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Bark Off Dog Barking Control

Updated on October 9, 2011

Bark Off Dog Barking Control

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Bark Control Bark OffBarkOff As Seen On TVBuy Bark OffBark Off - Control Dog Barking
Bark Control Bark Off
Bark Control Bark Off
BarkOff As Seen On TV
BarkOff As Seen On TV
Buy Bark Off
Buy Bark Off
Bark Off - Control Dog Barking
Bark Off - Control Dog Barking

Bark Off Bark Control

Bark Off Bark Control is something that is music to my ears. There is nothing more annoying than hearing your neighbor's dog barking all night, and for me there is nothing more embarrassing than having it be my dog's barking that the neighbors are complaining about.

But, how can you train your dog not to bark? Is there even such a thing as real bark control?

Look, a lot of Dog owners spend a lot of time training a dog not bark but to no avail. In extreme cases they seek out surgery for bark control but that seems very inhumane. You can tell when a dog has had this surgery and their faint little barks are heartbreaking, and still quite annoying. So let's see what Bark Off is all about and if it might work

Bark Off is Not A Bark Collar

The first thing I noticed when researching Bark Control is that it is not a bark collar. For me this was great news because I hate those things. But if it's not a Bark Collar then what is it?

The Bark Off is a completely different method of Dog Barking Control and in theory it is a great alternative to traditional methods. The barkoff is a little device that emits ultrasonic waves that are inaudible to humans but will catch a dogs attention. By doing this, the dog pays attention to the sound it's hearing and it's thoughts are diverted from the barking behavior.

Basically, these ultrasonic waves interrupt the dogs barking pattern without causing any harm to the animal. Further, it allows you to control barking behavior because you choose when to turn it on. If you are sitting in the living room and your dog starts to bark, then flip the switch and in a few seconds your dog will stop barking. If you're smart you will say some type of command when you flip the switch and then your dog might learn to associate the command with the behavior. (that's just my take)

This is the perfect training aid because you will only use the bark off in situations where a dog shouldn't bark. If used properly this will not affect the dog when guarding the house or trying to alert you to any other danger. It's only used when you decide it should be used.

If you take a look at the Bark Off Commercial below, you will begin to get a sense of its uses and why, if it works, it will make life better for the entire family. So take a look.

Bark Off As Seen On TV

Boy was that the most annoying As Seen On TV commercial. It almost physically hurt to listening to those dogs barking in the beginning, but that's literally what a lot of people face all day long. I can recall a time when I lived in an apartment and my neighbors would but their little squealer out on the balcony about 15 feet away from my bedroom. It would bark all night and they refused to do anything about it and the police couldn't even threaten them into keeping it inside at night. It turns out that the dog barked all night whether it was indoors or out and it drove them crazy. If I had the bark off back then, I could have just flipped it on and I could have slept.

I'm sure anyone reading this article can think of many times this would have come in handy especially when it comes to someone else's dog! So if you are like me, you'll try anything to control dog barking and now's your chance.

Thebark offis an as seen on tv item so you can be sure it comes with a special offer, but that is just how the Direct Response business works. The standard deal is the buy one get one free so let me break it down for you. The barkoff is advertised as a $10 item but there is a shipping and handling charge of $6.99. So just assume that it is going to run you $17.

Then, you get another Bark Off but you have to pay shipping on that one too so add another $6.99.

In all you will get 2 Bark Off's for $24 and that sounds pretty good to me. To avoid any confusion when ordering just select 1 for the quantity. That will actually get you the 2 Bark Offs advertised on the site. If you select 2, you will receive 4.

BarkOff Reviews

Bark Off Reviews are still very tough to come by online. It's still so new that finding good quality Bark Off product reviews is nearly impossible. The best one I found was actually on a Grill Glove site in the comments about As Seen On TV products. So For now we have to rely on the personal experiences of visitors to this page to find out they think about BarkOff. If you bought Bark Off and actually have given a little time to testing it out, please feel free to leave a comment below so others can find out more about the product.

Bark Off Reviews Update:

Finally, a bark off video review was posted and it shows the Bark Off working perfectly in a real life situation. I was thrilled to see this video and these little dogs are the perfect test subjects. This was one of those buy or bust type of trials you see on the evening news and I'm really impressed.


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    • profile image

      Cali 4 years ago

      bought one at a re-sale shop for $1.99....great little gadget.

    • profile image

      m snow 6 years ago

      We have a 4 yr old rottweiller who has the worst manners - he barks when you come in or try to leave; jumps on you; shoves his nose in your crotch; just out of control. We got Bark Off at the local hardware store for $10 (now $0.90 at amazon) and it is a MIRACLE. We do not leave it on or use auto- we simply switch it on when he misbehaves & when he stops we turn it off & praise him. We have had it for 2 weeks and now have a totally different dog!! He is way more calm, he still tries to steal & eat the remote or cell phones but even just showing him the bark off & telling him to drop it - he does, so now we don't even have to turn it on!!

      A plus - our neighbor has 5 yipping poodle type dogs & they are yapping all the time - my husband turned it on aimed out our bedroom window - no more yapping from next door!!

      This is the very best $10 we have ever spent!!!

    • profile image

      kammi 6 years ago

      could not take my stupid neighbors dog barking late at night outside-we put Barkoff on our fence facing the dog- the stupid dog barked once and stopped WONDERFUL SILENCE

    • profile image

      Dave in Green Bay 6 years ago

      They are available in stores now. Just saw one yesterday for $9.99 (8/24/11) My question is if this is sound activated? i.e. does it only emit the deterrent noise when it detects barking? Will other sounds, like people talking or laughing, or the TV trigger the sound?

    • profile image

      Doug Mark 7 years ago

      After looking at many mixed reviews I decided to give Bark Off a try. Frankly, if the price was higher I would have passed due to the mixed reviews. But it did the trick with my Rotweiler. But I also implemented more than just using the gadget. I found the info at Does

      Bark Off Work So I am very happy.

    • profile image

      Jhong 7 years ago

      Don't think that will work to a ASKAL dog...but pretty sure that it will coz ASKALS are Intellegent dog's...whew..

    • profile image

      Serena 7 years ago

      My yorkie still barks like crazy. Put new battery on the device but can't really tell if it is working or not. I threw away the box so I can' return.

    • rakoo profile image

      rakoo 7 years ago from Midwest

      We are getting ready to buy A bark collar thanks!

    • profile image

      Amberlina Nikohle 7 years ago

      My grandmother bought this product today and it worked for the dog. Then she looked over at me to see me leaned over clutching my ear and winching in pain. I can hear the noise and honestly if it hurts my ears then it hurts our dogs ear too. I would just find another way to train your dogs and not buy this.

    • andhe profile image

      andhe 7 years ago from Sweden

      Maybe I should get this for my neighbours dog... It doesn't disturb me that much but the occasional bark that scares me I could do without.

    • profile image

      billie jean 7 years ago

      We bought a Bark Off device at Walgreens. We only bought one. It works, although, we noticed that our dogs are very nervous while the device is on.

    • profile image

      Kimberly 7 years ago

      FYI, ultrasonic is not radiation or emits very negligible amount, if any.

    • profile image

      Kimberly 7 years ago

      I got one for my miniature schnauzer and it worked after a couple of day. At first I think he didn't know what he was hearing. I had to train him by putting him inside the crate, "barking" into the mic while he was being quiet and he jolted away. He only barks once or twice while he was in the crate, so I put him in there whenever he starts barking. I got it at Wallgreen for $9.99. I must say though that the battery doesn't last very long (2 weeks max?) I'm looking into buying the wall charger.

    • profile image

      Sheryl  7 years ago

      I just bought a Bark Off, and it really works! WOW! We used it two nights but the dogs acted strange and skiddish all the next day. My question is, does noise from the fan we run near their kennel at night set off the Bark Off causing a constant irritation to our Shih Tzu's. and can other loud noises other than barking set them off? We want to continue using it and telling all our friends, but need an answer first. Thanks

    • profile image

      Rijkstra 7 years ago

      What I found disturbing about is that only a dog can tell you if it's working! There are no lights or battery strength indicators.

    • profile image

      Cheaper Way 7 years ago

      A local store called Dollar General around here has them for 10 each I got one for my German Shepard, Worked wonders! Now I don't get woken up at 3 am cause the cat ran across the house.

    • profile image

      Oleg 7 years ago

      Give an eleemosynary help with the dull hearing to the children from Ukraine ! They need hearings devices !!! Email :

      Benedictions to you from Jesus !

    • profile image

      Anne 7 years ago

      I bought Bark Off at Walgreens for $10.00. The two big dogs across the lake started their usual crazy barking just now. I opened the package, put in a nine volt, opened my screen door and turned it on high. Immediately, the dogs quit barking. My cat is meowing, not sure if I should turn it off now or what. But haven't heard a bark since I turned it on. I guess I'll turn it off and see what happens. Anyway, it appeared to work great this first time around. I'm going to get one for my dad for Christmas - he hates it when he takes a walk and neighborhood dogs bark at him.

    • profile image

      laark 7 years ago

      you are also getting the radiation too

    • profile image

      stacy 7 years ago

      LTD commodities has em for 6.95 each... i bought 2, one by front door, one by back door, not only does it stop my two dogs, but the pain in the butt dog across the yard has stopped also! THANK GOODNESS!

    • profile image

      Angie 7 years ago

      I have 3 dogs and I bought 2 bark offs and they do not work either. Also the battery does not last long. I just spend my money innecessarelly. My sister also bought two devices and none of them worked. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY A SCAM

    • profile image

      Mel 7 years ago

      I have four bark offs and they don't work for my dog

    • profile image

      kriss 7 years ago

      you can buy the product @ "showcase" if ur mall has one, its a store where you can buy all tv products. and bark off takes time, as it says on the instructions. it takes about a week, as it barks you disipline it by going up to his face and say "bad" and hit him on his head while holding it. it senses the bark off, its just a distraction. you have to train it while using the product, its not a magic tool that will just work. if u really want that ultra sound, download it. but it'd be a pain for the dogs ears. i got it for 29.99$ @ showcase and still bring it around, thing is.. u really don't kno if its on cuz theres no light, or if ur just training it well.

    • profile image

      Cat 7 years ago

      The battery to use is 9 volt, not AA, A C or any of the alpha batteries. It states the battery required right on the package.

      Anyway, this did not work on my Dog. Maybe it made her bark even more. I can't tell anymore because she barks all day long, day and night. No she is not left alone, ever. Good luck to you all.

    • profile image

      nancy 7 years ago

      it didn't work for me i had it now for 2 months she is still annoying me with a nonsense bark

    • profile image

      S.Patterson 7 years ago

      I bought one of this and it is a piece of junk. It does nothing and has positively no effect on my dog or the dog behind us. I have tried two different brands of new batteries and even plugged it in with A/C adapter. NOTHING. Do not waste your money.

    • profile image

      dee 7 years ago

      so everyone should go over to the site and put in bogus info in the credit card space and let their operators be busy for a while figuring out the card is bogus. let them have some worrysome things to deal with

    • profile image

      angryconsumer 7 years ago

      Yes this device may be useful to some, I too hear our neighbors dogs barking constantly and it is a noce thought that we could use a simple device to stop it, but thieves/burglars are using this thing to rob people. Just last night several homes in my neighborhood including my own were burglarized thousands of dollars worth of merchandise were stolen, several of us have dogs and our dogs all bark at noises and people outside our homes or in our yard, none of the dogs barked last night to alert any of us to what was happening. This device is only another helpful tool for thieves to use to help them get their job done!! well done bark off thanks a lot!!!

    • profile image

      barb obrien 7 years ago

      i bought bark off for my yappy dogs ,,,,,,it interfered with my cat meowing if i knew that i would never bought it

    • profile image

      Rachael 7 years ago

      I thought it didn't work at first either but then after a few barking spells, I noticed my dog wasn't barking as long anymore, and now he's down to only barking about twice before stopping. We don't mind a short alarm so we consider this a success! I think the product is worth a try for everyone, but just remember that every dog is different and will have different responses.

    • profile image

      joe from jersey 7 years ago

      I recently bought the bark-off and of course when i got it home and finally got the 9v battery the damn thing don't work at all.what a pos!!!!!!!!!!!!!now i lost the receipt and im stuck with a pos that don't work way to go barkoff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      john jurick 7 years ago

      I Think your product is a dud because I purchased 2 bark-offs in the last 3 mths. & neither one worked as you said.I've even bought numerous 9-volt batteries to make sure.I puchased your product thru CVS Pharmacy where you distribute them & I feel maybe they were faulty products.I have 3 small dogs that bark contiuosly for every little thing they hear or see & I thought you had the remedy. I guess not.

    • profile image

      Karlos 7 years ago

      Will it work on people with loud car stereos?

    • profile image

      Ken 7 years ago

      To Whom It May Concern;

      I bought 2 of the transmitters back in early September. I really do not believe it works. My dog still barks uncontrollably even with the 2 transmitters near each other ( both are on Hi intensity). I have replaced the batteries with new ones for the 2nd time to see if that was the problem. I hate to say it but I really think they are a piece of junk. The PetSmart bark collar does work but I am reluctant to use it on my dog. I am at a dilemma. How can I be assured the 2 transmitter are actually working; you cannot tell because you cannot hear any audible noise; there is no indicator of the unit to say it is even on.

      Please advise.

      Also, I sent a comment earlier on your website but obviously you only retain good comments. And the funniest thing of all you cannot get a hold of customer service ( return emails every time).

    • profile image

      Bre 7 years ago

      Bark Off really does work! My little dog loves to yap, and when I turn it on, he can hear it and is actually afraid of it. He retreats to hide in the corner. I have done research on this device, and it does not harm the dog. My dog is just afraid of EVERYTHING. But it works for him. :)) Hope this helps!

    • profile image

      Deb 7 years ago

      I bought the Bark Off collar a week ago at Wal Mart and can not see where it has changed my dogs barking habits at all. The issue is when I am at work, from what the neighbors have said she barks all the time when I am gone. Do have a shock collar for her but hate to use it so thought I would try the bark off but I think the two that I bought will go back to Wal Mart if I do not see any improvement in the next couple of days.

    • profile image

      Destiny 7 years ago

      It doesn't work. I have a yorkie and a maltsse and they still bark like crazy. I was really hoping for it to work. But it didn't.

    • profile image

      Liz 7 years ago

      They sell these at Walmart for $9.99 each. Saw the exact same ones today. Right by the check out.

    • profile image

      Bill 7 years ago

      Just more Chinese junk. Bought one from Publishers Clearing House. You could tape it to the dogs ear and it would not bother him a bit. You have no way of knowing if it is even on or the battery dead.

    • profile image

      Jens 7 years ago most of the didn't work for us. I have a mini schnauser and I think I could duct tape it to his head and it still wouldn't phase him. I want the shock collar, my 8 year old refuses...spraying him with water....he loves that! Like playing out in the pool/sprinklers with the kids.....this dog is driving me nuts....I was super hopeful with the bark off.....what a waste of 10 bucks!!

    • profile image

      Virginia 7 years ago

      My neighbor gave me one and I have to small dogs and it works great . but I have to have it on high for it to for it to work on them, And the you have to change the batteries often that the draw back for me,but I so glad she gave it to me. Because when I'm at work I didn't know my boys were that bad, Now their good boys thanks to my neighbor and her gift of the bark off. I will buy another.

    • profile image

      alyson 7 years ago

      If you're ok with getting a little junk mail, you can order bark off through publishers clearing house... and you only have to get 1, no extras, no hidden bonuses, and it is only 18.94.

      My dog seems to respond well to it but we only use it at night when he is kept in a separate room. We are expecting a baby soon and were worried about night time quiet and no other bark training was working, and this is. During the day we never have to use it.

      As far as the resulting junk mail you can always call and cancel any further mailings from Publisher's Clearing, they are pretty good about that.

      Hope this helps on the where to buy it front

    • profile image

      Kristye- Lee 7 years ago


      Bark Off hasn't worked so good for me. My dog barks and i have it right in the same room that she seems to bark in the most- the porch and it does nothing to shut her up- a good 20 bucks not well spent

    • profile image

      lou 7 years ago

      if you buy online use a visa gift card for the amount of your purchase, they cannot charge you any more than you want.

    • profile image

      becca 7 years ago

      LTD commodoties magazine sells them for $6.95 and shipping is not expensive.

    • profile image

      steven 7 years ago

      The bark off does not wotk AT ALL!!! I guess we need to realize that dogs bark and deal with it or get rid of the dog!

    • profile image

      Megan 7 years ago

      I picked this up at Target for $9.99 plus sales tax. Much better than buying online and having to wait and pay extra in shipping.

      It takes one 9-volt battery or a 6 volt ac-adapter.

      Tried it and I already have a dog that stopped growling and yapping! It was AWESOME.

    • profile image

      Robbie 7 years ago

      I picked this up at a store that sells "As Seen on TV" stuff. My dog usually only barks when she's on a leash walking and we encounter another dog. I tell her "no" and "good girl" and if she doesn't stop, I push the button and she stops immediately. Sometimes it isn't even necessary to use it....the "no" is enough.

    • MoRita profile image

      MoRita 7 years ago from IL

      I think you could probably get the same effect with one of those super-high-pitched dog whistles. They cost about $7 maybe?

      Blow hard when the dog barks. He hears it a lot, you not so much. He might stop barking before you run out of breath.

      Win-win situation, cuz no one pays Bark Off! :0)

    • profile image

      edye frizzell 7 years ago

      i bought one of these bark off i can not see how it works i have 2 dogs a yorkie/shitzu and bichon/shitzu i turned it on when they bark doesn't do a thing they still bark you cant even tell if its working i never paid much for it but it was a waste of money

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      What would happen if a burglar had the *bark off device and he would use it to silence a guard dog at a house or home?

    • Medical Alarms profile image

      Medical Alarms 7 years ago

      I don't which is a crazier product, the bark off or that new irenew energy bracelet.

    • profile image

      Jim R 7 years ago

      Bought at BB&Beyond. No complaints there.

      Installed the 9volt & turned it on then made the dog bark to see if it effected him. Sure enough he cocked his head, tilted it down & quit playing. It seems like maybe this works to well & now I have concerns with what kind of long term damage could this do. I was unable to find any information on how many decimals it puts out but judging by my Aussi Shepard reaction it may be a few. Anyone know of a site with info on this? After reading how the website that sells it is doing business I have to wonder what kind of product control safeguards there are in the manufacturing or if there was any type of studies done to determine safety for the animals.

    • profile image

      Phurtis 7 years ago

      I bought one bark off at Petco. It works by emitting a human-inaudible sound that annoys dogs. They hate the sound, so they stop barking and whimper a little. In 2-3 days, they learn that if they bark they will hear the sound, so no more barking nor whimpering. They will still bark in urgent situations such as when they need to go out urgently. It's also portable so you can talk it with you on a walk or other trip and decide when to use it. I actualy am looking for the AC connector for it to quit using batteries.

    • profile image

      chinqua 7 years ago

      I think this is a scam. I ordered one for $10 and was supposed to get a second one free. When the two arrived the invoice showed I was charged for one and one was free but at the very bottom, where it was totalled I was charged $20 plus the shipping charge. AND neither seems to work.

      I am not sure that the wires connected to the battery is even connected to anything at all. There is no light, or anything to indicate they work. They do absolutely nothing (using new batteries which were just purchased) and double checked to make sure batteries were connected correctly. Waste of money.

    • profile image

      Keith 7 years ago

      WalMart 10.00 This thing is GREAT! My Yorky has the sharpest bark I have ever heard. He barks at everything.

      We turned this Bark Off on and within 2 Hours he has not barked in the house again. He will jump and make a noise but it's not a bark. This thing is Fabulous! BUT my other dog is a lasa opso and he will still bark but his bark is not the problem. What more can I say it works for us.

    • profile image

      Terri 7 years ago

      I would have saved myself a LOT of trouble if I had read this blog before going to the Bark off website! Like many, I purchased what I thought was the buy one and get one free. They didn't let me review the order and I was charged $58. AAHHHH! I have blocked my credit card and have to wait for the order to be processed before I can try to cancel. Someone called to verify the order and I couldn't understand a word he said because of his heavy accent. I bought one at Bed and Bath and it doesn't work...there's no power to it. Yes, I put in the battery. I may be assuming incorrectly that there should be a light of some sort come on when you turn it on? Doesnt' phase the dogs anyway. Will take it back and try another one before leaving the store.

      Mary,I tried the squirt bottle and it does not work. I've had better luck with the hose!

    • profile image

      Mary 7 years ago

      What a waste of $9.99 (Target). It hurts my daughter and my ears but no reaction from my 4 dogs. Gave it to my neighbor...same results with her 2 dogs. Bought a $2.99 squirt bottle, filled it with water, and one squirt stops them from barking. Now all I have to go is reach for the bottle and they stop.

    • profile image

      Ann 7 years ago

      The web site is set up so u cannot review your order, so i was charged for 4, finally got removed the extra ones i did not want, this web site seems set up to get you!!!!!!This product does not work either, bogus! Dont order it, waste of money, im going to try to send it back for a refund but sure it will probabbly cost me in the long run. I plan to file a complant with BBB.

    • profile image

      erica 7 years ago

      Stops our 2 labs from barking at rabbits and people at the door (continuous barking).

      My only problem is I found out by accident that I can hear it too. My husband cannot, but I sure can.

    • profile image

      act 7 years ago

      for all you people looking, go to bed bath and beyond's web site type in (as seen on T.V.) you will find bark off in there stores!!!!!$9.99 and make sure you buy a (9 volt) battery.

    • profile image

      Teresa 7 years ago

      Doesn't it take a 9 volt?

    • profile image

      william 7 years ago

      this product sucks

      try to get your money back and see what happens

    • profile image

      Teri 7 years ago

      Ijust received mine in the mail and am trying to figure out the battery issue. I've tried AA and AAA and neither one worked......any suggestions?

    • profile image

      Katie 7 years ago

      I had never heard of this product before buying it at Target tonight. I have a black lab and a wire haired pointing griffon. The black lab has amazing hearing and barks at every little sound outside when he is in the house. Very annoying. I turned it on and when a neighbor slammed his car door both dogs started barking. The lab definitely heard the noise that the device made and his ears perked up and he jumped away from it like he was startled. He stopped barking but my Griffon barked more. I think this may work with a little training. It's not a magic wand that you can wave to fix the problem. Some dogs with more sensative hearing will respond and some won't be bothered. One concern that I have is whether it is bothering my cats. One of my cats was in the same room when the dogs started barking. I looked at her and she didn't seem to react but as my griffon contineued to bark she seemed annoyed and left the room. Was it his barking that annoyed her or the device. I have no idea. It was only 10.00 at Target so I will stick with it to see how it works.

    • profile image

      KMD, vet tech 8 yrs 7 years ago

      I have just bought one of these since when we leave the house my dog barks non stop! I didn't order mine online. Wal-mart is now selling them in their as seen on tv section my walmart has this located in the front of the store near all the registers. all i have to say is the best 10 dollars i have ever spent. we keep it on during the day when were not home. neighbors haven't heard any barking. when we get home we turn it off. and when he hears a noise he just whimpers a little bit no barking! i would say the only draw back and the reason we leave it on when were not home is because more then just dog barks can set it off... phone ringing loud tv noises. but when were not home the house is quiet. great for people that have cell phones that they take with them and have a queit house during the times the dog is most likley to bark. but i also agree this is a training device and some dogs will get it right of the bat that when they bark it goes off other dogs need a little work

    • profile image

      sadie smith 7 years ago

      bought 2 at walmart..cant get either one to work. bought new batteries and still my dog barks....i thought spot on the side of unit would let me know that is is working but no light. so my dog still barks and either she is deaf or the units don't work....would not recommend. too hard for a human to figure out !!

    • profile image

      marie arnold 7 years ago

      We bought Bark Off yest at Walmart. We have four yappy dogs. At this point, I see no affect. We know it is working as a couple of family members can hear the high pitched sound when closely listening to the device.

    • profile image

      Cajun 7 years ago

      I got Bark Off for my dog and so dissapointed. My dog almost went into a seizure and has sprained her back paw Have had to take her to the vet twice and now she needs exrays all that is an expense will put up with her barking rather see her in all this pain

    • profile image

      raindancer animal rescue 7 years ago

      I just called the Walmart in Saline Michigan and they have them there for $9.98 in the "as seen on T.V." aisle. I am going to stop by there and buy one and see how it works on the rescue dogs I have. Will update you in a few days. If it does not work I can return it since it is at a real store.

    • profile image

      agnes 7 years ago

      you can buy bark off at walmart, $9.99

    • rgarnett profile image

      Rachael Fields 7 years ago from KC, MO

      I bought the BarkOff a few months ago, and really, my dog still barks when there are people at the door or when there are noises outside. I think it will be necessary to use with training. But really, how do you know its working? Its not like we, as humans, can hear the sound. So its very possible we all just bought plastic boxes with a cool logo on it. :P

    • profile image

      My Beagles Bark Too 7 years ago

      I just bought the Bark Off on eBay, and some other sonic type collar. I bought the static barking collars and they worked for a while. Now the dog just barks through the "shock". Her back leg lifts up and shakes every she barks. I am assuming the collar works, but she has learned not to let it bother her. I am hoping that the bark off or the sonic bark collars I bought will work.

    • profile image

      stevi 7 years ago

      bark off hurts my ears me and my sister can hear it its like a scratching a chalk board

      I DO NOT LIKE IT....................

    • profile image

      Lovethatdog 7 years ago

      I just bought one at Target. I live in Chicago so I am sure you could find it online at Target and not have o0rdering problems. It does seem to work except when my boyfriend plays video games which makes the device sound like static.

    • profile image

      desert dog 7 years ago

      Don't waste your money. Not only did it not work but I ordera and adaptor for mine and they never shipped it.

    • profile image

      torrez79 7 years ago

      I ordered this product with no issues at all but I was super careful that I read all the small print and other offers - they do try to trick you into ordering other stuff and the website isn't very clear so it is easy to get confused. Anyway, I paid around $23 for two bark-offs and they arrived about a week and a half later - no issues.

      BUT.....they don't work. They are what you pay for them, cheap! It says to give it at least a week for the dog to get use to the association of their barking with the ultra-sonic noise it makes thats suppose to stop them from barking but it doesn't. I have a Pitt/Lab mix who usually only barks when our neighbour's dogs bark but this product hasn't worked on my dog or the neighbour's dogs.

      So save your money, the only way to stop your dog from barking excessively, is to put the effort in and train it not to.

    • profile image

      claudia 8 years ago

      I just found a "Bark Off" at my local HEB in Copperas Cove, Texas ... $9.97 plus tax... and didn't have to pay shipping or wait 3-6 weeks as listed on the "BARK OFF" site.... came home put the 9 volt battery in ... gave it to my granddaughter who has been visiting and my dogs have barking at her non-stop... WOW... silence is nice.. just hoping that when they see her they understand that they will get that high pitch sound ... go off.. and YES... if you hold the device to your ear... it will put out a very, very high pitch scream.....

    • profile image

      Dawn 8 years ago

      I just bought a bark off from walgreens for 10

      dollars, it didn't do a thing for my dog.

      still barks non stop....don't buy one!!

    • profile image

      Ed 8 years ago

      @ Benay......thank you for your post... I ran out to our WalMart, and sure enough, then had them in that section !.. Just this afternoon I was looking in WalMarts pet supply and all they had there was the shock collars for $40.... thanks again..

    • profile image

      Benay 8 years ago

      I bought one for the neighbors barking dogs! AND it does work! AND I bought it at Wal-Mart in the section that sells all the items you find from infomercials!

    • profile image

      Michael 8 years ago

      I’ve got 2 Schnauzers a Mini and a Toy. This doesn’t even make their ears perk up like something is different. I’ve positioned it right where they tend to bark and to no avail. THIS DOES NOT WORK. SAVE YOUR MONEY

    • profile image

      DOGLOVER 8 years ago


    • profile image

      Dee Cline 8 years ago

      People, WAKE UP! If this actually worked everyone would have one, and we'd see them everywhere. Don't believe everything you read and see on TV. It's right up there with the magic wrinkle and cellulite creams, hair re-growing topical solutions, and diet pills.

      Follow your instinct, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    • profile image

      targuijio 8 years ago

      You can get it at Walmart now

    • traininglabs profile image

      traininglabs 8 years ago

      "The Bark-Off teaches your dog the difference between nuisance barking and barking that protects." Don't mean to sound a bit cynical, but exactly how does a device of this nature manage that?

    • profile image

      Edward R. 8 years ago

      So I'm intrigued. Anyone know the range of bark off outside?

    • profile image

      ted buggins 8 years ago

      i cant believe anyone selling a product to dog owners are such complete jerks to show a commercial with dogs constantly barking, making dogs at home bark. i would never buy a product from such a jerk off company. jerks, stop showing a bunch of dogs barking.

    • profile image

      Dan 8 years ago

      This is not a bogus review! We have two yippy mixed-breeds. As soon as I turned it on, and the dogs started their annoying barking, they suddenly went quiet with their ears perked up. This was repeated every time they took it upon themselves to bark. The only thing about their claims that is not true is than it is inaudible to the human ear. Everyone in our home, except me, can hear it when it's triggered. I was skeptical but now am amazed. Thank you for a product that works, at least on our dogs!

    • profile image

      Dana 8 years ago

      I'm not entirely thrilled with the way bark off is being sold but the technology seems to be moving in the right direction. It will stop a lot of dogs from barking, including mine. But some people have not had such good luck. I'm thankful for my case, that's for sure

    • Seen On TV profile image

      Seen On TV 8 years ago

      Hi Jerry Anderson,

      I'm not exactly sure who you are but I don't have any testimonials on my Bark Off hub so I can't help you. Maybe a little more info would help

    • profile image

      jerry anderson 8 years ago

      you used my name in your testimonials, i did not authorize the use of my name.for any purpose,take it off or i will sue.

    • profile image

      renee 8 years ago

      Thanks for the tip about Bed Bath and Beyond carrying it. I just called and they do have it for $9.99. Seems much better to buy it from a reputable store, less headache!

    • profile image

      MomofMollyBellaandRufus 8 years ago

      I ordered three Bark Offs for $30 and then got a whopping $62.77 charge. $27.96 shipping for three lightweight boxes! I called to complain and they actually gave me $10 off - I should have pushed for more. Now in my third day, two of the dogs are barking less but the third is unfazed (Jack Russel mix - she is not deaf) and the others don't seem bothered by any sound when she barks. Puzzling. I'll wait a couple of days - I called again to complain and after about 15 minutes the guy said it takes about a week (counter-intuitive)but did give me a "return authorization number"... scam? I'll let you know...

    • profile image

      Sandy 8 years ago

      I got my bark off about 4 days ago, so far no results, my dogs act like it is not even there. The paperwork states to be patient, so I will give it some time. I agree with Nancy there is no light so you wonder if it is even working. Probably got ripped off. Thought I would try it for when we go camping.

    • profile image

      Jack 8 years ago

      Just got My bark-Off...$23.98 for 1 plus 1 free Plus shipping for both Took about 3 weeks total to receive...I just clicked the button once and all worked out well......I installed a 9 Volt battery in each as instructed will test it out secretly when I go for a walk in my neighbor tonight...and when I visit my mom and her Yappy poodle....mooohahahah....hope it works.... :)

    • profile image

      Sandi 8 years ago

      Bought it at Boscov's for $10. Return guaranteed. At first I was puzzled because the darn dogs wouldn't bark so I could see if it would work. Then I realized that it seems to emit a warning sign when its on and actually keeps them from barking after a time or two. I don't know if they'll get used to it or if it will work outside, but for right now I would have paid $50 for this thing.

    • profile image

      Jane 8 years ago

      Bed bath & beyond is now carrying bark off for $9.99. I have two crazy yappy dogs and have spent a small fortune on trainers who were unable to help. 10 bucks is low risk. Will post results

    • profile image

      SLOANER 8 years ago

      I agree with almost every post submitted. I also ended up order 4 items when I only wanted the one plus one free. I also gelt I was being held hostage as I was offered multiple other items. I was able to cancel my original order and finally reordered the original one + one free. It took so long to receive my order that I had forgotten that I had ordered it. Since the shipping cost is so high, there is actually no freebie! Just train your pup and forget this company. RIP-OFF!

    • profile image

      Rose 8 years ago

      haven't tried it yet,but after 4 weeks of back orders it says it's finally on it's way. My husband only wanted to purchase one. it says buy one get the other free just pay for shipping and handling.. our order was 49 dollars.. can someone tell me how that is free? more like b/s advertising. Let's see if it really works. i'll let you know


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