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The Knight in Golden Fur

Updated on September 17, 2014

Story by a 3rd Grade Boy about his Dog, Angel!

A boy and his dog ... or in this case, a boy uses his imagination to write a fantasy story about his golden-furred dog, Angel, and her adventures! Yes, our cat, Sebastian, joins the fun along with a few other "friends".

~ The story is simply the words of a nine year old young man who dictated his thoughts to his secretary ... I mean ... mom. Hope you enjoy our silliness!

~ Now in 5th grade, this young and upcoming author has started a few new adventures for his dog! Updates over the next months ...

Photo credits thanks to photographers, Tim and Pamela.

Chapter 1 ~ The Knight in Golden Fur

Once upon a time there was a dog named Angel. She worked in a castle as a maid, but wished she was a knight. One day when the king and his men couldn't defeat the dragon, the king asked Angel to come to the rescue because she was the only one left in the kingdom that knew how to fight.

Angel, the Chamber Maid

Angel, the Chamber Maid
Angel, the Chamber Maid

She thought about it and said, "YES, I will fight for freedom!"

So she went off to the dragon's cave happily thinking, "I am going to destroy the dragon." But once she got to the dragon's cave, she ran away. She was too scared.

"You have to face your fears!" the king said. "Take this potion that will make you look extremely cute."

And then she realized she could face her fears. And so she went back to the dragon's cave and gave the dragon her cutest look so that the dragon would pet her. It was only a trick so that Angel would bite the dragon's hand and save the kingdom.

When she returned to the castle, the king said, "Take this medal, Angel. Now you are an official knight, the Knight in Golden Fur!"

The Knight in Golden Fur!

The Knight in Golden Fur!
The Knight in Golden Fur!

Chapter 2 ~ The Revenge of the Dragon

Last time we saw Angel, she saved the kingdom from the dragon and she was renamed the Knight in Golden Fur.

The dragon was watching over the kingdom with his hand wrapped up in bandages thinking of his revenge on the Knight in Golden Fur. Angel had no idea what the dragon was doing. She thought that the dragon had run away.

One day she went to the dragon's cave to see if the dragon was there, but no, he wasn't. Then she turned around and saw the wizard being taken by the dragon back to the dragon's cave. Nobody else knew about it besides Angel because the dragon took the wizard when he was sleeping. So she quickly hid behind a rock which conveniently looked like her shape. She saw the dragon get to the cave. He was trying to turn the wizard evil.

The powerful wizard turned good so that he could control his powers, slay the dragon, and make potions for the king and his men. The wizard was the one who gave the king the potion to make Angel extremely cute, but if he turned evil again he could make slaves out of all of the villagers and use the dragon as his personal pet and body guard.

Angel thought to herself, "I can't let that happen! Hmmm, what can I do?" So she quickly ran off to tell the king that the wizard was going to turn evil because of the dragon. When she got to the king, she told the king about the dragon's plan.

In a second, the king had sprung to his feet and told his men and the wizard's wife to make another potion and some golden armor so she could fight the dragon and save the wizard from turning evil.

So she went back to the dragon's cave with her golden armor and a potion with her friend, Sebastian, who was the only cat in the whole kingdom. The potion was to make her indestructible in case her armor melted from the dragon's breath. Seb was wearing the king's leg armor as a chest plate because the king was a really big dog!

When they got to the dragon's cave, the dragon used his fire breath on Angel so the metal would melt. There was a little creek and bucket in the dragon's cave. Seb quickly grabbed the bucket, filled it with water from the creek, and threw it on Angel.

"Uhhm ... thanks, Seb," said Angel.

"Uhhm ... thanks, Seb!"

"Uhhm ... thanks, Seb!"
"Uhhm ... thanks, Seb!"

Seb was hiding behind a rock while Angel was dodging flames and trying to convince the dragon that nothing good comes from being evil. The dragon thought about it and he turned good.

She went back to the castle to announce that the dragon turned good. The prince of the kingdom was so impressed with Angel, that he fell in love with her instantly and married her. They became Prince Ruffers and Princess Angel.

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Chapter 3 ~ The Wizard Turns Evil

Last time that you saw Angel, she convinced the dragon to become a warrior of the kingdom and Prince Ruffers married Angel making her a princess.

Angel was walking down the streets of her kingdom when she heard someone say that they saw the wizard attacking the tower. She had no idea that the wizard would do such a thing, she thought it was a wizard from a different kingdom. So she went up to the tower and saw the wizard lying down on his bed. She touched him and he woke up. She was startled because the wizard woke up so fast!

The head security monkey, George, walked up looking for Angel. George said, "The prince and the king want you in the castle right now for an important meeting! Angel, quick, follow me!" So they ran down the tower into the castle's gates for the important meeting.

The kind said to Angel, "Many citizens have seen the wizard attacking the kingdom."

Angel thought, "How is this possible? The wizard was sleeping in the tower and I woke him up." - "King, I don't think this is right. I think it is a different wizard."

George stood up. "I did see Angel waking the wizard up in the tower. When was the last attack?"

"Why, two minutes ago!"

"Two minutes ago we were at the tower with the wizard," said George.

Then the prince said, "He could have cloned himself."

Everyone paced in the room in a circle thinking what could have happened. Then Sebastian the cat ran in the room and said, "The wizard tried to take down the wall!"

Angel said, "How are these things happening? How can the wizard be in two places at once?"

The prince said, "How else besides cloning himself? How could he do that and be in the tower?"

Angel got an idea. She thought right before she turned the dragon good that the wizard had turned evil and that he cloned himself so one part could be good and the other part evil. So she asked the dragon if he turned the wizard evil during the battle.

The dragon said, "I might have, but I don't ever recall putting him in the potion to turn good people evil. He may have accidentally fallen into the potion, but I don't know for sure. I was too distracted fighting you so that you would get out of the cave."

Angel went back to the tower to ask the wizard if he had cloned himself and fallen into the potion.

The wizard said he had fallen into the potion and cloned himself so he could be good. He tried to conceal the evil copy but it got away.

Angel tried to find the evil copy to destroy it. She couldn't find it, so she told the king. The king told the whole kingdom there was an evil clone of the wizard on the loose.

Everybody got their armor and weapons to hunt down the evil clone and destroy it. They looked everywhere except the dragon's old cave. Once they got to the cave, the saw the evil clone trying to clone himself again so that he could make more evil.

They all tried to attack, but the evil clone knocked them out with a spell!

Everyone was knocked out. Luckily, Angel was spell proofed because of a potion she drank at the kingdom. She was only pretending, and George was, too. Angel whispered to George, "Quick, crawl over to the dark wizard and try to trip him up with a banana! Place a banana peel right in front so that when he takes a step to do his evil laugh he'll slip and hit his head. Then we can tie him up."

So George crawled over, put a banana peel in front of the wizard, and crawled back. Angel and George waited, and waited, and then the dark wizard cloned himself but he accidentally cloned himself so that whatever he does, the clone does exactly the same. When the dark wizard stepped forward to laugh evilly he slipped. The clone stepped forward and did the same thing! Angel and George quickly got up, ran to the wizards, and tied them up with some ropes.

The good wizard ran in with a spell that would destroy the evil clones forever. When the wizard, Angel, and George looked back, the evil wizards were gone. They had "poofed" themselves back to the kingdom. Then they saw a big fire back at the kingdom. They tried to wake up the king and all the civilians of the kingdom, but they were deep in the spell and couldn't get up. They quickly picked King Marshmallow up and ran back to the kingdom to try to get a potion for him, but the evil wizards got to all of the potions first. They didn't leave one, or so they thought.

The good wizard had a stash of potions and spellbooks in his chest which was actually a door to a secret room under the castle that the clones didn't know about. So they went down to the room, got the wake up potion for the king, and each got a spell book, a magic wand, and a cool robe. When they woke the king up, he got a cool robe, wand, and book, too!

They got out of the castle and found the evil wizards. They all used one spell to get rid of the evil wizards forever.

Knight Training is Exhausting!

Knight Training is Exhausting!
Knight Training is Exhausting!

Chapter 4 ~ Dinosaur in the Garden

Once upon a time, Angel woke up in her palace and looked out the window and saw a dinosaur in her garden! She got her bat and shook while she walked toward the door. When she opened the door she saw that it was George on a horse holding up a stick which had a fake dinosaur head on it. It was just a prank!

Angel gave George an angry look.

"I'm sorry, " said George. "You know today is April Fool's Day! But there really was a dinosaur here, and I had to scare it away.

Angel said, "Well, that explains the bad air in here. And it probably will explain why all the food in the refrigerator is all messed up!"

"Oh, sorry," George said, "I was looking for a taco."

"Where do you suppose the dinosaur is now?" questioned Angel.

"I don't know. It just ran away and nobody else knew of it. I hope it doesn't attack anyone."

"Let's go to the king to warn him."

They went to the castle to tell the king about the dinosaur.

The king asked Angel what kind of dinosaur it was. Angel said, "I don't know. Ask George. He is the one who saw it!"

"I think it was a baby, long necked braciosaurus, but I'm not sure. It looked scared like it didn't know where it's mother was."

Angel said, "I think it doesn't know where it's mother is. That's why it ran away to look for her."

"Where do you suppose it would be?" said the king.

"It's probably somewhere out in the kingdom," said George.

We'd better not tell the civilians of the kingdom about it. They might want to kill the dinosaur," said Angel.

"And it's just a baby!" said George.

"We'd better go look for the baby and help it find it's mother."

King Marshmallow, Princess Angel, Prince Ruffers, George, and the Wizard went off to look for the dinosaurs.

They looked all around the kingdom - the inside and the outside of the walls. When they were about to give up, there they saw the baby dinosaur in the royal garden! It was eating some radishes! They slowly went into the garden trying not to scare him away. They tried to pet him. He looked scared and backed away a little bit. Angel came up and told the dinosaur they were going to take care of him until they could find his mother. He let them come near him and take him to the castle. While they were walking to the castle, they saw the mother dinosaur jump right in front of them along with the owner of the dinosaur right behind her panting heavily.

The baby dinosaur told the mother dinosaur that he had made friends with the King and his family and their monkey guard. The mother dinosaur was angry at George for scaring her baby away that morning. So the mother tried to attack George.

Angel said, "If you attack one of us, you attack all of us!" All of the other dogs stood with her defending George.

Then the royal groomer, Ben, came out and said to Princess Angel, "It's time for your royal grooming, Princess."

"No, not now! Just go back to the castle. I'm kind of busy defending the high security guard, George!"

"Sorry to bother you, Princess," said Ben the groomer as he went back to the castle.

Then Angel said, "OK, where were we again?"

The mother dinosaur said, "I was about to destroy George."

"Oh, yes. Carry on, " said Angel.

So they got in their battle positions and started to fight except for the baby and the owner of the dinosaurs who were eating popcorn while they were watching the fight. Then the baby finally spoke to the mom to ask her to stop fighting. The mother listened to her baby and they stopped fighting.

So the dogs and George went back to the castle - where Angel's groomer became very happy - and the dinosaurs went back to where they came from. They lived happily ever after!

What do you think will happen to Angel next?

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      5 years ago

      Third Flower My spouse and i have adalrey been now delighted that Albert could carry out his reports on account of the concepts he had through your online page. It really is now and again perplexing to only constantly be freely giving techniques which some people c

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Good story

    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 

      9 years ago from Ljubljana

      I wish him a happy journey:)

    • pheonix76 profile image


      9 years ago from WNY

      Good story and an adorable pup! :) Nice lens.

    • blessedmomto7 profile image


      9 years ago

      Great job Ben! (and Pamela) I think Angel will go to Disneyland! She deserves it after all that. Fun pictures!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      She will love her human sister! and save her or something of that nature!


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