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Best Correction Technique For Dogs : Ignore Them

Updated on December 10, 2009
I may appear very cute, But your dog may knock you down.
I may appear very cute, But your dog may knock you down.

Ya, You read correct. Ignoring your dogs bad behavior is the Best way of correcting it. In this Blog I will present some of my experiences with dogs where I corrected some behavioral problems in them simply by ignoring them.

Have you a dog who is almost flying with all his 4 feet in air when you or any guest enters your home. Ya even I did. Or do you have a dog who will fetch a ball but will go back to his dwelling instead of giving it back to you. All these problems are easily corrected by Ignoring.

Here's how. Lets imagine a scene. You have 2 bags full of shopping you just did for the weekend. You have just entered you home. Your Phone is ringing. And the best part your dog is trying to reach you at eye level. Thats really a Photo moment. Naturally you try to calm your dog down. Right?

No, Its 100% wrong. By doing this you are indirectly teaching your dog that every time he want attention from you or anyone else he must jump on his fours. So what should you do. Just IGNORE your dog. Keep on with your tasks. Place your shopping in cupboard, pick the phone talk to the other person. AND DON'T MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH HIM. He will be surprised and you will be amazed. Once he is flat after all his aerobic session and is quiet. Go to him and simply pat him. Continue this for another week or so. This will solve your problem. It solved mine.

Also same rule applies for strangers. Any guests thinks first thing to do when they see your dog is to pat him and play with him. No, this again will encourage dogs to become erratic and hyper when anyone comes. Tell them to ignore the presence of dog completely and carry on. This may sound a bit strange but very soon your dog will learn not to create scene when a guest enters.

Similarly you can correct many of Dog' Erratic behavior by using this simple "Ignore" tip.

Have fun.

Keep looking. Many hubs boiling in my mind.


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    • profile image

      jojo 7 years ago

      Ignorance will work in some points but may be worst in other cases. For example a dog that has Obsessive Compulsive Trouble will never behave better by ignoring its bad behavior..... Ignorance is not the key for all undesirable behaviors.


      certified Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor & Behavior consultant.