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Updated on November 1, 2023

24 Gallon Nano Reef!

Aquapod Nano Reef
Aquapod Nano Reef


When i recieved my new 24 gallon aquapod I was pretty excited to see that the manufacturers quality was top notch. There were a few changes I needed to make to the tank in order to get the tank up to par, the first thing I did was install a 100Watt heater made by tetra, I installed it in the sump. I also installed a second 295 GPH pump, and a stingray 10 gallon pump, as well as an airstone. In the main tank I installed a Fluval 3 Plus to increase water flow. I also added a second sponge behind the filter inlet wall, as well as additional boi cylendars and carbon balls.

The tank has incredible lighting, it comes stock with 2 X 34 watt CFB one actinic and one white. they are aided in cooling by 2 X 1 watt fans to exhaust heat. It also has 2 blue LED night lights

Another great feature is that the tank has an second opening in the hood for feeding so that you dont have to open the lid for feeding or water changes.

This tank is in the nano class for salwater tanks. It is in my best regards that i recommend a Fluval 2 plus in the sump as well as a fluval 3 Plus in the tank if you are planning on a saltwater tank. Also before you cycle your tank, consider using a biological additive to jump start the process. I use Drs. Foster and Smith for all of the aquatic needs this tank can throw at me.

Without plumbing the tank to drain and use a refuge sump, the above setup is the best i have been able to achieve. If you do decide to opt for plumbing the tank i recommend 3/4 and 1 inch opening and return nozzles one on each side of the sump wall. with a 5 gallon sump and a 295 GPH pump.

The tank is beautiful it features a bowed glass front with rounded glass corners and a glass bottom. Regardless of what the critics say this is a great entry class tank for the nano tank, out ranked by none other than the Red Seam Max 34 gallon tank.

If you are planning on growing corals in this tank I recommend the metal halide lighting, I would also use aragnite sand. IF you use a fluval in the main tank to aide in water movement, you dont need to use a power head, or an airstone.

Freshwater tanks, dont require much more than an extra pump in the sump and an added sponge to the filter compartment. I reccomend tetra color safe for food, and Tetra Aquasafe, bio extract, and Aquasafe, Nitriban.

If you are using a saltwater setup, I recommend using river stone, and not colored gravel, as it can leach unhealty minerals into your water. I also Recommend against using driftwood as the decay and bugs can over run your filters and make your water appear filthy.

Algae is good in small amounts (at the bottom of the tank, and in small amounts around the rim of the tank. Any black algae build up should be removed using a mag-float nano.

If you decide to place the tank on a stand other than the one sold for this tank. You must be sure to choose a piece of furniture that has a larger footprint than the tank, and is also capable of withstanding a load of more than 500 lbs.

A+ quality and a for sure reccomended product to anyone!

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