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Best Dog Frisbees

Updated on July 10, 2012

If you've got a dog who loves to play frisbee, you owe it to him to buy a soft, safe, sturdy and durable disc. In the old days, people used to just toss Fido whatever was out in the shed. This seemed perfectly ok since Fido was happy to retrieve it time and time again. Trouble was, Fido didn't know his own strength -- or the frisbee's -- which could easily lead to chipped teeth and bloody gums by the end of the game.

Nowadays we have some really top quality frisbees available for dogs. They're lightweight (but still sail quite a distance), highly durable (2 year guarantees in some cases), and a soft, easy catch. Think "nerf" -- but better. Not only will your dog love these frisbees, he'll also be able to pick them up from the ground much more easily, thanks to the frisbee design.

Rogz RFO Flyer

My personal favorite. I swear by this product. As you can see, there are 3 holes in the frisbee itself. This makes it extremely easy for your dog to pick up from the ground. The material is squeezable, but still durable, foam. It makes for a very soft catch. And it floats, too.

If you live in the UK or Europe, you're familiar with the very high quality company Rogz for Dogz, and you can find this frisbee in most shops. If you live in the USA, it seems as though it's now possible to buy this awesomely spongy frisbee from!

Triple Crown Easy Glider

Another fantastic frisbee, this one is also made of sot, but durable, foam. And it floats, too. The ridge makes it easy for dogs to pick up, no matter which side it lands on, and it the design makes for smooth sailing. It's not as expensive as the Rogz version, but I'd say it's pretty close in quality.

Buy the K-9 Flyer

Ruff Dawg K-9 Flyer

This one is soft and gentle, and is best used for catching while in the air. I say this because it's a bit flat and doesn't have the same easy-to-pick-up design that the others have. Nevertheless, it's a perfectly good frisbee and your dog is sure to enjoy it. It's easy on the teeth and gums, which is the most important part.


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