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Basic Dog Training Commands You Should Know

Updated on February 2, 2018
Basic Dog Training Commands
Basic Dog Training Commands

Having an obedient dog can definitely make a pet owner's life easier, however, a trained dog is definitely better. For instance, if your dog is familiar with the basic dog training commands, then it could be quite helpful when you have to deal with behavioral problems, since you'll have the confidence that he would be listening to you.

For starters, it's important to familiarize oneself with the basic dog obedience training tips first.

That said, here are some of the essential dog training tips to get you started.


“Sit!” is one of the simplest and easiest dog training commands to teach your dog.

How To:
1. Get your dog's favorite treat and hold it close to his nose.
2. Move your hand, while his head follows your hand. This would make your dog lower his bottom as he focuses on the treat.
3. Once he's in a sitting position, then this would be your cue to say “Sit!” Reward him the treat and say, “Good boy.”


This is another way to train your dog. This command is also a great way to ensure that your dog would be kept out of danger, especially whenever you accidentally left the front door open or lost the grip on his leash.

How To:
1. Put a collar on your dog.
2. Go down to his level and call him by his name, as you do, gently pat his head and clip on the leash.
3. After doing that, reward your dog with a treat.


Truth be told, this can be one of the most difficult dog training commands to teach your dog. Why? Basically, it can be a little frustrating to put your dog into submission. However, if you can make your dog feel relaxed during training, then you can easily have him perform this command.

How To:
1. To train your dog, look for a treat that would surely capture his attention.
2. Hold it close to his nose, and slowly move it down to the floor so he follows. After that, slide your hand along the ground. This would encourage your dog to lower his body as well.
3. Once he's in the down position, say DOWN! And reward him the treat.

This should be repeated every day to train your dog.


Before you can proceed with this one, it's very important that your dog has already mastered the sit command. One of the goals of dog obedience training tips is to ensure that your pup would know when to behave.

How To:
1. Command your dog to sit; open your palm and command him to Stay.
2. Take a few steps back and if he doesn't move, give him a treat.

The good thing about this command is that it also encourages self control. Although it would probably take a little while for your dog to fully master this trick, don't get discouraged while you train your dog.

5-Leave it

This would teach your dog that he can get something better if he'll learn to ignore one item.

How To:
1. Show him a treat and enclose your fist while saying leave it.
2. This would make your dog sniff, bark, mouth, or lick asking you to give him the treat. Ignore these actions.
3. Once he stops, give him the treat on the other hand.

Dog obedience
Dog obedience

Final words...

The key is, you shouldn't be rushing the process of dog training. Dog training commands require ample time before your dog could even perfect it.

Just follow these simple dog training commands patiently and bear in mind that most dog obedience training tips aren't something that can be learned right away. However, with the right mindset and patience, your dog will eventually learn them.


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