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Best Wound Care for Dogs

Updated on June 9, 2015

If your pet is injured it is always best to seek out advice and treatment from a veterinarian. When treating a minor cut, abrasion, or scratch yourself at home it is important that you have the right materials on hand for the treatment. It is always a good idea to keep your home stocked with pet bandages and pet safe topical creams, gels, or sprays. Many human medical options are not safe on pets. For instance while antibiotic cream is safe for humans it is not a great option for your furry friend. There are ingredients in antibiotic creams that are not safe for ingestion. Antibiotic creams should be avoided for pet use because even if the area is bandaged there is a high chance that your pooch will find a way to remove the bandage and lick the cream off. In small does this may not be harmful, but for smaller pets and long term use it may be prove detrimental. For this reason it is important to always use pet safe product to treat pet injuries. If a medical item does not specifically state that it is pet safe on the bottle always consult your vet before using it. Just because an item is homeopathic, organic, all natural, or botanical based does NOT mean that it is pet safe; it just means the item has less chemicals in it the ingredients in the item may still be unsafe for an animal.

Stat! Pet Wound & Skin Care with Enhanced Hydrogel is a pet safe alternative to antibiotic cream; it is non-toxic and does not have any alcohol, steroids, antibiotics, tea tree oil, or bleach in its formula. Stat! Pet Wound & Skin Care with Enhanced Hydrogel is designed to speed the healing of cuts, abrasions, bites, rashes, and other skin conditions. It can be used safely on for dogs, cats, and horses. Stat! contains antimicrobial to that is designed to fight bacterial and fungal infections and Aloe Vera to assist new hair growth without any dis-colorization. In addition to helping the wound heal Stat! also is designed to repel insects in order to prevent them from touching and infecting the pet's wound.

I recently used Stat! Pet Wound & Skin Care with Enhanced Hydrogel on my fifteen pound mixed breed dog. My little guy recently got scratched on a branch while playing outside, a small scratch thankfully. The wound scabbed over quickly without any outside help, but his harness rubbed off the scab and caused it to start bleeding again. I thought that this would be the perfect time to try Stat! Pet Wound & Skin Care. The Stat! was easy to use I just sprayed it on his scratch; the fact that the Stat! is a spray instead of a cream makes it so much easier to apply it. I was able to spray the wound before my little guy even had time to resist. I will update about how the Stat! is working in three days; during this three day period I will use Stat! on my dog one to two times a day as the bottle directs me to.

Three Days Later:

The Stat! has been working great my dog has finally gotten used to it and is no longer trying to run away when he sees the bottle. He tends to associate any spray bottle with the squirt bottle I use to correct his bad behaviors. The Stat! does not seem to sting him at all and his wound is healing much faster than it did the first time (before his harness rubbed it off) I feel like I will be able to go back to walking him on his regular harness in a day or two without worrying about it hurting his scratch. The Stat! has fulfilled every it is supposed to; it has kept the bugs away from his wound, his fur is not discolored, his wound is healing faster, and there has been no sign of infection. Overall Stat! Pet Wound & Skin Care with Enhanced Hydrogel is a must have for any pet owner so that they are prepared to deal with their pet's minor wounds without a trip to the vet.

What to have on hand for your pet
Stat! Pet Wound & Skin Care with Enhanced Hydrogel


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