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Random Thoughts on the Aspin Dog

Updated on April 2, 2018

Life of an Abandoned Aspin

IN ALMOST EVERY CORNER in the Philippines, an Aspin (native dog) can be seen trying to survive and dreaming of a forever home. It is a very lamentable sight to see an Aspin foraging on trash cans and on garbage dumps to find scraps it can eat. It painstakingly unearth whatever food that may have been thrown on these piles of thrash to survive.

The signs of neglect are everywhere. The abandoned and neglected Aspin is very thin, with mange and suffers from tick and flea infestation. It also suffers from various diseases it acquired from years of living on the streets. There are Aspins who are limping as a result of getting hit by vehicles. A great number of them have likewise suffered from different forms of cruelty and abuse as evidenced by scars and wounds that are often left untreated.

Never Abandon an Aspin

One of the saddest thing that can happen to an Aspin (or for any dog) is being abandoned by its owner. In fact, one of the most heartbreaking video to watch is an innocent and loyal dog being abandoned by its owner. The dog not realizing the cruel and inhumane act continues to chase the vehicle driven by his owner who just dumped him. Scenes where the dog patiently waits for its owner for days in the very same spot where the dog has been abandoned is very difficult to watch without shedding a tear.

Will You Abandon Your Aspin (or dog)?

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The Aspin will always be grateful to anyone who gave it a forever loving home. It will never forget the kindness it received. It will continue to trust and will suffer almost unbearable emotional distress and sadness if abandoned by its owner.

Adopt, Don't Shop

Whenever I see imported or purebred dogs being expensively bathe in malls, I cannot help thinking of the Aspin on the street who longs of having the same experience. A simple bath is more than enough for the Aspin. With the great number of Aspins dreaming to be cared for, it is noble for us to consider adopting an Aspin instead of buying the more expensive imported dog breeds.

Why Adopt or Rescue an Aspin

There are several reasons why we should consider adopting an Aspin. But among the several reasons often considered to justify adopting this dog is its legendary loyalty. The Aspin has proven its loyal character to be on a higher level compared to other dog breeds from the story of the now internationally famous Aspin dog named "Kabang" from Zamboanga City, Philippines. Kabang's story is proof that once an Aspin is given a forever loving home, it will not hesitate to give its life to protect is owner and the owner's loved ones.

The Aspin also has that strength of character and recognition distinct from any other dog breeds. Once this dog is adopted or rescued from the streets and given a new lease on life, it will never forget the difficulties, hardships and struggles it endured and will always recognize anyone who extended a helping hand. This heraldic recognition gives the Aspin that kind of loyalty.

Chained Aspins

When a fortunate Aspin finds a home, it is common to see it chained outside the house. If it is lucky, the Aspin is given a piece of cardboard or carton to sleep on at night. While the more expensive dog breeds are allowed to stay inside the house, the Aspin is left and chained outside to perform the more important obligation of guarding its owner's property. Worse, an Aspin can sometimes be seen chained without anything to protect it from the elements.

While the Aspin is a very "sturdy" and "healthy" dog, it deserves the same amount of care just like any other imported and more expensive dog breeds. The Aspin should be treated as a family member. It should not be left outside the house, chained and without anything to protect it from the heat of the day and cold of the night.

To chain an Aspin for weeks or months is bad for its health both physically and mentally. A chained Aspin, just like any other dog, suffers from lack of freedom and isolation.It can become unreasonably aggressive due to frustration and lack of interaction from other dogs.

Treat the Aspin as family

and it will not hesitate to give its life for you.

Treat the Aspin as Family

An Aspin should not be left and chained outside and deprived of freedom. It should not be neglected and considered as a dog meant only to stay outside the house and guard the owner's property. An Aspin, just like the Pomeranian or Shih Tzu, is also a member of the family. It deserves the same amount of love and attention.

An Aspin would be very happy to have its own dog bed where it can sleep comfortably. However, a dog bed is often considered a luxury where most families in the Philippines cannot afford. In this case, just unchaining the Aspin and welcoming it inside the home with any makeshift bed is enough for this dog to be happy.

Veterinary Care

An Aspin is a very healthy dog. It is not sickly compared to other dog breeds. Years of evolution or genetic combination from different dog breeds has made the Aspin strong and resistant against various hereditary disorders enabling it to survive a very harsh and cruel environment. However, having a healthy genes is not an excuse not to have the Aspin vaccinated.

The Aspin should be vaccinated according to the schedule for vaccinations as recommended by a licensed veterinarian. One of the most important type of vaccination an Aspin should receive is an Anti-Rabies vaccine to prevent the spread of this fatal disease. Having the Aspin injected with this vaccine has been made free and affordable by various non-government organizations and local government units.

It is definitely not correct to think that simply because the dog is an Aspin, it no longer needs to be vaccinated just like any other dog breeds.

Will You Consider Adopting or Rescuing an Aspin from the streets?

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