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Animals with Extra Ears

Updated on February 19, 2017

Here are some animals that were born with four or more ears!


It seems that cats are particularly prone to being born with two sets of complete or partial ears. Famous online examples include: Joey (2003), Teddy (2003), Lilly(2004), Unnamed (2004), Unnamed (2008), Yoda (2008) [see video below], Luntik (2010, pictured) and Unnamed (2011). And many other examples are shown on the Messybeast website. Finally, not to be outdone one cat, Luntya, has five ears (2011). Perhaps the multi-eared cat champion is a seven-eared kitten reported born in Russia in 2004.

Studies on a cat born in 1946 and her offspring demonstrated that extra-ears are inherited as a simple recessive trait ("dp"). However these cats had smaller eyes and an undershot jaw, and so might represent a different mutation to the more modern examples that do not seem to display these traits. It has been suggested that the four ears mutation might be semi-lethal (lethal in some kittens).


The dogs with four ears have a similar anatomy to the cats. Four eared dogs reported onllne include:an unnamed hound (1906), Ditzy (2003) and P24 (2010).


Four-eared wild rabbits have been spotted in California (2007, see video here) and Iowa (2009).

Examples from other species:


Artist Stelios Arcadiou has an extra ear grafted to his arm (2009)


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