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All About Dog Snoring

Updated on November 4, 2007
You can't let sleeping dogs lie when they are loudly snoring.
You can't let sleeping dogs lie when they are loudly snoring.

The secret is out...dogs snore. More and more dog owners (or dog slaves, depending on your point of view) allow their dogs to sleep in their bedsfor various reasons, so dog snoring has come out of the kennel closet and into our ears. Dogs snore for the exact same reason as people snore - something is blocking their upper airways. Snoring is not the worst thing that could happen to your dog, but it can be bothersome. No need to lose any more sleep than you have to. Here's what you need to know:

Why Dogs Snore

Again, as with humans, dogs snore for the same reasons people do. Here are the most common culprits:

  • Being Overweight: If you can't detect any waist on your dog when looking down at him or her from above, then your dog is overweight. Extra tissue and flabby tissue can push the upper airways closed.
  • Nasal Congestion: Does your dog have any kind of cold, allergies or nasal discharge? Mucus will definitely cause snoring by plugging up airways and will usually decrease when the dog's nose clears up.
  • Use of Tranquilizers: Being on any pain reduction or anti-contestant medicines will relax your dog's muscles to the point that they press and partially block his airwaves. Try not to let your dog drink alcohol, no matter how funny your friends think it is.
  • Having a Flat Face: That cuteness comes with a price. Breeds like Pekinese, Pugs and Boston Terriers often have more nasal infections and easier blocked airways than longer nosed breeds. Consequentially, they almost always snore.
  • Somebody Living With the Dog Smokes: Despite the popularity of poker playing dog paintings, dogs actually do not smoke. Humans do. Tobacco smoke is a big irritant. It's not fair to expect your dog to stop snoring if he or she has to live with a smoker.

What To Do

My dog snores whenever she gets onto her back, with her paws sticking up in the air. Getting your dog to change her position can greatly reduce snoring. Many vets recommend getting your dog a round doggy bed that makes the curl up, and therefore snore less.

If your dog is allergy prone, try to take his walk when the pollen and pollution counts are lowest, at times when there's the least amount of traffic.

When To Get The Vet

If you're having trouble getting Doggy to stick to a diet, the vet can recommend special food and tips.

If your dog suddenly starts snoring when he or she has had no previous snoring history, get your vet to look at that nose. Very rarely can snoring be a sign or tumors or cysts, but they do happen to the best of dogs.

If Doggy seems to be gasping when sleeping, the vet must see your dog.

If Doggy wheezes and seems to have trouble breathing when awake, that's a neon sign for vet care.

If none of these tips have helped and the dog STILL snores very loudly, time to go to the vet's.

When All Else Fails

Separate bedrooms have saved many a marriage, and it may be necessary for you and the dog to sleep apart. Your dog will still love you, even if you do have to sleep in separate beds.

Classic dog snore sound. Film by RockyMountainExtreme.


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