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Animal Lovers That Eat Meat?

Updated on December 19, 2019
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Shining in The Glory of God.The earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof. We have no made ourselves but are the image of something greater

Cow Meat
Cow Meat

Millions of people globally profess their love for animals. Most have adorable animals they consider to be simply pets and service animals. Two of the most common pets across the world are cats and dogs, with dogs being the number one owned pet. But besides the famous two, there are other animals which people love and adore and take them in as pets or even worker animals. People often have birds, horses, fish, hamsters etc. Looking on the exotic side there are some people who own large wild cats, large snakes, monkeys, spiders and even wolves. But no matter what animal someone owns, they will profess their love for that animal and will chastise any kind of force that brings cruelty to animals. But let us ask a question that many have been asking for a very long time. Are animal lovers like myself who owns two dogs and a cat biased? Why biased? See explanation below.

Animal Lovers Biased

Most people over the world own cats and dogs as pets. We love them, we care for them and we treat them as part of the family. We feed them and when they are ill we take them to the animal doctor to get well again. Most cats and dogs receive much better treatment than many human beings living today. But how do we profess ourselves as true animal lovers when we indirectly support the killings of other animals? Dog, cat and other pet and animal lovers are avid meat eaters and we all know that meat comes from other animals. We indulge in the flesh of pigs, cows, deer, fowls, rats, moose, snakes, and just about anything that we do not consider to be part of the ‘traditional pets.’

Animal lover biased can be seen in many aspects. Let’s take for example a country like China. Chinese people indulge in the eating of dog meat and the love for dog meat is clear as they have their annual dog meat celebrations. Even though not all Chinese will indulge in such activities as many are owners of dogs and cats. But the Chinese tradition is that dog is just a good meat as any other animal. Yet, people of other nations will protest how Chinese are cruel as they kill the animal and eat them. Yet, it is that same person who went out to have a nice steak dinner at a fancy restaurant two weeks ago.

There Is No Humane Way Of Killing

Many animal lovers who are biased will tell you that it is not that the Chinese eat the dogs, it is how they kill the animal before they eat it. Well, they may have a point there as the Chinese have really done some heart wrenching things to these dogs while they are being slaughtered. But I still put this question out there. Is there a humane way of killing? Isn’t the end product just the same? Do animals on many of these humane farms know that they will soon be slaughtered? Does that anticipation of death cause the animal some type of stress even though it cannot detected by who has these animals lined up to be killed? Are chickens in large chicken raring facilities humanely treated before they become fried or Bar-b-Cued? How do you humanely kill something? The point is, not all nations will see all animals through the same eyes. This is due to race, culture and tradition. One countries delicacy will be another countries favorite pet.

Sausage Eating Animal Lover
Sausage Eating Animal Lover

Meat Eaters have No Moral Authority

There. I said it. Meat eaters have no say in any protest over the killing of any animal used for food. It doesn’t matter if that animal is someone’s pet or a wild hog in the bushes. All flesh is the same and once you indulge in the eating of meat, you are directly supporting the killing of some kind of animal. You cannot love your dog, indulge in a nice juicy beef burger, and then wave the flag of protest when another country indulges in the nice juicy dog burger and decided to keep a cow as pet. Make up your mind, it is either you are into meat and allow the eating of all meat or you become a full-fledged vegetarian whose diet solely consist of wheat, fruits and vegetables. As a vegetarian, you have the moral authority to protest and fight against all kinds of cruelty to animals. This includes the slaughtering of any animal for meat or sports.

Killing For Food vs Killing For Sport

Not much difference here except one meat is eaten and the other is not. So when us animal lovers get outraged when we see or hear about people who go hunting for animal trophies and our head tops begin to steam, we are simply full of hot air. We seem to always let our guts get the better of our logical reasoning. For me, I can safely say I am a Biased prick. I also proclaim my love for all animals. But yet will satisfy my taste buds with a juicy fried drumstick or some Jamaican styled oxtail. We simply cannot have one foot in the water and the other in the desert. But hope is not lost. We animal lovers can gradually move away from consuming animal flesh and become full vegetarians and destroy the biased stigma.

© 2019 Clive Williams


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