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A grill does not make a very good birdhouse

Updated on April 23, 2014

We really need a new grill cover

We have recently found a good reason to get a grill cover. Now, I know what you are thinking; of course I know we need a grill cover to protect our grill. Yes, it is true that our grill has lost some color in the past few months from being out unprotected in the elements. That is a great reason to replace our grill cover. Until recently, we have been busy, and haven’t done the research to find which cover we want. It was very warm last week, but now we are going to have a colder week, so we will no be using our grill. That makes it more difficult to remember to buy a cover for it. There are some happy campers since we have had our cover disintegrate in the sun.

Birds have taken up residence in our grill. I was sitting at my kitchen table this morning; I saw a bird hopping around on the platform next to the grill. I wondered why he was peeking in at me as I had my morning coffee. It seemed unusual that he would want to be that close. There is only a glass sliding door between us. He bounced around a while, looked at me, and then flew away. I am no bird watcher, although one of my relatives was, but I think I may have a bird book somewhere. It was not a very pretty looking bird, so I went about my morning coffee, not paying much regard.

Little did I know this was exactly what the bird wanted me to do. As I continued I saw the bird perched on the platform again. This time, it poked its head in the vent hole on the grill. Ah ha! Now I knew what that bird was up to. He, or she (I am not sure for this type of bird who does the building) was investigating places to build a nest. I was certain on this fact after the next time he had hay in his mouth and he went completely into our grill. What a very smart, and brave bird. I just think it is amazing that a bird would think of that. Now that I am paying attention, I believe it is actually two birds. One bird is building, and the other seems to be playing lookout for the nest, and the other bird.

Whatever you do, don't light the grill honey!

Had this been a summer month, or a particularly warm week, it may not have turned out so well for the baby birds. I am not sure if my husband, who does 90% of our grilling, opens the grill lid before heating the grill. This would not be so great for our new inhabitants. We live in town, but on the outskirts, so it is more in between country and city life. I suppose since we have had a cold snap the birds figured this grill would be a more protected home for the eggs.

It would be a great place for eggs to hatch, if this was an unused grill. I hate to see all the birds’ work go to waste, but I need to discourage them so they can start on a new nest for the eggs. And apparently, we need to quickly go purchase another grill cover to replace the one that did not fully survive winter and the sun. Looking back at the scenario, I now recall hearing many bird chirps in the time I spotted them investigating in the grill. I suppose this was a call to the other bird saying, “I found the place to put our eggs!” They are too crafty for me. I was trying to get a picture of them going into our grill with a mouthful of hay, but between my dog, and me I have failed. I guess I don’t have “cat-like reflexes,” or, maybe I do and that is why they won’t allow me to get any closer. I suppose it could be possible they are having a “bad feather day” or don’t feel photogenic this early in the morning. In any case, I have missed my opportunity, so I will leave them in peace now. They do, after all, have a new nest to find and build.

Under a deck is much better than a grill

This is a much safer place for the bird nest. They even cleaned up the string from our yard.
This is a much safer place for the bird nest. They even cleaned up the string from our yard.

Animal instinct is so amazing

I think it is amazing how wild animals have just the right design to survive. We live near a couple natural water sources, and we often see geese flying in large groups depending on the season they are either coming for the water, or leaving for the winter. We often also hear them in their journey. My sons very much enjoy watching them, which provides another great learning opportunity. Not only can he learn about why they fly in a “V” or why they are flying to their destination, but also how they know where they are going. This provides hours of entertainment for a young child, and his inquisitive nature.

Fast-forward two days, and we needed to use our grill. My husband cleared out the half-made nest and heated up the grill. It is too bad all that work was wasted. Do not feel too sad for our little bird friends. Mommy has found a new place, just as wonderful to hatch her eggs. They chose a location under our deck. This is high enough that our children and dog cannot reach it. It is also protected from the wind and rain. After I noticed a nest under our deck and thought it was a good learning experience for our son, I showed him. He is unable to reach or disturb the nest, so I wanted him to experience seeing eggs hatch. This is something I grew up seeing often in the country. I am very glad they found another place, and stayed where we can see their little family grow. I will enjoy teaching our boys about how important it is to stay away from the nest, and not touch the eggs. Once we touch the eggs, the mother could abandon them, and we don’t want that to happen. So, in the end everyone is happy with the new living arrangement. I will miss watching them busily work while drinking my morning coffee. I am sure when winter comes back we know to watch for this. I will then again be able to enjoy my own little nature channel. This will be a fun summer to watch our new babies hatch.

What are your bird's habits?

Has a bird ever built a nest you had to destroy?

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