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Amazing Animal Facts

Updated on October 24, 2013

Introduction to Amazing Animal Facts

I have always been fascinated with animals my whole life. As a child I would rescue abandoned animals and nurse them back to health and this love I had for them carried on with me through adulthood. I've read books, did my research and educated myself on this field. I still have so much to learn because to me learning about animals is like learning about space, their is such a wide range of unknown mysteries and unknown knowledge that comes along with learning about the animal kingdom.

I took some time to write about what I know and came up with an idea, I decided to share my knowledge about these amazing animals. The facts you will read below are sometimes unbelievable and amazing so be prepared and keep in mind, all these facts have been researched more then once. I never share knowledge of something I;m not sure of.

One honey bee will produce 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime

Workers must produce 60 lbs of honey to sustain a colony of bees for the winter, luckily bee's never stop working and there is power in numbers and their are tens of thousands of bees working spring through fall to make the quota of 60 lbs of honey for the colony.

The Blue whale makes the loudest sound of all living creatures.

Blue whales are the largest animal that ever lived on earth and is also endangered. Under water the blue whale will make loud highly structured repetitive low-frequency sounds that can travel for many miles under the sea. These sounds are used to attract mates and to communicate with other whales also known as "echolocation"

Dolphins Mourn like humans do when someone dies.

Dolphins are very smart and social with more human emotions then people think. It has been recorded that dolphins will mimic a funeral when someone in their group dies. Ones a fisherman recorded a swarm of dolphins following a mother grieving while carrying the carcass of her baby.

Video of a dolphin mourning the death of a young (Its sad but its a must see, proves how human animals really are)

Male Emperor Penguins hold the egg for 3 months while the females searches for food

Emperor Penguins are monogamous during the breeding season. After the mother lays the eggs she carefully gives the egg to the father so he can incubate the egg while she goes looking for food to eat. When she returns her egg has hatched and the father is ready to go on his journey searching for food. During the incubation the father penguin does not leave the egg for 3 months causing him to lose 40% of his body weight

Female Armadillo's give birth to Identical quadruplets

This is a very unique trait in a mammal, Each baby armadillo the mother gives birth to is the same sex and is identical to each other. The only other species that have the same outstanding trait is the parasitoid wasps. This is an amazing fact

The Polar bears Den can be 40 degrees warmer then the outside air temperature

These bears are different then the other bears such as black and brown bears, Polar bears don't hibernate overwinter, instead the female bears give birth and stay in the den with her cubs until they are old enough walk on foot for long journeys. Most polar bears remain active all year. But the interesting fact about these dens is that the temperature inside is 40 degrees warmer then that of outside, making it perfect for a mother to nurse her young and protect them from the harsh cold temperatures and winds.

Vampire Bats have been known to feed on humans.

Although typically harmless Vampire bats have been known to feed on sleeping humans. Vampire bats prefer to feed on cattle or other live stock at night. But if their usual host isn't available the next best thing to them is human flesh, even though this is very rare it has happened. Sometimes the human doesn't even know. They take so little blood the human hardly suffers. The only thing to worry about when being a victim of a vampire bat is the diseases they could spreed to you.

Bald Head Eagles keep build onto the same nest for years.

Out of all the birds in the world, the bald head eagles hold the largest nest recorded, why is this you ask? Because throughout the seasons sometimes even the fall and winter they gather sticks to add to their nest this continues for many years. A pair of eagles usually start working on the nest 1 to 3 months before the female is ready to lay the egg in most regions. Although in the northern regions they can't delay this process.

Hippos can outrun a human

On average a hippo can run from 18 miles per hour to 30 miles per hour and the Average human can run between 14 miles per hour to 27 miles per hour, so on average the hippo can out run a human. Although the recording for the fastest human can go to the top speeds of 37 miles per hour and that was Micheal Johnson an american sprinter who won four Olympic gold medals.

Whale sharks have 3000 teeth

Although they have 3000 small teeth Whale sharks use the teeth to filter out organisms from the seas. Whale sharks eat on Plankton and other small fish. the Whale Shark is considered to be a filter feeder although their teeth play no part in feeding. They either feed by opening their mouth and move to the direction of the food pushing water and food such as krill into its mouth or by active suction pads that separate food from water.

Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwwards

These birds are amazing and very small some species of humming birds can weigh as light as a penny. most of the hummingbird species are about 3 to 5 inches in height. They can fly to tops speeds of 34 miles per hour. They are the only group of birds that are able to fly backwards. Hummingbirds can rotate their wings in circles allowing them to move backwards, up down or even sideways, they even have the ability to sit in empty space while circling their wings to do this the hummingbird moves their wings forwards and back words to keep their steady balance in the air.

Great white sharks can go up to 3 months without eating

Great white sharks are of a massive size and can consume about 11 tons of food in one year. Although these creatures are this massive if they eat enough food they can go up to three months without eating anything.

A swarm of Locust can consume 80,000 tons of crops or even more

In Madagascar the locust threatens the economic livelihood, Each locust can consume it's weight in plants each day which mean that a large swarm of locust can eat 423 million pounds of plants every day. Locust are usually solitary insects with lifestyles much like grasshoppers. But locusts have another behavioral phase called the gregarious phase. When environmental conditions produce many green plants and promote breeding, locusts can congregate into thick, mobile, ravenous swarms.

Cows spots are like fingerprints

Each cows spots are unique in style no other cow has the same spots. Although sometimes when you look into a field and see cows grazing in the grass. if you look just a little closer you can see detailed differences in the cows spots. Making the cows spots like a humans figureprints. This would be the easiest way to tell each cow apart.

Snails can sleep for 3 years

Snails need a lot of moisture to stay alive which means they need to find ways to stay moist especially since most snails live in dry climates. Some snails are able to dig underground to get away from the dryer air. But sometimes if the situation is to hot this wouldn't be enough to keep them alive so snails will find a safe enough to hibernate and sleep for up to three years waiting for the climate to change.

The Koala bears fingerprints are almost identical to the human fingerprints

Koalas have fingerprints almost identical to human fingerprints, not even careful analysis under a microscope can easily distinguish the two different species apart. But Koalas aren't the only ones that have fingerprints are close relatives such as chimps and gorillas have them as well, but the remarkable thing about Koalas is that their fingerprints have seem to evolve independently. The Koalas relatives such as the wombat don't have them.

Spotted skunks do handstands when they spray

As beautiful as they are these skunks can carry a powerful stinking punch. this smell comes from to glands on the anus that release the oils through their nipples. When it feels threaten these skunks will make a u shape by standing on its head. This is a warning that they are about to spray. When they do spray a liquid squirts out onto the target. The skunk hold up to 1 tablespoon of the oil and can spray up to five times in a row. Once the oil is sprayed it takes about a week for the oils to replenish.

These spotted skunks can dance

There are many more amazing facts to share with you but I figured this was plenty for the hub I will be making more Amazing fact hubs in the near future, so please enjoy what I have so far and keep a look out for more Hubs.

Also please comment below on the hub you just read tell me what you think..

Try this title out the kids will love it


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