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Advanced Level Saltwater Fish

Updated on November 19, 2013

Having a saltwater aquarium can be a great hobby. If you have had a marine aquarium set up successfully for some time, you may be interested in getting more fish. There are some saltwater fish that require expert care. Here are some advanced level fish that should only be kept by expert hobbyists. Most of these fish require large aquariums, precise water conditions, and careful handling. They may need to live alone or with very specific tankmates. Many of these fish feature beautiful colors and will add a unique touch to any aquarium, so they are worth the extra effort.

Spiny Box Puffer

The Spiny Box Puffer is a more delicate fish that needs some special care. Because its teeth are always growing, the Spiny Box Puffer needs a diet that includes hard foods in order to keep their beak worn down. Other, you'll need to clip their 'teeth', which can stress the fish out. These puffers usually leave other fish of the same family alone, so they can be good to keep with other puffers.

Fiddler Stingray

The Fiddler Stingray can be a beautiful addition to any tank, but it is difficult to take care of and is for expert hobbyists only. Like other stingrays, it requires a very large circular tank and fresh food like scallops or shrimp. Their spine is poisonous, so caution must be used when keeping a Fiddler Stingray.

Green Mandarin

The Green Mandarin is a beautiful fish for a fish or reef aquarium. They have a very unique look to them, with different shades of blue and green. The Green Mandarin can be more difficult to take care of due to its food requirements.

Cat Shark

For people who are interested in having a shark in their tank, the Cat Shark is a good option to consider. The Cat Shark is a carnivore who will eat any crustaceans in the tank. They require soft sand as a substrate, since they like to swim near the bottom of the tank. Sharks also need a tank with curves instead of corners, otherwise they can bump their noses and become injured and stressed out.

Dragon Sea Moth

The Dragon Sea Moth is also known as 'Little Dragonfish'. It is the chameleon of the marine world, changing its colors over time to blend into the tank. They need an open tank, and they will only survive in tanks with other peaceful fish, since they are very slow eaters.

Garden Eel

The Garden Eel is one of the smaller eels, and it requires more care. It is very shy and spends most of its time hiding in the substrate. This eel can escape from the tank without a proper lid, so it is important for the tank to be very secure.

Dwarf Seahorse

Any type of seahorse is difficult to care for, and only an expert should try to keep them. Seahorses need their own tank, appropriate for their various needs. They require fresh foods like brine shrimp, and they need a way to stay still and be able to eat in order to thrive.


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