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Litter Boxes, Cat Behavior

Updated on June 4, 2019
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Badly behaved cats leave their human companions to unorthodox measures as you will discover in this charming post by Tamara Yancosky.

Litter Boxes, Cat Behavior

Skylar feigning his “good kitty” mask
Skylar feigning his “good kitty” mask | Source

Stray Cat Strut - Stray Cats

Litter Boxes, Cat Behavior

Our cat stubbornly refused to keep his litter inside his litter-box, no matter what! I think he might have even been purposely kicking it out of his box just to be a mean kitty.

So, having tried everything I could think of that would keep Skylar from kicking up his cat litter out of the litter-box, I decided that I might as well just get used to having a crunchy carpet because, apparently, nothing was going to deter him from this rude habit.

I tried putting two, and even three, litter boxes in different places all over the house. I would peak around corners, hoping for success, only to watch in disappointment as the cat litter, relentlessly, would come flying out, at ridiculous speeds, from each and every litter-box I had so generously supplied to my cat.

Litter Boxes, Cat Behavior

Skylar (he is a monster beneath the “cutie pie” exterior)
Skylar (he is a monster beneath the “cutie pie” exterior) | Source

Cats have a way about them that seem so sophisticated and refined. Yet, as cat owners, we all know that behind closed doors, they can be just as obnoxious, hideous, and embarrassing as dogs.

Litter Boxes, Cat Behavior

This was when I just happened to look outside, through the glass window, and I saw the blue (toddler-sized), plastic swimming pool, that we used for our bulldog, Thor, on those hot summer days. Guess what? Thor’s swimming pool was going “bye bye."

I grabbed the plastic pool, smiling to myself (which was intended for Skylar to see), and dragged it inside the house, hitting walls, glass vases, even bumping the TV set along the way, and finally getting it shoved into the corner of the spare bathroom. I poured three boxes of cat litter into the empty swimming pool, and hoped for the best. (I decided not to watch).

Litter Boxes, Cat Behavior

Will it work for a litter box?
Will it work for a litter box?

Litter Box Success!

I could not believe it! Success! I started seeing about 95% less cat litter being tossed out from Skylar's new "swimming pool" litter-box. I concluded that the reason for this success was due to the fact that in order for Skylar to kick any litter out of the swimming pool, he would have had to work the cat litter, from the middle of the swimming pool, all the way over to the far side of the edge of the pool, and that would have required work. And, well, Skylar is not a working cat

Litter Boxes, Cat Behavior

Skylar flaunting his badness
Skylar flaunting his badness | Source

Litter Boxes, Cat Behavior

Of course, no one would be able to get to the toilet without taking a mega-huge leap over the pool (it took up most of the floor space inside the guest-bathroom). But, that seemed to be such a minor inconvenience that everybody would have been more than willing to endure, to keep me from having to constantly be sweeping up cat litter from all over the surrounding area of the cat litter box; at least, I hoped others would be willing to endure this little inconvenience.

I had not actually asked anyone if they would mind taking the leap over Skylar’s swimming pool, litter-box, to get to the toilet, (and, of course, Grandma still had not been over to take the leap); but, I was basically guessing that it would just be a minor inconvenience that everybody would be, gladly, willing to endure for the sake of my not having to put up with the, constant, flying cat-litter, and the crunchy-carpet effect. After all, why wouldn't they?

Litter Boxes, Cat Behavior

Skylar’s Australian Shepherd, Ginger
Skylar’s Australian Shepherd, Ginger | Source

Litter Boxes, Flash Forward

Flash forward, three months later... there is cat litter flying everywhere, from all rounded-sides of the swimming pool, litter-box, and the crunchy-carpet effect, is back.

Apparently, our cat, Skylar, is not as lazy as I had at once thought him to be. It seems that he has no hardship, whatsoever, with kicking his back legs up, as high as possible, now, just to make sure he gets every bit of cat litter, he possibly can, to come flying out of his toddler-sized, cat litter-box, and once again, create the crunchy-carpet effect throughout the carpeted hallway (where the cat litter manages to work its way over).

The difference with this huge toddler-sized, cat litter-box, as compared with a normal-sized, cat litter-box is that, now, there is quadruple the amount of cat litter flying about, and a much crunchier, crunchy-carpet effect.

Bad Behavior - What About Your Cat?

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This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

© 2018 Tamara Yancosky BBYCGN


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