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Adopting the right pet

Updated on December 6, 2014
"They wanna adopt me?!"
"They wanna adopt me?!"


Dogs are great pets, you can find a Dog that suits various purposes. Whether it be a companion, a worker, a guardian, or a friend, I guarantee you will find a dog out there that will suit you.

So what should you consider when trying to find the right dog? Well, for starters, you should consider what other animals or people you have in the house. First, think about if you or anyone else is allergic to a dog, just because you are allergic, doesn’t mean you can never get another dog. In many cases, including my own, being allergic to a dog is simple to get around, all you have to do is find a short haired breed, or one that doesn’t shed very much, and either way you can keep the dog well enough groomed that the hair and dander won’t get all over the place. The next big thing to take into consideration is children, some dogs are easily annoyed by specific things, a crying baby, for example, may annoy a dog greatly, and a dog doesn’t always control it’s anger very well. On the other hand, there are some dogs out there that are very good with kids, some even put up with being ridden or will protect a human baby like its own, which is a very good thing to look for if you have kids, because some dogs will protect a child with its life and without hesitation. Some breeds will more commonly cope with children than others. The last major thing to think about is other pets you may have, some dogs will not get along with other dogs, cats, or small mammals, so it is always good to ask about that before adopting, and just the same you should be sure that your existing pets will adjust to the new friend you are bringing to them.

The next thing to think about is what you want the Dog for, some dogs are good sled dogs, others are good farm dogs, and some are better off just companions. It’s always good to research dogs in general first so that you know what breed you should look for, and then don’t stop there, before adopting your new friend you should always ask as many questions as you can, get whatever information that you can because not every dog of a specific breed is going to be the same.


Cats are very cute little creatures, and very easy to take care of. In most cases, a cat will clean itself and will naturally use a litter box, they will play on their own or with you, but at their own pace, and they can be very energetic like little kittens right until their last living day. Many cats are also extremely affectionate, however, some are only affectionate to one person or certain people, some are shy, and some are outgoing. Just like with the Dogs, you have to consider if the cat will be able to cope with other animals and if those animals will be able to cope with that cat. Cats aren’t as easy to get around with allergies, though, because a cat’s hair naturally stays at a specific length and most cat allergies are to dander that gets released anyway, so if you are allergic then I suggest you be cautious. That said, there are hypoallergenic cats as well that could be an option, although I’m told they are a little more expensive than a regular cat. Cats can be very quick to dig in their claws and sometimes teeth, so you should be careful with kids that might annoy the cat, we wouldn’t want either the child or the cat to get hurt in any way.


Reptiles are one of those things that can be fascinating and fun to watch or touch, they will be a unique sight to kids, who will most likely want to hold them and watch them run and eat. Reptiles are not something that you want to annoy, the ones that have teeth will bite, and the ones with claws will scratch. Lizards typically move slowly, but are capable of high speeds, and some will just sit around basking in the sun (or simulating light). The key thing to think about with a reptile is cost, some reptiles can be very costly themselves, and all of them can be difficult to keep up with for food. Reptiles eat insects and sometimes small mammals, that means you have to buy small amounts at a time so they don’t die before you feed them to your scaly friend. This means making several trips to the pet store more frequently and spending more money in the long run.

Awwww..... Young love  3
Awwww..... Young love 3

Small Mammals

Imagine a little fuzzy bunny hopping around your living room, or a little hamster rolling around in his ball, or maybe you have seen one of those youtube videos of a ferret crawling in peoples clothes, that’s cool, right? I’m sure you can agree, any animal lover would adore these tiny furry creatures. But what many don’t understand is that they can be a handful. A smaller animal like that will run around and play, domesticated as they are, some may never show affection to a human at all. Something to keep in mind when choosing your pet is that most of them will nibble and bite things, so boxes, wires, walls, wood work, etc… it will all be seen as fair game to these little guys. Another problem will be cleaning up after them, they aren’t easy to potty train, and for most of them, they just seem like little poop machines, like bunnies who will just hop around shooting out little cocoa puff looking things and then fling them across the room. You have to keep up with cleaning up after these animals, which can be tiring, time consuming work. You might be reading this and thinking “that’s ok, I can deal with it” but maybe you should give it a second, and even third thought before making a definite choice. Small animals are not bad, they can be fun and definitely cute, but they are a handful and require too much time for some people with busy lives.



Birds are fairly easy to take care of, but can be a pain to train. Birds will learn to be loyal, or at the very least tame, and it will come natural to some of them, otherwise you couldn’t open their cage without expecting them to fly out and then you have to go on a great chase to get them back in. Birds are one of those animals that you should be careful having around others, their natural instinct will make them fearful of other animals like cats and dogs and even reptiles. A bird is fun to watch, and if you get a parrot then it’s even more fun to listen to them mimic your words. One thing to keep in mind is that a bird is far from harmless, they do have talons and, depending on the size of the bird, those talons can really do some damage. In all, birds are easy to care for, just give them the easily affordable food and water and clean the bottom of their cage now and then. The most expensive part about buying a bird is… well…. Buying a bird. At the time of buying your feathery friend, you can spend quite a bit just on the cage, and birds are not always cheap either.

Well, I sure hope I made an interesting and informational post for you, and I hope it helps a little with choosing your furry friend. Just like most people, I love animals and want to see them get good homes, just the same, I want to see good homes and good families find their perfect little companion. Animals are not that dissimilar to people in some ways, they feel, breath, eat, and love just like us so treat them well and they will prove it was worth it. I would love to hear about your experiences with animals, maybe what your favorite pet is and if you read this before searching for your new buddy, I would love to know what kind of pet you went out and bought. Also, please tell me how I did, I welcome all criticism from all people! Thanks for reading, folks, have fun with your Pet and give them an extra hug for me!


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