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Atopica For Dogs Side Effects

Updated on May 9, 2011

What is Atopica?

Atopica is used to treat allergic skin reactions in dogs, brought on by mites, fleas, dust, pollen, and mold. It's also used to treat anemia, when it's caused by an immune response. In this article, we will go over many different things, including the side effects of Atopica, with the hope that your dog will receive better care through your better understanding of their health needs.

This is a continuing series I have been working on, illustrating different dog medicines I have come to know over the years through my own ownership of pets. My main focus is on dogs, though I will also let it be known when these medicines can be used for other pets as well. 

My purpose here is not to make you a veterinarian, but rather, to help you understand the meds your veterinarian prescribes, so you can deliver them properly to your pet and know the warning signs to look out for, should things go wrong. As I have said many times throughout this series, your pets depends on you to make the right decision for them, and the first step to making those decisions is being properly informed. 

And so, without further ado, we will look into the pet med known as Atopica.

A typical case where Atopica would be prescribed
A typical case where Atopica would be prescribed

How Does Atopica Work?

Quite simply, Atopica suppresses the part of the dog's immune system that react to allergies. You can liken this to getting a mosquito bite on your arm and then having your body overreact with a horrible itch. Of course, your first response is to scratch at it like crazy, and being no fool ... Fido does the same thing.

Of course, this can lead to problems, as Fido's nails tend to be a lot sharper than ours. Not to mention, he might use his teeth and bite at the site, causing even more injury to himself. Many of us have seen a dog that has lost fur or dug itself open ... what we don't often see is how this invites infections to set in and worsen things. That's why Atopica exists, to suppress the allergic reaction and prevent your dog from further harming itself.

We often take a medicine (typically  Benadryl) to relieve our allergies, and dogs are prescribed Atopica, forcing the body to realign its coping mechanisms to no longer form an all out assault on a minor aggravation. By blocking the immune system's response to the allergen, this pet med reduces the allergic response in your dog, allowing them to go back to chasing their tail and begging for treats - you know, the fun stuff a dog's life is made of!

Are There any Known Side Effects for Atopica?

All meds seem to have side effects, and Atopica is no different. Oddly enough, some animals are allergic to the cure itself, and this often manfests itself in the form of diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. You also need to be aware of any abrupt changes in your dog's behavior, as this might also be a sign of an allergic reaction ot Atopica.

While this pet med is relatively safe, we do need to remember that it suppresses part of our pet's immune system. As such, be certain to mention to your vet any immune system issues your pet has had in the past, as he then might want to consider trying another med.

Can I Buy This Pet Med Online?

You can, but before doing so I will make you listen to my lecture that has become a standard throughout this series.

First off, never become your dog's veterinarian. These people are highly trained professionals that spend years in school learning their trade. If you think your pet needs Atropica, then it is best to allow the vet to see him to be certain. Also, you will want the correct dosage, which the vet will prescribe. 

With that information in hand, then yes, you can go online and buy your pet meds cheaper - just make sure you go with a nationally known vendor. 

Also, if your pet exhibits any side effects, be certain to take him back to the vet - your pet would do it for you.

A more serious case, in need of Atopica
A more serious case, in need of Atopica

Is It Safe for Cats?

This pet med is only approved only for dogs. As such, I don't recommend it for fluffy, unless your vet specifically prescribes it. Cats and dogs can often use the same meds, but in this case there is a difference that makes it best for dogs only, and I recommend that you follow the path of the experts and accept that this currently is a 'dogs only' med.

How is This Pet Med Prescribed?

Atopica is typically prescribed as a capsule or as gel caps, each being 10mg to 100mg in strength. Throughout this series I never divulge how much to prescribe to your pet, as I believe  a trained veterinarian should make this decision. Your choice in the matter should be to it that your pet's health improves, and by reading through this article I already know you care enough to see that happen, as you are willing to learn more about the medicines you prescribe to your dog. 

May your pet lead a long and healthy life! 

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