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Accessories and Supplies for First Time Kitten Owners

Updated on February 8, 2010

Whether you adopted your fur ball from your local shelter, found one along the road begging to come home with you or just purchased a kitten from a breeder or pet store, you will need to keep on hand some helpful supplies. These supplies should be preferably bought in advance so kitty can use them immediately once home, or purchased as soon as possible if you just stumbled on a stray kitten that pulled at your heart strings. 

This checklist encompasses both crucial supplies that are essential for your kitty's wellbeing and also some ''not so necessary'' items that will very likely come handy under some circumstances. Most of these items can be purchased at retail pet store chains, local pet stores or online from specialized merchants. 

Essential Kitten Supply Checklist

• Litter-box

Very likely your kitten will already know how to use the litter box by now and therefore will need an appropriate area to do its business. One important consideration to keep in mind is the size of the kitten. An average litter-box for instance, may not work out well for very small kittens  since these may have trouble climbing inside. Pet stores often carry smaller litter box versions especially designed with kittens in mind. A shoe box may work well 

• Litter

Small paws require a special litter characterized by small grains. This makes life much easier for kittens just starting to be house trained. Scent free litters are preferable since many times cats appear to not appreciate strong smells. Ensure that the litter box is changed frequently to encourage good litter training habits.

• Kitten Food

Canned kitten food is essential to ensure that the kitten receives a good amount of essential nutrients. Dry food can be soaked in water to facilitate the kitty. Kittens need frequent feeding sessions during their first weeks. If the kitten is only days old and is orphan or the mother is unable to nurse, KMR (kitten milk replacement) is a must. 

• Carrier

A carrier is a must to pick up kitty from the shelter or breeder. It will come handy later to take the kitten for its first vet visits. Adding a soft blanket and toys and luring the cat inside the crate with treats will make the kitten feel more at ease and comfortable.  Keeping the crate in the living room with the door open will make kitty familiar with it so that he or she will enter it with no fuss.

Precious Cat Kitten Attract Kitten Training Litter
Precious Cat Kitten Attract Kitten Training Litter

Multi Kitten formulia, the first and only litter specifically designed to train kitten's to use the litter box guaranteed. May be used in mechanical litter boxes and it controls odor natualy without perfume, deodorants or chemicals.


Optional Kitten Supply List

• Toys

There are many great toys sold in pet stores that may entertain kittens for hours. Yet, their use is optional, since often kittens may simply have fun playing by hiding in an empty shoe box, a crinkled up paper bag or a string. Always supervise kittens when playing to ensure they do not swallow anything harmful or get caught somewhere.

• Scratching Post

If you are concerned about kitty sharpening its nails on your favorite furniture, you may want to invest in a scratching post. There are several great scratching posts sold by many pet retail outlets. For those still concerned about the damaging effect of nails on sofas, couches and chairs, the use of patented Soft paws may be helpful.

• Harness and Leash

Many cat owners find that their cats enjoy going out for a daily stroll around the block each day. The best way to do this is to keep the kitten safely secured with a collar and leash. The kitten should be given ample time to get used to the harness and leash and then should be gradually walked for short sessions. 


Cats love beds and will surely appreciate a bed just made for them. However, this is optional, since most cats will as well appreciate a box or a comfy chair. There are many beds custom made with cats in mind and some of them also can be warmed up for those extra cold nights.

• Nail Clippers

Cats that are not able to scratch or owners concerned about the effects of nails on furniture, may help by trimming the kitten's nails with a good nail clipper. The most important consideration: ensuring not to cut over the ''quick''.  Doing so may be painful and cause some bleeding which can be stopped using styptic powder or some flour packed into the nail bed.  Vets and grooming centers may also cut the cat's nails for a fee.

Of course, there are many other accessories that can be added to make kitty's life more interesting. Catnip, cat trees, comfy blankets and pillows, a window view and a pot full of cat grass. Not to mention other supplies to ensure kitty is healthy such as tooth brushes, tooth paste, a first aid kit and vitamins and supplements as suggested by the vet.  But most of all, lots of love and cuddles to make kitty feel welcomed and much special!

For those cold nights..

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed Small Sage 16" 4W
K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed Small Sage 16" 4W

Give your favorite feline friend a cozy and warm place to nap all winter long inside this circular, heated cat bed. The bed plugs in to any standard household outlet and starts working instantly. Dual thermostats regulate temperature using only 4 watts for minimal power consumption. With Fifi lying on the thermostatically controlled bed, the she can bask in the perfect comfort of 102 degrees F; maintaining an ideal feline body temperature for healthier joints and deeper naps.



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    • alexadry profile image

      Adrienne Janet Farricelli 8 years ago from USA

      Interestingly, kittens seem to not react to catnip until they reach 4 months of age and/or are sexually mature.

    • figment profile image

      Karli Duran 8 years ago from Texas

      Kitty Crack aka cat nip

    • hassam profile image

      hassam 8 years ago from Pakistan

      Nice Tips!!