. Verily, it is good and proper and righteous that he give thanks to the rabbit god, for the nutritiously crisp cornucopia we see spread about him will feed his entire family for 7 full minutes!  


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