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About Johnny Cat.

Updated on September 4, 2015

Johnny Cat.

I picked him up 18 years ago at the entrance to the building by the elevators. He was a kitten about 4 months old, he was so cute and puffy! His fur color was similar to my fur coat, he didn't look like a kitten, more like a polar fox. Beautiful color! My Mom was not happy. A Cat again! What I am gonna do with him! You are going to travel again, and I will be responsible for this cat! I won't be able to go to our country house (which is dacha in Russian). So, Johnny's journey began with us. I had to train him to go to the bath tub, it was easy, just washed everything away, and it's clean again. He was smart. One time Mom called me to look at him, he was sitting on a toilet! We have never taught him this!

Johnny was a playful and possessive cat. (Towards my mother). As she predicted. I was traveling a lot, living in different countries, and coming to visit to Russia, playing with Johnny.

He had big clots of hair, he has a lot of hair. My Mom could not brush them out, he was scratching her mercilessly. Nobody could cope with Johnny, only me. I put on a winter coat, gloves, took scissors, and cut out the clots. That's how you have to do it with him. Mom used to go into the hall way to smoke, and when she was returning back, Johnny was mad, he jumped at her and scratched her legs. He did not like her to smoke, he actually didn't like her to go out and to leave him alone. Mom spoiled him, she used to buy him raw fish, raw liver, what he actually loved so much. In the mornings she cooked him oatmeal, putting milk and oil there, and blowing on it to cool it down. He followed her like a tail, and slept on her hip.

My Mom got sick with liver, and the disease progressed through years. I had to do the trips very often, going back and forth, and in 2010 my Mom died. When she broke the hip, I had to hire a couple to live in and to take care of her. Johnny didn't like the man, he was hissing at him. Later I understood how animals can discern human nature, look at their behavior, they are mostly right about people. People who lived in didn't like him to go to a bath tub, they bought him a litter, poor Johnny got confused, he started to go wherever. People were angry at him. Mom was in bed, later they hospitalized her. I came, I took care of Johnny. But the circumstances were bad, after my Mom died, and after the funeral, I had to leave quickly, and I left Johnny with a new tenant, I let the apartment for rent. She was a young girl. Three years Johnny was by himself with different people. At some point some guys took over my property there, I had to call the police, and was trying to solve problems over the phone, which cost me a lot of health. I found the phone number of a neighbor and was pleading her to break the door and look what is going on with my poor cat. She said he looked terrible, but she agreed to feed him once or twice a day. I was looking for the chance to bring the cat here. And believe me, it is an expensive thing! But with the help of some friends, and a young lady I found on a Facebook, we brought Johnny here! He is officially immigrated, he has a passport and a chip! He looked terrible when he came, skinny, old, little fur. I was thinking where is my " fox" ? Now he is looking very pretty again, and he looks younger than his age. He is very playful! He took over my place, and chases my American cat Tommy, who is much bigger than him. I am so happy for Johnny! And I felt guilt that I left him behind alone for three long years! Imagine only that he lived this life with me, through circumstances when I was married first time, then second, then moved to different countries, and a lot of other things happened!

When Johnny was traveling, the girls who were taking care of him in Moscow put my Mom's scarf into his carrier, and when he came he was hiding under the bed, I put Mom's scarf there, he was sleeping on it. That brought tears to my eyes, I miss my Mom so much! Johnny is living here with mex1,5 years already. I am grateful to all people who helped me to bring him here. God is good! He is taking care of his little ones.


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