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A Guide To Amazing Animal Hybrids

Updated on July 1, 2012

In nature there is always a strong tendency for animals of the same type to stick together. Whether it be bird flocks, other ground roaming animal herds and the list goes on. But some animals can cross breed many of the crossbreeds I list below are rare of course and in most instances are a product of man bringing these different animals together as opposed to happening in the wild.



No the zorse is not a mythical creature from Lord Of The Rings. A zorse is a cross bred hybrid of a horse and a zebra. These animsals have been bred since the 1900s, they are rare but look quite interesting. The one pictured here sticks out and has quite prominent features of both the horse and the zebra. Many other terms are used to refer to this crossbreed such as: Zebroid, and with donkey crosses: Zedonk, with mule crosses: Zebrule. Some other slang terms also may be used.



Existing only in captivity at this point the Liger is a hybrid crossbreed of a lion and a tiger. Bred in captivity these creatures grow larger than either sing species of lion or tiger. In ancient times when lions and tigers were plentiful it is said that their territory overlapped enough that Ligers existed in the wild. today however in captivity is the only way to produce them. Several other crossbreeds of cats exist, but many as said are the product of man bringing them together.



This is a crossbreed of a swan and a goose. They can occur in captivity but also have been sighted in the wild most notably in the United Kingdom. They are very rare in either case and to see one is said to bring good luck. Again this crossbreeding occurs as the breeding grounds of the muted swan and geese have a wide overlapping district and allows for the two to occasionally pair. Some of these birds are also found in zoos.

Sheep Goat Hybrid
Sheep Goat Hybrid


Occuring very occasionally the offspring of a sheep and a goat are often stillborn. But sometimes the offspring will survive. The offspring is usually unable to reproduce. The main issue with the reproduction between sheep and goats is the fact that both species have a slightly different number of chromosomes. Thus this crossbreeding is quite hazardous to the offspring.



The wholphin is a hybrid cross between a whale and a dolphin. This hybrid is almost always a midway size between the two species and possesses many many qualities of both. There are only two in captivity in a marine park in Hawaii. Therer have been sighting of such creatures in the wild however.

There are many other types of hybrid crossbred species. Domestic cats mixed with wild species to give them a leopard type coat. Many different types of crossbred birds as they have large populations in some areas. Cama a cross between a camel and a llama. Jaglion, a lion and jaguar hybrid and many others.

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Cama - Camel and Llama crossbreed
Cama - Camel and Llama crossbreed

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