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Basilisk Lizard Care Sheet And More

Updated on November 7, 2011
The Basilisk Lizard Is Another Of The Exotic Reptiles That Has Got Loose And Is Now Breeding And Raising In Florida.
The Basilisk Lizard Is Another Of The Exotic Reptiles That Has Got Loose And Is Now Breeding And Raising In Florida.

Basilisk Lizard Care Sheet And Information

The Basilisk Lizard has a unique ability that will have you wondering how in the world does this lizard do this. You see the Basilisk Lizard has webbed feet and it can actually run or walk on water for about 15 feet and the Basilisk Lizard is also known as the Jesus Lizard for this unique and unusual ability. If you've never seen this lizard run on water you should see it because it is quite a site to see. But when the Lizard gets tired of running on water it falls forward onto all four feet and it can stay under water for as long as thirty minutes at a time.

Originally the lizard occurred in Central and South America and it is found from southern Mexico to Ecuador to Venezuela. A few years ago the lizards escaped from the per trade in Florida and they are now found in several locations in Florida but especially along the St Lucie River. In the northern parts of its Florida territory it buries down into leafs in the wintertime and it is almost for sure that the Lizard will continue to spread over more of Florida.

When the Basilisk Lizard detects danger it dives under the water and it can swim extremely fast under the water. It also has the ability to burrow rather quickly down into sand and it has muscles around its nostrils that will close its nose off to prevent sand from getting in. Believe it or not but this lizard can dig down through the sand faster than you can dig with a shovel.

Video Of The Jesus Lizard. Have You Ever Seen This Lizard Before? Post A Comment Below.

The Basilisk Lizard is an omnivore and it will eat insects like crickets, meal worms, roaches, and earthworms and it will also eat vegetables and fruit. The Basilisk Lizard will do best with 12 hours of dark and 12 hours of light. You don't want to keep over one of these lizards in an enclosure under 55 gallons. And really it should have a larger enclosure with some type of automatic misting going on because this lizard needs a lot of humidity. The lizard loves water and you really need to provide your lizard with a large pool of water to swim and play in.

The Basilisk Lizard will fight if it is confined with other lizards and if you want to keep a pair of these lizards they need a really large container and the enclosure needs to be kept warm with the temperature averaging 85 degrees in the day time and 70 degrees at night. The lizard needs a basking spot at 95 degrees and you need to set up your enclosure so that your lizard or lizards can not touch the lights in any way.The lizard needs broad spectrum UV lighting and it should be on for the full 12 hours that your lizards enclosure is lighted.

Keep in mind that the Basilisk Lizard loves to bathe a lot and its important that your lizard has regular clean water. Ideally you should have a large pool of water that goes through a filtration system to keep the water filtered and clean. One of the best ways to keep your Basilisk Lizard happy is to provide it with plenty of clean fresh water.

Keep in mind that one of these lizards will be around 2 1/2 feet long when it is grown and if you want your lizard to be tame you're going to have to spend a lot of time with the lizard. The lizard really does not like to be handled and it will most likely try to run away from you if it can at all. Use care when you open the door to this lizards cage because it can escape very easily and it can be quite fast. If it gets outside you're not likely to catch it back.

If you buy one of these lizards at a pet shop be sure that it is healthy. You want to check the lizard over carefully for damage to its body. And you want to look for bruises around its mouth or on its head. Don't buy a lizard with damage because you may end up with problems you can't handle.

Your lizard enclosure should be as tall as possible with plants and branches for your lizard to crawl on. The Basilisk Lizard will not make a great first lizard for someone wanting to keep a lizard. You would be a lot better off going with a Anole or an Iguana. Be sure that you do your own independent research about any exotic reptile or lizard you plan on keeping and be sure you know and understand exactly what type of care your new pet will need.

One reason that there is now a wild population of the Basilisk Lizards in Florida is that people keeping the lizard just couldn't deal with the large aggressive Basilisk Lizards and probably turned them loose. Please don't turn exotic reptiles loose. If you find yourself with a lizard you can't deal with please turn it over to the authorities in your area or a local zoo. Please don't just turn it loose.

If you have questions about the Basilisk Lizard feel free to ask them below. If you have comments or tips please post them now. And before you obtain any exotic pet of any type please do research to see what you're getting into. Thanks for reading my Hub Page. I appreciate you being here.

Please Post Your Comments Now About The Basilisk Lizard. And Thanks For Reading.

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      6 years ago

      My Female Basilisk Lizard is doingthis.digging. thing. What foes that mean?


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