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Animal Shelters on Over Load

Updated on August 15, 2013

Jacksonville Florida commits to helping animals

This year Jacksonville Florida has sponsored large animal adoption events for the over whelming animal population that is forcing shelters to euthanize perfectly healthy animals for no good reasons other then pitiful owners giving up animals for unforgiveable excuses such as "I am moving and can't take them with me.

Day after day people are lined up at the shelters before they even open to drop off animals like it was second nature. Desperate times call for desperate measures. So what has happened?

The last two large events here in Jacksonville adopted out over 1900 dogs and cats to their forever homes. Within a month there were almost that many animals brought back to the shelters by owners who no longer want to care for their pets. This does not account for the strays that are brought in by animal control.

Finally the last straw happened when a sign was put up at the shelter that they were so full that any cats two pounds and under would be euthanized immediately. A new person was hired to help try to make other arrangements for pet owners to help them instead of them just dropping off these helpless animals.

If you do not want a pet forever, then do not adopt one. I have written many articles about the abuse that goes behind owners just dropping off animals like they are second best and not part of a family. Spay and neuter is almost free now a days to ward off people having loads of puppies and kittens that do not deserve to be homeless and unwanted.

I do not know how anyone can adopt an animal, have it for five or six years then just throw it away like it is nothing. Another thing that is being done with cats is they are lying about their ages to try to pass them off as kittens when in fact they are adult cats

We adopted a male, what we thought was a six month old kitten, from pet smart a week ago. When we took him to the vets he was not a kitten but a year old male cat. It didn't change the fact that we were going to keep him but he was also sick with an upper respiratory infection.

The good thing about adopting from your local humane society is that the animals are already spayed or neutered, microchiped, wormed and have had their first round of shots. Most adoptions here are twenty dollars. I would suggest you keep your animals separated for at least 10 days so that they will not get sick.

If one city can sponsor these events to help these animals get homes, then so could every other city in the United States. People need to be educated in taking care of their animals, where they can get low cost vaccines and taking ownership that the animal you adopt will always be yours.

Take this matter to heart and volunteer some time or give some food or blankets to your nearest shelter. These animals have no voice and no one to speak up for them.

This should never have to be placed at a shelter


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On an average over 8 million animals will be euthanized at the end of this year. This problem is becoming such a nightmare for every shelter. A very sick person broke into a shelter in New Jersey and mixed cat litter with all the food the shelter had available. What kind of a sick person would do this to animals that depend on people to care for them. Please stop this circle of animal abuse.


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