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Make Unique Birdhouses

Updated on June 1, 2016

Listen to Them Sing

If you live in the country you appreciate the delight received by watching the birds frolic about, listening to them sing you their favorite songs, and discovering their new brood in the trees.

However, if you live in a newly developed neighborhood or the city, which is usually void of trees, then you recognize how these places pose a problem for providing areas for the birds to frolic, sing and nest. Well, do not let that dissuade you in creating a bird paradise because the smallest of spaces can provide a wonderful home for natures beautiful creatures and provide you with the wonderful songs they sing.


Keep in mind that some of the best birdhouses are those created from re-purposed materials. So, instead of buying those costly bird feeders, be creative and use your imagination to create your own. Furthermore, if you do decide to construct your own, please keep in mind that paint and varnish on the inside is harmful to our feathery friends. Natural wood is best.

A Few Great Ideas

1) Don’t know what to do with all of those extra keys you have gathered over the years? Wondering what they even open? Well, why not give a key to the bird of your choice and open the door for your feathery friend? All you have to do is purchase a natural wood birdhouse from your local craft store and embellish it with all of those keys.

2) Do you paint? If so, instead of throwing away those old tubes, re-purpose them. Why not create a wonderful canvas on a birdhouse and call it their home?

3) Do you have a bunch of left over picture frames that hook together on the sides? If so, don’t throw them away, instead glue them to a cylinder birdhouse (available at any craft store) and you instantly have created the perfect place for your feathery friend while saving the environment at the same time.

4) Have an old coke bottle and a wooden spoon? If so, great! Use it to create a nesting house.

5) Has your old scrabble board not seen daylight in a while because now you play it online? If so, take those old tiles and glue them to a ready-made house. Stack the houses in a random order and now you have a place for a family to coincide. (See the main picture on top)

The idea here is to use your creativity and imagination. The birds will thank you and your yard will display your own creative touch.

Types of Birds and Their Habitats

~ Sparrows will nest in just about every nook and cranny available to them

~ Cardinals, robins and grosbeaks prefer thick twigs and branches of shrubs and trees.

~ Woodpeckers, titmice, chickadees and starlings, too, prefer to nest in hollows, so provide them with a closed box made of either wood or pottery that has a small hole. Hang it from a branch for a perfect nesting site

~ Thrushes prefer to have their homes in half opened boxes, so why not give them a gourd or a box that is half opened.

~ Hummingbirds prefer it if you place their food near a window. I guarantee you will find hours of entertainment if you do this.

My Pesky Critter

A Few Rules

No matter what type of habitat you decide for your birds, just remember a few rules:

1) Make sure the hole is the adequate size for the species so that predators do not end up eating the babies

2) Make sure to place the hole of the birdhouse facing the east or south so the birds do not have to combat inclement weather

3) Mount the birdhouse where you can see it and watch for those pesky little critters who like to steal the eggs

4) Protect the birdhouse from our feline friends, squirrels, and other potential hunters by either wrapping with barb wire collars or placing a bell in the tree.

5) During brooding periods do not feed or disturb the birdhouse – the Momma will abandon the babies

6) Make sure the birdhouse is off the ground at the correct height for the type of species you want to attract

Ending Notes

You may want to attract many species, but understand that only a few species get along harmoniously. So start off attracting the birds that are common to your area and that will come back each year. With a little creativity and planning you can have some wonderful birdhouses that will not only provide a home for your feather friends, but keep them out of the eaves of your house. Remember that as with everything, there are pros and cons to having birds come join you in your yard, so be cognizant of your desires. For example, a benefit to having birds in your yard is that they eat some harmful insects and aide in propagating plants in the garden; however, be aware that some birds, namely Bluejays and Mocking birds, will eat all of your strawberries or blueberries in a matter of minutes, so you may consider put a netting over them to protect the berries.

Happy Bird Collecting!

© 2013 bellartdesigns


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