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Dog Adoption & Rescue

Updated on June 11, 2014

Responsible Dog Ownership

Becoming a dog owner is a big responsibility and needs to be well thought through before purchasing, adopting, or rescuing any animal. Time, patience, and a lot of love goes into being a good pet owner.

Dogs have their own individual personalities just as humans do. Personalities clash in any relationship. Do not even consider buying a dog with undesired breed characteristics. Researching online to find the breed with the appropriate personality is a simple task.

We all know people who have personalities that are annoying, don't choose a dog with that same type of personality. You will need to choose whether you want a male or a female. Some dogs are hard-headed dog, some are submissive, some dogs don't like strangers while others will meet them at the door. These are very important factors to consider before becoming a dog owner.

Obedience School Scholar
Obedience School Scholar

Puppies are cute. Plain and simple? Not really, all dogs grow up and get bigger, so consider the size of breed and the lifestyle it will lead. Large dogs require a lot of space for playing and exercise so life in an apartment may be too confining. Someone who lives in an apartment and is gone from home a lot, may not need to get a big dog. Toy and smaller breeds are the best choices for a house dog or lap dog. Yet, many large dogs are also great house dogs as well, provided that they are able to get enough exercise.

Depending on whether the dog will be an indoor or outdoor dog can also help when choosing the dog's coat, since the amount of shedding may be an issue. Grooming is a must with any breed of dog. Some may require routine trimming, while brushing may be enough for others.

Study the breed chosen to see if they are more prone to certain illnesses and will be visiting the veterinarian's office more often. When purchasing a pure bred dog, check the family history for any problems that might be common for that specific breed. For example: Labs are prone to have hip dysplasia, check to see if this may become a problem due to a stronger family history of this condition. A dog's "family tree" should be seen by new owners, since these conditions are often hereditary.

Pet insurance may be something to consider purchasing for a new pet, especially when they are gotten at a young age since most companies offer cheaper rates for dogs insured as a puppy. With the right insurance a lot of money can be saved on routine visits and medications. The first few years can be expensive when you consider the vaccinations a puppy receives, or the cost of spaying/neutering your pet.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Pets deserve good homes and will be faithful to owners they love. Please consider spaying/neutering dogs to help prevent stray and unwanted puppies if there are no plans for future breeding..

Too Spoiled
Too Spoiled
Ready to Challenge its Owner
Ready to Challenge its Owner

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    • scarlton profile image

      scarlton 7 years ago from Boonville, NC

      Maggie (lab mix) and Chloe (jack russell) were adopted and are the greatest. I hope more people will start choosing pet adoption. Thanks for reading!

    • Alison Graham profile image

      Alison Graham 7 years ago from UK

      What beautiful pictures in this hub. Thank you for bringing the issue of dog rescue and dog adoption into the limelight. 'Bandit' our younger Jack Russell was 8 months old when we got him from the Rescue centre, he is so loving and really deserved a second chance so I hope other readers of your hub will consider a puppy or dog from the rescue centre rather than buying an expensive one from a breeder.