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BFF Cody - A Horse Story Continues

Updated on October 30, 2011
Cody's energetic translation structure as given by Cody to the animal communicator
Cody's energetic translation structure as given by Cody to the animal communicator

I thought I'd share some very special experiences and conversations I've been having with my best buddy and horse, Cody. I always felt that Cody was an extra special soul and that we came together for the soul purpose of helping each other heal. Cody came to me, actually he chose me, 15 years ago. It has been a very rough road, but with the most joy I have ever had in a relationship with another being. I have said many times that Cody is my heart...I was like the Tin Man in the Wizard of OZ, who thought he had no heart. For the last 9 years, Cody and I competed in distance riding...we had a hooting good time racing down the trail meeting all kinds of wonderful people and horses, and seeing beautiful country in the process. There was no place we would rather have been than with each other on the trail.

That all came crashing down this past winter. Something had changed and it took a while for me to figure it out. At first it was little signs that Cody wasn't "present" in his body. I was also receiving all kinds of messages from various sources that riding wasn't in the cards for me this year. It suddenly seemed a rarity, instead of daily, that Cody would call to me when he saw me. Sometimes it seemed as if he was afraid of me or didn't want to have anything to do with me. I was hurt, angry and felt abandoned...riding with Cody was what literally kept me going for all these years. When I asked the question of what was going on with Cody in late winter, the answer came to me "Ascension School", but I had no opportunity to verify that until recently.

I felt compelled to hire an animal communicator...this time a different one than I have used in the past. For the first session, I asked no questions as I have in the past, because I knew that Cody usually answered all my questions before I could ask them anyways. So I let the animal communicator just take whatever Cody thought was the most important for me to know.

Here is some of what the animal communicator received.... Cody has a very active 3rd eye chakra that feels as if it is working hard to break through a barrier of obscurity. He is predominantly an off-planet being whose experience in the equine realm is teaching his group in another realm. Cody is communicating as a translator for this group who is preparing to receive a large mass of life force from Earth. In his communication he is physically and metaphysically transmuting energy that passes through him as pulses and vibration through all his senses. He says when I rode him, he has been translating my emotions and intuitive understanding into the other reality (not sure how I feel about that! :-)).

Cody's challenge is in working with the task of translating the emotional chaos that informs so much of the action here into a logical, mathematical framework, as he is not supposed to only pass along the pieces that fit, but is supposed to find a way of expressing the whole into a vibratory pattern. To do this work, Cody has a special energetic structure in which he holds himself, really like an energetic cage (see the picture), whose purpose is to help move everything that flows through him into the channel of his translation process.

He also said that I am waffling about a decision I need to make and he wishes I would recognize the vastly superior benefits of one course over another despite the reservation I have about giving up something, which he says is minor.

Yikes! That left me with more questions than before the session :-)!

For our second session, I had a few questions for the animal communicator to ask Cody. I have been going back and forth between no desire to ride to feeling guilty about not riding, so I asked if this was what I was waffling about. He said it is not riding per se, but the expectations I have about what riding does for us together (oh yeah!). He said it is preferable that he doesn't carry anyone on his physical back during this period of his work, which must take precedence. He appreciates the loss of music between us when my body invited his energy into it as we rode. However, now his own energy must be channeled very narrowly in order to do the work he came to do and which is now upon him...he said the timelines are important and must be attended to.

He continued, saying, I need to go forward in my life, on my path...I need to breathe deeply with focus to help with experiencing the flow of life in which I exist and the nuances of energy which can come to me when I am experiencing myself more physically as an individual human linked with all others and with all life. He said when I am riding, I am not allowing my own flow to be evident to me because I am fused with the horse and cannot make evaluations and decisions based solely on my own feedback of my life alone. Alone I am naked and can see the truth that cannot be seen when I am clothed with another's being.

He went on to say that he craves my touch and the love that flows from me. He delights in the colors and the music that flow between us, but his timeline has drawn him away from such pleasures. There is a time for play and a time for work and now is the time for work. He said that perhaps I will address the issues I have been putting off if I use the time I normally would be spending with him. He said he feels in me the subterranean (not in the Terran earth, but in my own earth-body) vibrations of change, and unless I allow myself to feel those vibrations and get to know them as a beloved, I will not be able to do the work.

My last question had to do with whether we would be together after Ascension....He said that whether we can be together will depend on the vibrations of our beings. As he struggles to use his physical body in order to accomplish the translation process, he is poignantly aware of the relative ease or strain in his being when he is in proximity to other physical beings. He said he doesn't know how long he will be operating in this mode, but he believes it is possible that if I enter the same mode, if I enter a covenant with my higher Self to express my higher vibration, that we will be able to be consonant with each other more than we are now and well into the future.

He finished by saying he doesn't know whether he will drop his body at the end of the translation or whether he will be released from the process and return to a more solid participation in the 3rd dimension, in which case, if his physical body is in good shape, it might be possible for him to carry me once again. And so, although I have felt like I lost the best part of me, it really has never left...I just needed to find it in my own heart.

Every day now I give Cody a hug full of all the love I bear for him...and he responds with the snort I have learned through our years together is his way of expressing his pleasure and approval. Sometimes he is still "absent", but I am so very proud of him and the work he is doing, and when he comes back he lets me know quite loudly. I love this guy!

And so, I am coming out of hiding and learning to stand on my own, naked and in my truth....and it is not so bad nor too scary after all :-)!


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