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Are PETA Who They Say They Are?

Updated on May 7, 2020
Tiah Shepherd-Marshall profile image

PETA is known worldwide for their strong stance on animal rights and welfare. However, it's unknown to many that they are in fact hypocrites

PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and they have many supporters. In saying this, it is only known to some that PETA as an organisation has an extremely dark side. PETA has committed a large number of needless euthanizations and manipulation.

Firstly, PETA have admitted to the story of stealing a happy, healthy dog named Maya from her home in Parksley ,VA. It is in fact caught on surveillance PETA staff taking the dog from her home while her owners were out. And while you may think that was shocking enough, they later admitted on putting the dog to death. By justice the two PETA staff were arrested for larceny. According to the records, PETA took in 1,971 dogs and cats in 2011 and murdered 1,911. It has been calculated that over the last 11 years, as of 2015, that PETA had killed 29,426 animals !

PETA's 'mercy killings'

PETA's say at no circumstance do they stand by killing animals and do not support the no-kill movement despite them killing adoptable animals, even puppies and kittens. This is supported by the No-kill movement leader Nathan Winograd, who is a Stanford Law Graduate, PETA states in a postcard that they do not advocate 'right of life' for animals. The Virginia Department of Agriculture have said that PETA kills 90% of their animals their shelters receive in 24 hours.

The Kings of the Animal Rights World Cannot Explain Why Their Dog Adoption Rate is Only 2.5%

In 2011 PETA euthanized majority of the cats and dogs that they welcomed into their shelters. Out of the 760 dogs impounded, they killed 713, arranged for 19 to be adopted, and farmed out the other 36 to other shelters ( they were not necessarily killed).

2 Days ago PETA published a story on their website about exposing the fact that the FA killing 60 Greylag Geese. While that is disheartening to hear, maybe PETA should focus not on exposing others doing wrong but being valid in what they say they are supporting. Instead, they kill 1,198 out of 1,211 that were impounded in 2011. It is not only cats and dogs that suffer at the hands of PETA, in addition they also took in 58 companion animals, including rabbits and murdered 54 of them, that is a 93% rate.

PETA the home of videos that make you want to cry and jump on board with them

PETA has an array of brutal videos showing the lack of animal welfare in the world all on their website. In saying this they do many brutal things themselves which is obviously not stated on their website.

They take strays, pets and even service dogs and kill them, with no regard of their life despite them claiming they are all for animal rights!

The president of PETA has even stolen at least one seeing-eye dog from it's blind owner and had further compared it to slavery.

Why not to support PETA, if you were not yet convinced.

1.) They kill tens of thousands of pets

2.) PETA is Sexist, whether it is putting pregnant women in cages or comparing women to cows, PETA consistently exploit women's bodies as a representation for suffering animals. Not only is it exploitation but dehumanisation too!
3.) PETA compare the slaughtering of animals to the suffering of black people. While I am all for animal rights and welfare to compare it to something as shocking as slavery is beyond belief. However, in 2005 PETA released a slogan "Are Animals the New Slaves?" And if that isn't far enough in 2007 they compared the American Kennel Club to the KKK. Have I got you yet? Well, just in case I haven't they also sued the SeaWorld, claiming that five of their orcas should be freed under the 13th amendment. So, according to PETA those five orcas are the same as the enslavement, lynching, rape and murder of millions of black slaves, and that is somehow acceptable to say just because the PETA President said "orcas are, by definition, slaves.

4.) PETA has a long history of fat shaming. With their slogans consisting of "Fight obesity: go vegan" and "Lose the blubber: go vegetarian", they are not even trying to conceal their blatant fat shaming. This promotes weight loss and may be triggering to those who suffer with weight problems, furthermore discarding those of size that are vegan and do much promotion and amazing work for animal right and veganism.


I myself supported and trusted PETA throughout my teen years. With animals being a big passion of mine I delved into the internet to find out all of these things that made me ashamed to be a supporter of something completely fake and hypocritical. I find it so distressing that an organisation, who put on a believable front that they are great and all for animals in fact slaughter and abuse animals in their own way. I hope this was an eye opener and you sincerely enjoyed the read, despite it being saddening


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