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Basic Necessities for your Adorable Cats

Updated on November 1, 2016

Cats are really cute creatures to be added to our pets at home. Aside from their ability to catch mice, they can also be adorable companies to talk and cuddle with when you are alone. I always loved their eyes and hated their claws. They are two different body parts of these feline that are totally opposite. Their eyes are angelic and are very nice to look at while their claws are monstrous it can hurt you when touched. It also can destroy equipments inside the house. If you are having a problem with their claws though, you might want to try this also helpful cat necessity called the cat scratcher. Check out the list of the basic cat necessities you might want to consider buying below.

Cats also have basic needs.
Cats also have basic needs.

Cat Scratcher - This is the best solution to cat scratches on walls, tables, chairs, and other furniture. Cats do love to scratch because they need to sharpen their claws. It is how they groom them so that they can easily catch their prey. To avoid having unwanted cat scratches, consider buying a cardboard cat scratcher or scratching posts for your feline. There are different styles of cat scratcher. Some come in a form of cat toys, others as cat loungers or cat beds and others in a form of scratching posts. A sample of cat loungers with scratchers can be viewed and purchased online through Feline Be Mine’s Amazon store. This is an ideal pick for its durable cardboard creation which has a multipurpose as a lounger, toy and scratcher in one. It can also be availed at a very low price. Other common cat scratchers are in a form of vertical posts which can also serve as an attention grabber away from furniture inside the house.

Potty Box – Another problem with cats is their poop. They poop almost anywhere inside the house but with proper training and equipment, they can grow up disciplined. To train them easier, you can provide them with a potty box depending on your budget. Potty boxes can come in forms of plastic or metal. It will take a lot of time to train your cats to use the box but will be worth the effort once done successfully.

Here's a trained cat using the potty box or litter box.
Here's a trained cat using the potty box or litter box.

Cat Bed – Cats need comfort when taking naps and sleeps. They intend to go to corners with warm temperatures because it is what makes them more comfortable. If you love your cats, you would probably do not want them crying in the night because they can’t sleep or because they are being bothered by insects. Buy a cat bed that will give your cat enough comfort and is also easier for you to wash and maintain.

Food Bowl – Of course, they will definitely need a bowl for food and water. When buying a bowl for your cats, check for the materials. It is best recommended to have something made out of stainless steel because it can be sterilized. Plastic bowls are not recommended because of its smell that might lose your cat’s appetite.

Food bowls can also come in compartments for water and food separately.
Food bowls can also come in compartments for water and food separately.

Grooming Tools – These are still a necessity if you want your cat to look cute all the time. You may need a slicker brush, comb, and hair shedders to clean loose hairs before it will create a matt.


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