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Animal killing or proving oneself more cruel!!!

Updated on January 15, 2013

These days many people go vegetarian and say they don't wanna kill animals and that really sound good and appreciating but not for me. Animal killing, doesn't matter how they are killed but if they are gonna be utilized for food then i believe it is not at all wrong or something cruel done by us. Yeah but if one treat their pet badly or kill animals just for fun or making luxurious things then that is bad. And going vegetarian is something very childish thing ever done. If you say don't eat flesh because the animals have been killed, then let me remind you that the plants from which you eat are also killed. They are also living beings, so now what would you do? Stop eating at all, if yes then you must be kidding. The only difference between the plant killing and animal killing is that we don't hear the voice of plants and are unable to see blood. But yeah animal killing is been a controversial topic for so long. If you kill and eat, no problem but if you kill just for kill and fun then you must end up in prison u believe. Have a good environment to all of you guys. Well I totally agree that being vegetarian or eating flesh is a personal choice and I am no one to tell you any path to follow. But if you think it wisely, you would say that,"this guy is right". If it is just a choice then fine but if it has any stupid reason behind it, then you need to go to rehabilitation as well. To add, I have to say rare that is on verge of extinction animals should not be killed irrespective of any reason. We should accept that it is a nature cycle that for survival we need to have a food source. Well be nice to all.


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