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Animal Cruelty Charges are Now Becoming Felonies

Updated on April 8, 2014

A remarkable recovery

Why Animals Need Rights and Laws to Protect Them

In the St Bernard Parish of Louisiana, Asani Woods, 21 was arrested for beating his dog unconscious with a boxing glove, after the dog got into the trash. The dog, named Tiger, continues to cry out as she is hit, the video shows. The owner then throws her across the room and then picks her up again and slams the dog down hard on her back. His best friend Johnny Dominick filmed the incident and because he was arrested on drug charges, the police went through his phone and found the video and arrested Mr. Woods. Even though Dominick said several times on the video that he was going to kill the dog, he made no effort to stop Woods from hurting the animal.

I could barely watch 1 minute of this brutal beating. The dog was later euthanized because he had severe head trauma.

These are the stories that make my blood boil to the point of no return. How can anyone beat a dog to death and feel right about it. When dogs or even cats do things like that it's because they are hungry or they go to the bathroom in the house, they couldn't hold it while you were gone. Animals should not be punished for doing something that they can't help. Especially be beat to death.

The United States is putting in to place felony charges for anyone who abuses and animal. They will no longer get a slap on the wrist but will face criminal felony charges if they cause harm to animals.

The perpetrators

The one on the left is the abuser.  The one on the right filmed the event.
The one on the left is the abuser. The one on the right filmed the event.

What can you do to help

Laws have been put in place in all 52 states and if you see an animal being abused, call the police. If you can video tape the assault on the animal that is even better. No animal deserves this kind of treatment.

When animals misbehave it is not because they want too. They shouldn't be punished by any means. They are like children and have to be treated as such. If your baby of 2 years old spilled over the trash can or peed on the floor would you beat them? No I would hope not but if you did then you would not only be an animal abuser but a child abuser also.

This is what they get for being a faithful companion

This breed is dying by ignorance

Pit bulls get a bad rap because people make them vicious. They are no different then any other dog. If you teach any dog to be vicious they will. All of these dogs are dying either by being bait dogs or by euthanizing them.

We have to put an end to their suffering. It's our voices that need to be heard because they have none. If you can physically injure a dog then you don't deserve to have one. Fighting, starvation, shaving their teeth, pulling out their teeth is done to these animals to fight them. The weakest get to be bate dogs.

How many will die this year?

Every 4 minutes a dog dies from neglect or euthanasia. Over 8 million dogs will die this year due to people not spaying or neutering them. If you can not have a dog for life then don't adopt them. They are family and when you adopt them you are committing your self to a life time of ownership, not when you have no use for them anymore.

A good ending story

Do the right thing

If you see any one abusing an animal, call your local authorities. It's up to us to stop the cycle of abuse for animals, women and children. But without your help it will continue to grow.

Is your heart evil towards animals

I just want to say if you are caught abusing an animal, you are facing a felony conviction that is punished by jail time and big finds. There will no longer be a slap on the wrist or probation and you get off that easy. Michael Vick never deserved to go back and play pro ball after the abuse he showed to his dogs. A horrible scene of him and another person picking up a weak dog by the front legs and back legs and slamming the dog against the wall. He never deserved any chances and more money for his behavior.


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    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Well that felony law is long overdue. I can't even watch those videos. I get so angry I can't function, and my wife gets so sad she can't function. Just when I think there is hope for the human race, some idiot proves me wrong. Thanks for raising awareness about this issue.

    • Author Cheryl profile image

      Cheryl A Whitsett 3 years ago from Jacksonville, Fl

      I agree I am the biggest animal advocate that ever lived. Thanks for stopping by.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      OMG such painful sights. I once saw a documentary on such cases and my heart was so sore just to see such cruelty. It is terrible to know and see of how people can treat animals in the most inhuman of ways.