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Beautiful Amazon Parrots

Updated on April 30, 2012
Amazon Parrots
Amazon Parrots

Adopting an Amazon Parrot

Whilst choosing the right kind of a companion bird, may be a challenge to beginners, a parrot is one of the best pet you should put into consideration. It will certainly be an amazing experience when you adopt a parrot, since parrots are very active and interesting pets. Unlike dogs you will need to pay more attention to the care of the parrot however the times spend with the parrot will definitely be very memorable. For you to have a wonderful experience with your pet you will have to find out more information on the parrot diet, housing and temperament.

There are numerous species of parrots known to be pets but the Amazon parrots scores highly as good pets. There are a number of parrots that fall under this group and different people make the decision to own any of the Amazon parrots depending on individual tastes and preferences. When you are looking for a companion bird you certainly want a bird that will easily adapt to your lifestyle and your personality. You will also prefer a bird that can be easily trained.

Amazon Parrots
Amazon Parrots

Why do Amazon Parrots Make Good Pets?

If you are looking for a trainable and intelligent bird companion, buying an Amazon parrot is the best decision you can make. For hundred of years these parrots have been kept as companion birds. What makes them so special?

Majority of companion bird lovers prefer them, since they are not only exceptional social pets but also very easy to train. Of all other parrot species, they are considered as the best when rated with their ability to perfectly mimic the human voice. Their social behaviour can suddenly change when they are influenced by sexual or physical development. They are also known to have emotional attachment to their owners and even jealously protect them from any other intruders to this relationship. Their relationship and bonding ability makes them great pets.

Many experienced parrot owners cite these characteristics as the most outstanding qualities that influenced their decision when making the purchase of the parrot. Their medium size is another reason that makes them good pets since they can be easily housed.

The relative long life span also makes them potential lifetime or five generations pet companion. Generally their life span ranges from 40- 80 years. Although they have a length lifespan, it may be affected by a number of factors; like the species and the health status of the bird. It is therefore imperative you consider thorough health examination before purchasing an aged parrot.

Amazon Parrots Origin

These parrot species are known to have originated from South America, Mexico and Caribbean Islands,

Amazon Parrots
Amazon Parrots

Amazon Parrot Species

Understanding the behavior of the parrots is the biggest stride to forming a successful relationship with your companion bird. Different parrots have different temperaments and abilities to relate to their owners. You will surely learn more about the behavior as you spend more time with your parrot. There about 300 parrot species found all over the world, out of these 27 species are Amazon parrots. They come in a wide spectrum of colors with shades on various parts of the body. The major intra species differences include: color and behavior.

The following is a list of the various Amazon Parrot Species:

· Green Cheeked Amazon Parrots (Mexican Redhead Parrots)

· Lilac Crowned Amazon Parrots

· Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrots

· Mealy Amazon Parrots

· Blue Fronted Amazon Parrots

· Orange Winged Amazon Parrots

· Panama Amazon Parrots

· Red Lored Amazons

· White Fronted Amazon Parrots

· Yellow Naped Amazon Parrots

Amazon Parrots
Amazon Parrots

Physical Characteristics

Besides the distinctive green color that different species have remarkable coloration that differentiate one species from the other.

The sizes range from approximately 24cm or 9.5 inches for the smallest, while the biggest is about 46cm or 18 inches in length.

Their colorshades are important for identification since the head color is different for each species. They can therefore be categorized by just looking at them.

Amazon Parrots
Amazon Parrots


General Behavior

The fact that this parrot requires a dedicated owner who will have ample time for the parrot cannot be overemphasized. In essence the high vocal abilities make the parrot to me very active and bird therefore requires a lot of attention from the owner to avoid it resulting to deviant behaviors. If the parrot is not given good attention they may be develop aggressive behavior.

Normally, the parrots are very active, friendly and playful. They can be at times destructive due to their hyperactively and this can be solved by providing them with destructible toys. During the training of the parrot it may be necessary that you correct some of these deviant behaviours. One of the most prevalent behaviour includes use of their beaks to nibble your fingers. The parrots like any other pet suffer a hormonal aggression stage during their development cycle which occurs around the age of five to twelve years. At this stage they may be very aggressive but it is resolved as they grow older.

Sexual MaturityBehavior
When the parrot is at the age of 4 to 5 years the sexual maturity is peak and behavioral distress may be observed, especially in cases where the bird does not have a mate. This may be corrected by spending more time with the bird or bringing a parrot mate.

Amazon Parrots
Amazon Parrots
Amazon Parrots
Amazon Parrots

Parrot Food

If you are going to keep the Amazon as a pet, it is important you know the right kind of food that is good for your bird’s health and long productive life. There are innumerable formulated diets and seed diets that perfectly fit the description of the best food for your lovely pet.When you are buying the food you may want to know the nutritive value of the food since it is paramount in maintaining a healthy pet. You should be aware that most formulated diets lack phytonutrients that are essential in bird’s development. These nutrients are only available in green vegetables, fruits, berries and a number of grains seeds. It is therefore important that you balance the diet to avoid malnutrition health disturbances that may be manifested later in the bird’s life. Ordinary fruits and berries should be enough to take care of the nutrients that are deficient in the formulated parrots’ diets.

Provision of enough water on a daily basis is also critical. Avocados have been known to be toxic to the parrots. You should avoid giving them to the parrot.A balanced diet for your parrot may be a mixture of commercial parrot pellets and leafy vegetables or fruits. When feeding the birds make sure they do not become obese especially if they are housed in a place with limited exercises. With these observations you will find feeding the parrot to be an exciting experience and you will always look forward to it. You can also use this time to create that important bond with your pet since they will more likely associate with you if you feed them on regular basis.

Amazon Parrots
Amazon Parrots


Parrots are very adaptable to the cage environ but you should provide ample space to allow exercises due to their active nature.While constructing a house there are a number of considerations that you need to have in mind. Taking into account that the parrot is more likely to be a noisy bird, you do not want to offend your neighbors. The cage location should be away in a place that the parrot is least likely to cause nuisance to your immediate neighbors. You should also make the right choice of the heaviest gauge wire cage. The basic structure of the parrot aviary can be either full roof cover or half roof cover; solid walls may be preferable when you are breeding parrots to minimize chances of aggressiveness between two birds.

The birds should obviously have enough space to maneuver since parrots are notorious for adding weight if they do not have sufficient exercises. Breeding birds may necessitate provision of a nest box and cage reinforcement to keep any predators away from the birds.

One thing that you do not want to forget when you make your parrot’s cage is the perch and twigs or branches that are very important in keeping the birds busy. The natural timber perches are preferable to artificial or commercial bird perches. Additionally you may include some toys and one of the most used toys by majority of parrot owners is the rope toys that are designed to engage the bird in play and entertainment.

According to experienced parrots owner and parrot breeders, suspended cages are the best option for the Amazons, since they are not only easy to clean but also minimize the chances of infection from the bird’s droppings. The other merit of this type of cages is their availability in a wide range of sizes that can fit your precise requirements and budget.

Buying a Parrot Pet

In a world full of many people offering to sell to you parrots you may need to exercise maximum caution to avoid any bad experience during the purchase. In the recent past there have been developments of DNA testing techniques that will enable you to identify the bird origin and further make a permanent identification of the parrot with the use of the micro chip technology.

Buying such a bird pet requires a lot of research and proper timing since it can be very costly for you. It is advisable when you consider purchasing an Amazon you should pay more details to the age and it is better to go for younger birds, since they not only offer you the chance to grow the bond but also are most like free of diseases.

You should avoid impulse buying of such a pet

Good Luck

Amazon Parrots
Amazon Parrots


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    • profile image


      4 years ago from Barrie, Ontario Canada

      Just love your info. i lost all my hubpages that i had posted for years, on all my exotic animals I owned and showed in a pet shows on wheels educational program. Due to a car accident. my injuries left me with a head injury, and my hub pages were gramatically terrible after that. so i got axed by the hub pages. i

      have only my pet parrot left and a few tarantulas from the shows that i keep as pets. this is a great site. Thank you for providing me with valuable information. I printed all my amazon info , and other sites i had written, before my head injury and am going to have a support worker properly post some of my best work. thanks for your time and your parrot hub page

    • Debraw50 profile image


      5 years ago

      Very nice Hub, I have an amazon parrot and am still learning about him, your hub offers lots of info very valuable in knowing when you choose this type of bird as a pet.

    • PaigePixel profile image


      5 years ago from New Orleans, LA

      Very nice Hub! I have a CAG & Senegal- in a few years an Amazon will complete my avian family. I can't wait! Readers should know that there are lots of these guys who need to be rehomed- please help a bird in need and check Petfinders and local rescues first.

    • Truckstop Sally profile image

      Truckstop Sally 

      7 years ago

      Thanks for the info! I would really like to have a class pet this year (in my 4th grade classroom). Maybe a parrot would work. My class got a little crazy and the suggestions included: pengiun (the frozen bird or maybe the wine), pirahan, hedgehog . . .


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