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Animals, Veterinarians, and natural doctor.

Updated on March 5, 2013

Veterinarians are trained to diagnose and treat animal diseases. This is largely because man has domesticated some animal species as pets or as food sources and the well-being of these animals is important to man. The writer has to think about this issue because of some diseases that infect our domestic animals which are tolerable to wildlife. That is some animals in the wild serve as reservoir host of some diseases of our domestic animals.

The writer is aware of over 250 infectious animal diseases and some of these diseases also infect wildlife. Then having in mind how grave some of these diseases can be and the urgency required in their treatment by Veterinarian, one can wonder how the wildlife will hand similar ordeal. It is also known that most of our domestic animals require additional care and vaccinations for disease prevention and to enable them do better by being in good health and such measures are not given to their counterparts in the wild yet they survive.

It is obvious that as men tries to domesticate wild animals by cross breeding and selection, it may also predispose these animals to some diseases which their ancestors in the wild may not have experienced. This may be as a result of genetic manipulations and other factors. The interest of the writer here is how the wildlife gets treatment and cure even when there are no Veterinarians at their service. This will suggest that there is a natural doctor in the wild. Yes, we can see nature as a natural doctor in that nature has its way of trying to strike a balance and return things to order.

The mostly like mechanism will be the natural immune system of these animals which helps them to fight some infections and that can explain why some wildlife is carrier or reservoir of this disease causing agents. That may not be same for the domestic species but some of them still develop varying level of immunity which confer protection to them.

Then one can conclude, with respect to the health and well-being of the animals in the wild, that while the veterinarians are trained to treat and relief the sufferings of our domestic animals, the natural doctor does same for the wildlife even though we may not determine how effective it performs such services in the wild but we know that there are situations where a veterinary doctor depends on the natural doctor. For instance in some diseases that has no treatment but can only heal/resolve naturally. Whatever maybe the case, at least we know that there exists a doctor in the wild that tries to alleviate the sufferings of the wildlife. Moreover these animals also use their instinct to know what to do for their well-being and care of their young. For instance, they naturally clean up their young via licking after parturition and this helps to prevent infection. They also know the herbs to pick as they graze and such herbs have medicinal and other nutrient values. Birds naturally brood to keep their chicks warm while the chicks huddle for same purpose. Some people say it is natural instinct. Whatever may be the case, most people readily admit that nature is wonderful by considering the success of wildlife.


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