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Air Powered Horse, Cattle and Sheep Clippers

Updated on September 29, 2012
510A Air Cattle and Horse Clipper
510A Air Cattle and Horse Clipper
Air Powered EW310C Sheep Clipper
Air Powered EW310C Sheep Clipper
Battery Powered Power Pro Ultra Cordless Clipper
Battery Powered Power Pro Ultra Cordless Clipper

If you are looking for an alternative to electric livestock clippers consider these air powered clippers.

These clippers powered by only compressed air are being used in the Amish non-electric communities.

Air powered clippers offer all the same features as their electric counterparts, but use compressed air instead of electricity to power them.

Air powered tools have been used for decades in garages and automobile service centers. They are popular for being light weight and provide a long life over electric motors.

Most farms already have an air compressor or can use a gas powered air compressor for out in the remote barns and livestock pens.

Air powered tools are safer to use, especially in working in wet conditions where there is always a risk of clipping the electrical cord while using the clippers.

Even the Amish manufactured air powered clippers are designed to use the traditional blade sets used on electric clippers.

The 510A Air Cattle & Horse Clipper is made to mimic the popular electric Clipmaster.

The EW310C Air Sheep Clipper is made to utilize the same blade sets as its electric counterpart.

There is even an air powered counterpart for the popular Golden A-5 Animal clipper.

The Amish also use battery operated clippers, and purchase the best long lasting clippers available.

They prefer to use the Power Pro Ultra Cordless Clipper. The newer model is lighter and more ergonomically designed for all day use.

The Power Pro also utilizes a new long life battery that will last close to an hour. A quick charge battery charger can have the battery refreshed in about an half hour.

Air powered clippers are not easily found on the Internet, but they are available at Cottage Craft Works .com


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