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Bark Off Dog Barking Control

Updated on October 9, 2011

Bark Off Dog Barking Control

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Bark Control Bark OffBarkOff As Seen On TVBuy Bark OffBark Off - Control Dog Barking
Bark Control Bark Off
Bark Control Bark Off
BarkOff As Seen On TV
BarkOff As Seen On TV
Buy Bark Off
Buy Bark Off
Bark Off - Control Dog Barking
Bark Off - Control Dog Barking

Bark Off Bark Control

Bark Off Bark Control is something that is music to my ears. There is nothing more annoying than hearing your neighbor's dog barking all night, and for me there is nothing more embarrassing than having it be my dog's barking that the neighbors are complaining about.

But, how can you train your dog not to bark? Is there even such a thing as real bark control?

Look, a lot of Dog owners spend a lot of time training a dog not bark but to no avail. In extreme cases they seek out surgery for bark control but that seems very inhumane. You can tell when a dog has had this surgery and their faint little barks are heartbreaking, and still quite annoying. So let's see what Bark Off is all about and if it might work

Bark Off is Not A Bark Collar

The first thing I noticed when researching Bark Control is that it is not a bark collar. For me this was great news because I hate those things. But if it's not a Bark Collar then what is it?

The Bark Off is a completely different method of Dog Barking Control and in theory it is a great alternative to traditional methods. The barkoff is a little device that emits ultrasonic waves that are inaudible to humans but will catch a dogs attention. By doing this, the dog pays attention to the sound it's hearing and it's thoughts are diverted from the barking behavior.

Basically, these ultrasonic waves interrupt the dogs barking pattern without causing any harm to the animal. Further, it allows you to control barking behavior because you choose when to turn it on. If you are sitting in the living room and your dog starts to bark, then flip the switch and in a few seconds your dog will stop barking. If you're smart you will say some type of command when you flip the switch and then your dog might learn to associate the command with the behavior. (that's just my take)

This is the perfect training aid because you will only use the bark off in situations where a dog shouldn't bark. If used properly this will not affect the dog when guarding the house or trying to alert you to any other danger. It's only used when you decide it should be used.

If you take a look at the Bark Off Commercial below, you will begin to get a sense of its uses and why, if it works, it will make life better for the entire family. So take a look.

Bark Off As Seen On TV

Boy was that the most annoying As Seen On TV commercial. It almost physically hurt to listening to those dogs barking in the beginning, but that's literally what a lot of people face all day long. I can recall a time when I lived in an apartment and my neighbors would but their little squealer out on the balcony about 15 feet away from my bedroom. It would bark all night and they refused to do anything about it and the police couldn't even threaten them into keeping it inside at night. It turns out that the dog barked all night whether it was indoors or out and it drove them crazy. If I had the bark off back then, I could have just flipped it on and I could have slept.

I'm sure anyone reading this article can think of many times this would have come in handy especially when it comes to someone else's dog! So if you are like me, you'll try anything to control dog barking and now's your chance.

Thebark offis an as seen on tv item so you can be sure it comes with a special offer, but that is just how the Direct Response business works. The standard deal is the buy one get one free so let me break it down for you. The barkoff is advertised as a $10 item but there is a shipping and handling charge of $6.99. So just assume that it is going to run you $17.

Then, you get another Bark Off but you have to pay shipping on that one too so add another $6.99.

In all you will get 2 Bark Off's for $24 and that sounds pretty good to me. To avoid any confusion when ordering just select 1 for the quantity. That will actually get you the 2 Bark Offs advertised on the site. If you select 2, you will receive 4.

BarkOff Reviews

Bark Off Reviews are still very tough to come by online. It's still so new that finding good quality Bark Off product reviews is nearly impossible. The best one I found was actually on a Grill Glove site in the comments about As Seen On TV products. So For now we have to rely on the personal experiences of visitors to this page to find out they think about BarkOff. If you bought Bark Off and actually have given a little time to testing it out, please feel free to leave a comment below so others can find out more about the product.

Bark Off Reviews Update:

Finally, a bark off video review was posted and it shows the Bark Off working perfectly in a real life situation. I was thrilled to see this video and these little dogs are the perfect test subjects. This was one of those buy or bust type of trials you see on the evening news and I'm really impressed.


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