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Babysitting for Tea Cups

Updated on December 24, 2011
You can see how tiny they are as they stand by my shepherd
You can see how tiny they are as they stand by my shepherd
The little man; looking like Foo Man Choo with his long beard!
The little man; looking like Foo Man Choo with his long beard!
The little man again...his big, brown eyes
The little man again...his big, brown eyes
The sister and brother...
The sister and brother...
The little girl who loves to play!
The little girl who loves to play!

 My guy's sister is housing her two little tea cup Yorkies with "Grandma" until she can find a place to stay with her dogs.  These two tiny tots are about 3 pounds each and about the size of a boot.  I have a standard Yorkshire Terrier, Spike who is three times the size of these two.

Grandma works all day, has a housefull of dogs herself and is pretty tired taking care of two babies, so we thought we'd be nice and take them for a few days.  Since no one has had the time to attend to them much lately because of all the changes going on, they came to me looking quite disheveled, stinky and in need of a good haircut!

These two, a brother and sister, are about 8 months old.  They are now crate trained but not house trained yet.  I had forgotten how much I hate potty training dogs!  The constant in and out of the house, watching with anxiety that every movement means a piddle on the rug. 

Yorkies are pretty fearless for their size.  These two especially.  The boy is called "Spaz" although I think Sully fits him better as he seems a bit sullen at times.  He isn't very active except when he thinks that he can mount my shepherd from the back (I told you he was fearless).  He also lifts his leg every 25 seconds to squirt a bit out; reminding me why I always got my puppies neutered as well.  The little girl is called Angelica but my daughter and I think that she looks more like a Buttercup; ears much too big for her head (they look like bat wings actually) and a skinny little body.  We call them by their given names, although I don't think that they like the names either because they don't come when they are called!

After introducing the two of them to my three dogs and the two cats (a smooth process, I might add), I decided to give them a much needed bath.  Yorkies have fur more like human hair and it gets oily and dirty quite often and requires a lot of bathing!  These two were small enough to fit in the kitchen sink.  However, I quickly found that they had never had their nails trimmed and I've got the scratch marks to prove it!  After a refreshing bath (me included), I went to work on the little tikes, trimming mats out, grooming fur, cutting nails and cleaning eyes.  They didn't like this.  My saying it this way is truly an understatement.  They hated this process and I figured out that the reason they were so matted and unruly was because they put up such a fuss.  I was determined to show them who was boss and after 45 minutes per dog, they emerged with silky, trimmed fur, shorter nails and clear eyes!  I of course was bleeding from being scratched up, soaking wet and covered with fur.

I don't want to give the kids a bum rap.  They are sweet.  They are very affectionate and loving too.  For some reason however, they find it necessary to scale my body as if it were a mountain to nestle under my neck.  The boy loves practicing french kissing by insisting on poking that little pink tongue into my mouth (yuck!) or into my nostrils.  Talk about a gross feeling!    The little girl is feistier than her brother and spends much time chewing his ear and knocking him over.  They are adorable, but if they are not outside, must be maintained in the kitchen or their crate. 

My daughter was a bit nervous about them when they first came over.  I casually stated that she had nothing to fear; it wasn't like they would pee on her or anything.  Then, I looked down and saw that the boy was indeed peeing on my shoe.  Needless to say, my daughter will not get out of her chair when the boy is around.

The babies haven't been on a schedule before either.  I have them on one now (or should I say, I am on one now) with arising with "daddy" at 5:30, going out with the big dogs to "get busy", eating some canned and dry food.  Going to "get busy" again.  Back in the crate until surrogate "mommy" sleeps in until 8:30.  Then, out to "get busy" again and to play in the yard with surrogate mommy and the big dogs.  Crate time again while surrogate mommy runs errands and takes kids around.  Back within 4-5 hours and outside again to "get busy" and to play for about an hour.  A little snack of kibble.  Out again to "get busy" and play.  Crate time.  Surrogate makes dinner for people family while babies sleep and rest.  Surrogate feeds people family and then feeds big dogs and little tea cup babies.  Out again to "get busy" and play for about an hour.  Cuddle time.  Crate time.  Surrogate mommy wanting to pass out on the couch, finds time to write hubs, do laundry, play with human children, talk to surrogate daddy and spend time with him.  Before bed, play time and out to "get busy", more play time, put babies to bed in crate around 10:30 and sleep until 5:30 to start over again.

It's been fun but this week will need to go a bit faster.  I love the little ones but am craving my own life again.  I think I'll sing "Over the River and Through the Woods" when they go back to Grandma's at the end of the week!


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      6 years ago

      Thks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I know about these cuuuuttteee little things! A fact I know about them is that their sssssssssssssooooooooooooo ccccccccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttteeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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