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Are You Ready to Own a Dog?

Updated on April 8, 2020
TanyaMason profile image

Tanya is a long time pet owner. She currently houses two dogs and four cats.

You Think You're Ready for a New Furry Friend? Let's make sure!

It's always tempting to bring a new companion into your home. Sometimes it's as simple as locking eyes with a playful new puppy at the pound. Or maybe someone needs to rehome their old friend. Whatever the case, be sure you're ready to bring home a new friend. There are lots of considerations before you welcome a new family member in!

Do you have the time and patience to introduce them to your home and family?


Every dog needs patience. Whether they're a brand new puppy or a senior - it's important to know that relocation and new families are stressful for them. They are entering a new life and they need to learn to trust you! The first and most important thing you can offer your new friend is time and patience. If you're going to adopt a dog, is it possible to take some time off from work to get them situated? Will someone be home all the time with them if you cannot be? Are there children in the house that can help with making the dog feel comfortable? These are important things to consider before all else. If you bring home a dog and nobody is home with it, you're bound to deal with some behavioral issues like anxiety and boredom chewing, which isn't good for either of you!

Make sure that you or a family member is available to help your dog get relaxed and ready to enjoy their new life in your home!

Also worth nothing: if you plan to bring home a puppy, be aware that there is housebreaking ahead of you. For some breeds like goldens and labs, this is an overall easy process and can be done within a few weeks. However, there are more stubborn breeds out there that will house train when they're willing and ready! Be sure to muster up all your patience for this experience - getting frustrated and yelling will only cause setbacks to their training. With love, patience, and kindness your dog will be housebroken in no time!

Dogs can cost thousands of dollars upfront! Are you ready for that kind of commitment?


Sometimes it can be alluring to see that a dog is free to a good home or their adoption fees are only fifty or one hundred dollars. However, what you're not realizing is that they also need to go to the vet for checkups, shots, and possible neuter/spaying! Don't forget that just like humans, dogs don't feel good from time to time and may need to go to the vet. These costs add up very quickly. If you're planning on adopting a dog, be sure to have a little nest egg aside ready for these costly events!

It may seem a bit overkill right now, but you'll be grateful when you get to the first vet exam!

Top Three Most Popular Dog Breeds

Life Expectancy
Family Friendly?
10-14 years
Gold Retriever
10-12 years
8-10 years

Life expectancy is always important to check - remember if you have small children you will have to have the talk of life and death. Although it may seem morbid, it's the reality of dog ownership. Decide how you want to address that early in your dec

Do you currently have a dog?

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Try to adopt whenever possible! There are plenty of pups out there who need a home!

Adoption vs Breeders

I may seem a bit biased, but I truly believe that you can find love in animals that need it the most. The beautiful purebred puppy from the breeder is a sight to behold - I get it. But there is no more rewarding feeling than rescuing a dog. If a purebred is truly your passion though, perhaps wait a little while longer and see if you can find one that is in need of adoption? Why spend thousands with a breeder when you can find one that was not lived in their first home and are waiting for yours?


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