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K9 Advantix For Dogs (is advantix safe for cats)

Updated on September 29, 2010

What Is Advantix?

Advantix is a pet med used to rid your dog of fleas. As fleas live year round they present a constant problem to you pet, so treatment must be given year round.

The statement given is ... if your dog will be spending any time outside then you will need to protect them from fleas. Now, unless your pet has a toilet in the house, there will be times when your pet is outside. And unless Rover has extreme bladder control, your pet will be outside on a daily basis.

Fleas don't die off in the winter, so you need to protect your pet all year round.

Side Effects of Advantix

Advantix has been known to cause the following side effects at the spot where it is applied:

  • tingling
  • sensitivity
  • itching

With such mild symptoms it would seem you can use Advantix on any pet without any fear, but this is not always the case! You should talk to your vet before using Advantix on a dog that is pregnant or nursing pups, as well as a dog who is already on other medications or undergoing medical treatments. When in doubt, ask the vet - always!

How Is Advantix Prescribed?

Advantix is a liquid that is applied to the skin of your pet, directly between the shoulder blades. Be certain to work the liquid into the skin and make sure you are giving your pet the proper dose - you vet will tell you how much to use and the amount is directly related to the weight of your dog. Overdosing your dog won't offer more protection, so don't even consider it!

How Does Advantix Work?

Advantix binds to the fat layer of your pet's skin and then spreads over your dog's body, creating a barrier that prevents ticks and fleas, as well as some other parasites. The parasites are paralyzed when they come in contact with the medication and then they die off, leaving your pet free of fleas and ticks.

As the dosage is given according to weight you need to be aware of any sizable weight loss or gain your pet might experience, as the dosage would then need to be adjusted accordingly.

Is Advantix Safe For Cats?

NO! Under no circumstances is Advantix to be given to cats. There are flea meds made for cats that you can use - Advantix is not one of them!

Advantix contains Permethrin, which can be dangerous to cats. So much so, that vets recommended that you keep your cats away from any dog that has been treated for at least 12 hours after treatment.

If you need to treat your cat for fleas, then I recommend Advantage or Frontline Plus instead. You'll find some great info on these products here:

Is Advantix Safe For Puppies?

Advantix should not be used on puppies under 7 weeks of age. Once your pups have grown older you can use Advantix, provided you give them the proper dose for their weight.

Each dose is good for a month, so you will need to treat your pet every month to keep them flea and tick free. Also, if you are treating your pet because they have already been affected by fleas and ticks, you should clean and sterilize their bedding after treatment, as well as vacuum and place your pet has recently frequented - kennel, bed, furniture, carpeting, car interior.

Anything Else I Need To Know?

Advantix is a very safe pet med, provided it is prescribed properly. Never overdose your pet, and if you are uncertain of the dosage consult your vet. Also, don't start treatment and then stop. Treat your pet year round to keep the fleas and ticks off of their backs ... literally!

A pet free of ticks and fleas is much happier than one who must suffer. As such, protect your dog from fleas and ticks and they will lead a happier life.

That's all I have for today. As always, I wish your pet a long and healthy life!

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    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia

      We sometimes use Advantix, and I've always wondered how it worked. Thanks for the info!