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Best Anti-Itch products for Dogs

Updated on June 21, 2015

After Bath Time

Dude...Your Dog Needs a Bath Oatmeal Almond Pet Shampoo

This all natural oatmeal shampoo made by the Sunshine Jack General Store is great for dry skin. The Dude...Your Dog Needs a Bath Oatmeal Almond Pet Shampoo comes in a 16 oz bottle. This shampoo is a gently oatmeal shampoo with almond oil, Aloe Vera and vitamins A, D & E. This shampoo is specifically formulated in order to provide the maximum relief to itchy skin; it does this through soothing and moisturizing the dog's skin. As with all of Sunshine Jack's pet care products this shampoo is made with only high quality botanical ingredients that are non-toxic, detergent free, and that can be used safely with topical flea treatments. Sunshine Jack is entirely eco-friendly and cruelty- free.

I just tried the Dude...Your Dog Needs a Bath Oatmeal Almond Pet Shampoo on my female Shepard mix for the first time today. I was surprised that when I opened the shampoo bottle I was NOT assaulted by an overpowering scent of oatmeal; instead it was a gentle scent that was barley there. This was a nice change from the normal oatmeal shampoos. The bottle was easy to open and the instructions were clearly printed on the side of the bottle. The shampoo was a nice consistency and there was not a lot of lather (which is consistent with a high quality shampoo). The only downside to this shampoo is that I did need to use a bit more of the shampoo than I normally would. I will update in three days as too how well it works towards reliving my dog's itchiness.

Three Days Later:

I bathed my dog with the Dude...Your Dog Needs a Bath Oatmeal Almond Pet Shampoo three days ago. Since her bath she has stopped itching entirely; she is not biting her paws raw, scratching herself up, or waking me up with her itching in the middle of the night. In addition to dealing with her itching it has also made her coat shine. Her fur used to be very coarse, but this shampoo has softened it, made it shine, and eliminated her overly doggy smell (from her sweat).

From 4:00 pm 6/9/15-6/23/15

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Coupon code: MYDEAL10

Nature's Perfect Pets Oatmeal Dog Shampoo with Probiotics

Nature's Perfect Pets Oatmeal Dog Shampoo with Probiotics comes in a 12 oz bottle. This shampoo is 100% all natural and it can be used for dogs, horses, and even humans to restore fur/skin, neutralize bad odors, cools hot spots, treats dry itchy fur/skin. This shampoo is designed to be gentle on the skin and thus is safe for pets that suffer from allergies and allergic reactions to chemicals. Nature's Perfect Pets Oatmeal Dog Shampoo is made with probiotics; the probiotics are good bacteria that live in the dog's digestive tract. Probiotics can aid your dog's digestion,strengthen their immune system through inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria, prevent urinary tract infections, and reduce your dog's allergic reactions.

This shampoo was a bit different from all the anti itch shampoos I have tried. Unlike other shampoos its consistency is much more liquid like it is not at all thick. It also has a very unique scent that comes from a combinations of natural oils. When I used it on my male Shepard mix I found that it had a great lather and I only needed to use a quarter size amount of shampoo for each area on my dog. I ended up using a bit more than the recommended amount, but it worked great. After I finished washing and drying my dog I noticed that a pleasant peppermint scent surrounded my dog. It was a nice alternative to the many shampoos that do not leave behind any scent at all. I will update about the level of itchiness in three days.

Three Days Later:

It has been three days since I bathed my dog and while the peppermint scent has dissipated its other effects have not. Since bathing my dog with the Nature's Perfect Pets Oatmeal Dog Shampoo with Probiotics I have not noticed him itching at all. I have also discovered that his fur is so much softer since using the shampoo. Overall the only complaint I have about this shampoo is its thinness because it made it difficult to only get a quarter size amount on my dog besides that minor complaint the shampoo was perfect. It did exactly what it said it would and I loved the peppermint scent.

Pro-Sense Oatmeal Shampoo, Vanilla Scent

While this shampoo is not specifically listed as an anti-itch shampoo for dogs it does have the major ingredient of an anti-itch shampoo, oatmeal and chamomile! Oatmeal is an age-old remedy for itching, inflamed skin. Oatmeal has been known to brings immediate relief to irritated area. A double-blind study discovered that chamomile is 60 percent as effective as hydro-cortisone cream when applied on the skin. Chamomile is most effective for skin irritations and itches involving rashes and bug bites though it can have a soothing effect on an itch.

This shampoo did not cause any of my dogs to stop itching completely, but it did help sooth their skin. Besides soothing their skin this shampoo also made their fur coats shine and it helped eliminate the overtly doggy smell. Unfortunately while the shampoo does its job of odor elimination perfectly it lacks the vanilla scent. If the bottle did not say vanilla on it I never would have considered the fact that there was a slight vanilla undertone to it the primary scent is oatmeal.

After Ear Cleaning

EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner

EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner is sold on Amazon by Vet Organics. EcoEars is specifically meant to help treat acute and chronic odor and discharge a dog's external ear that is caused by bacterial, fungal and yeast infections. The product comes in a bottle that contains 8 ounces of the ear cleaning infection formula. This ear cleaner offers immediate itch relief for dogs and it clears the itch, smell, and gunk from a dog's ear in 2-3 days. Unlike other ear cleaners EcoEars contains only natural ingredients like Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary Extract and it does not have any pharmaceuticals or antibiotics, cortisone or steroids, nor enzymes.

Prior to using EcoEars on my dog the only ear cleaner I had ever used was the one that my vet prescribed to my dog. I was glad to find a less expensive alternative in EcoEars that did not force me to go to the vet; this ear cleaner is only $24.95. My dog is a Shepard mix that suffers from summer allergies. During the summer months his ears get gunky, they start to smell, and they begin to itch constantly. EcoEars works just as well as the ear wash my vet prescribed to my dog.

The instructions for how to use EcoEars are printed right on the bottle. The steps are in plain English and are easy to understand. I eventually had to give up trying to get my dog to lie down so that I could pour the ear cleaner into his ear. Instead I followed the advice my vet gave me which was to put my dog in a sit, stand so that my legs are on both sides of him, tilts his head, pour the ear cleaner in, and then quickly pull his ear over his ear canal and massage the area. After using this ear cleaner my dog's ears immediately smelled better; this cleaner leaves behind a deodorizing smell and a clean ear. My only regret with the product is the cap on the bottle it is more like a shampoo cap than an eye dropper so aiming the product in his ear took a little bit of practice. Overall I would definitely purchase this product in the future for my dog.

Three Days Later:

Three days after I used the ear cleaner on my dog his ears are still looking clean. Since I have been using this ear cleaner I have noticed that my dog has not been scratching at his ears at all. Overall I am very pleased that this product helped my dog feel better and saved me a trip to the vet.


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    • oliversmum profile image

      oliversmum 2 years ago from australia

      misty 103 Hi. We do bath our "Oliver" in Oatmeal Shampoo, but it does not have all the same ingredients in it, will try to get this particular brand here,or may have to try on internet. Thank you for all this information. Thumbs Up and very useful. :) :)