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Bearded Dragon Pet Care

Updated on December 17, 2013
regular bearded dragon
regular bearded dragon

I am a first time bearded dragon owner, and this is what to do if you want to get a new bearded dragon and most can be used for other reptiles not just beaded dragons.

How to know you have the right equipment:First you have to make sure that you have all the right equipment for a bearded dragon. You should start out with a 20-30 gallon tank if you've got a baby bearded dragon or are expecting to get a baby bearded dragon. But if you have or are expecting to get a one year old or older bearded dragon you might want to get a 40, 50, or 75 gallon tank. personally I would recommend getting a 40 gallon tank even if its not a reptile tank a 40 gallon tank will work perfectly fine, but if you would want a bigger one like me you should just forget the 50 gallon and get the 75. And it would be a good idea to get a 75 gallon tank if you have two or more. Then you should get some lights for the tank. You'll need a cold side and a warm side of the tank so your dragon wont always be to hot or to cold. You also will need a thermometer, any kind would work and you will need a humidity thermometer. You obviously would want to get a food bowl, you would need two, one for live food and the other for veggies and fruits. And a big water bowl.

How to set up the tank correctly: First you would need a carpet mat. I would go to a pet store that sells reptile mats. Its fine to use sand but it's a big pain to clean and it stinks most of the time. if you can't find a reptile mat just go to a fabric store and get some pet friendly material. Next you need a reptile tree branch that most pet stores have, it has to be large enough to get you dragon close enough to the light to get it warm but not to close or your dragon could burn itself. Then you need to have some hide boxes or branches so they can hide and sleep under them in the day time. Then if you want you could put a plant ( one that would live in there natural habitat ) in there for your dragon to perch on and its ok if they take a bit out of it once in a while, and if you do get a plant I would suggest a jade plant dragons love them.

How to choose your first bearded dragon: I Know that most people would want a baby dragon and I Know because I wanted a baby bearded but it is a lot harder than you may think, you have to feed it every four hours. and you wont be able to pick them up because they are so fragile (the only reason pet stores will let you hold them is because they just want you to buy it and let you deal with it) so you would probably would want a one year old dragon. now that you know what age to get your dragon you have to pick what type and personality you want you dragon to have. make sure the personality isn't lazy and scared. chose a friendly one that's alarm, awake, and active because if they aren't they might have something wrong with them. and another personality type you have to watch out for is nastiness. if they are really feisty and mean don't have them as a pet because they most likely will stay like that. bearded dragons aren't naturally mean they usually are loving and fun when around humans. so if you want to find one soon find out if your local pet store pet store has bearded dragons if it does... go to the pet store and go to the reptile area and pick out the one that you think is best for you, your personality, and the one that looks how you want it to look. ask an employee if you can hold the one that you want and see if its personality is the right one for you, if its not hold a different one and hopefully there will be a one year old dragon that suits you. if your local store doesn't have dragons... go to one of the most popular pet stores like Petco and Petsmart there will certainly be dragons but there are not always one year olds and if there isn't a one year old dragon there are probably some one year old there has

most of the stuff in this hub you have to buy, unless you already have it. but good places to get most of it are places like petco and petsmart. they are good sources for animal stuff.

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Mood: the way to tell if your bearded dragon is happy or sad is by its colors, if the dragon is white it is happy, if the dragon is brown it is annoyed, if the dragon is black it is really mad and don't touch it when its black you might get bit

Colors: bearded dragons can be many colors and I am going to tell you how many they come in. here are the most common colors... green, tan, yellow, and red. here are some other common, yellow, orange, lemon fire, blood red, sand fire, sand fire red, sand fire gold, gold, citrus tiger, white, albino, citrus, and tangerine. here are the rarest colors that can only happen with special breeding... blue, purple, and black.

This hub has come from the information i learned about my own bearded dragon a year ago when i was 11. So if you would please comment this I would greatly appreciate it. THANKS!!!

Hope You Enjoyed :)


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    • cool2s profile image

      Sevi 4 years ago from Kewaskum, WI

      hi kashmir56 thank you for liking my hub my own dragon inspired me to write it

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 4 years ago from Massachusetts

      Great hub and very interesting and useful information to help anyone interested in getting a pet like a bearded dragon . Well done !