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Amazing Cats

Updated on November 16, 2009

My Dear Cat

The Cat's Meow

Chasity is my black and white tuxedo cat. She has a bib on her chest that sets her apart from other cats. Chasity has a white belly and white tips on each paw. She is very loyal and apologetic if she hurts me in any way. Like falling on my face from the top of my headboard when she was little. She doesn't stay mad for long if I scold her and is very forgiving. Chasity loves to sit on the toilet seat and wait while I take a shower. Sometimes she cries as if to say why do you like to get all wet. After I dry my hair Chasity likes me to put the towel over her head and scratch her ears.

Rocky is my son Larry's cat. He is Siamese blue point. He has beautiful blue eyes. When Rocky was born he was pure white and as he grew older his coat changed to a light orange around his face with a darker orange ringed tail. Rocky is very playful and loves to race back and forth in the house or yard. He plays hide and seek with my son in the house. He is never rough or bites hard when Larry tickles his tummy. Larry plays a game of attack face with Rocky and he growls a low growl and attacks his hand, but never bites hard. Rocky's loves to watch Larry or I play on the computer while he sits on top of it. Our two very special cats

The Cat's Meow

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The Kitty who Lived on a Hill

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    • shamelabboush profile image

      shamelabboush 8 years ago

      Lovely animals...